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  1. That might be one of the best looking putters I’ve seen at address...what’s the feel of it?
  2. Murray State is D1...I know what its like to miss the traveling squad and be stuck in a small podunk town with nothing to do. It will really make you do some soul searching. You either want it or you don't. As for PGA University and that route, the best college kids will get those spots, and it won't matter where you went. Same as the top 25 on KFT, they are all out there playing, no one cares where you went to college bc you are just as good as the guy standing next to you, same as the PGA, those guys are all extremely talented and not one of them cares who went to Stanford or Lip
  3. I never said to not play at a competitive school. If you look at all the guys who made it on KFT, PGA, it doesn't matter where you go. Jared Wolfe is on KFT, Murray State alumni, Zalatoris-Wake Forest, Davis Riley-Bama. know what they all have in common? All top 5 on money list. Out of those colleges we all know where the best place to go is. If you're good enough to play at that level you will make it. Simple as that.
  4. Coming from someone who has experienced golf at a collegiate level, I can agree with a lot of what's been said here already. Location, academics, cost, climate but something that stuck out to me personally was the coach and other teammates. You could be at a top D1 program, with the nicest practice facility and be miserable. I witnessed a couple of older high school teammates go through similar scenarios which ultimately ended up with them quitting or transferring and/or both. When my parents and I went to visit schools we made sure to spend time with the coach off campus, on seve
  5. Up for grabs I have two tour issue R1 heads and a retail. All have been gamed heavily as you can see in the pics and I tried to reflect the price based off that. #1 Retail R1-$old #2 Tour R1 dot head $50 #3 Tour R1 dot head $50 #4 Callaway SZ Rogue $old Prices are negotiable and am open to trades!! Please feel free to reach out and ask any questions! Thanks for looking! #2- Tour Issue R1 dot head 9g in toe 2g in heel--$50 #3 Tour issue R1 dot head 10g in toe 1g in heel--$50
  6. Thanks for the offer but I think I’ll pass
  7. Up for sale is a Tour Issue M4 10.5*...this head is hot!! bought it from a fellow wrx'er and played a few rounds with it. This thing is super long, sits open and is a great driver. I just need to clean out some space in the garage. Excellent driver with lots of life left in it! Crown is in perfect shape, some marks on the face from tees but no other signs of significant wear. Hot melt has been added, looks to be about 4-5g. As you can see its still in the original plastic. asking $200 OBO am open to trades, currently looking for sim
  8. I would assume that if you were to be fitted by a TM rep at a demo day then you would essentially be hitting the same 1" tipped shaft bc that's what the rep has. Factory. Going elsewhere to a truespec or cc would definitely throw everything off unless Thats pretty wild though, has TM commented about it?
  9. What is the shaft tipping policy? I must have missed this one...or is it being swept under the rug?
  10. Felt the need to keep the trend going and ask for a PM if anyone is feeling generous right before Thanksgiving!
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