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  1. I would assume that if you were to be fitted by a TM rep at a demo day then you would essentially be hitting the same 1" tipped shaft bc that's what the rep has. Factory. Going elsewhere to a truespec or cc would definitely throw everything off unless Thats pretty wild though, has TM commented about it?
  2. What is the shaft tipping policy? I must have missed this one...or is it being swept under the rug?
  3. Felt the need to keep the trend going and ask for a PM if anyone is feeling generous right before Thanksgiving!
  4. Another drop. Will entertain all offers or trades!
  5. It sits very square if not a tiny bit open. I don’t know the actual fa
  6. Let me start by saying this driver is an absolute beast! Longest driver I've ever hit. It sounds awesome with the hot melt in it also. The reason I am getting rid of it is because I am moving and need some extra $$ so without further ado..... Up for grabs we have a 9* mavrik SZ with hot melt for sound and in the neutral position. Ventus black w/velocore 6x tipped 1/2in. Driver was used for 2 rounds plus 2 range warmup sessions. Driver plays 44.5 D3-3.5 sw Head is 202g. Willing to separate head and shaft Lets go with $old..shipp
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