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  1. 1. Youtube channel subscribed to 2. Searched locations, not many in the upper Midwest 3. I would get fit at the Minneapolis, MN location (actually Edina, MN) 4. Yes, I went through my first in depth fitting with driver and irons about about a year ago 5. I would like to refit irons (try to move back into Titleist for personal comfort), wedges (never had an in depth wedge fitting), and refit my driver and shaft as the combo that I started the year with did not get along with swing changes.
  2. I'll add to the Sub70 love, decided to add a driving iron to my bag rotation again this year and based on brief research and price I went with Sub70 699U Pro. It feels awesome and is as good as anything my buddies have in their bags. After hitting my Sub70, many were interested in getting their own. They start at a price you can't beat and have multiple options for upgrading with great customer service! I went with a Ventus Blue hybrid shaft (upcharge) but still paid the same or less as most stock OEM brands.
  3. Currently playing 4 brands Taylormade Titleist Callaway (Odyssey) Mizuno I was strictly a Titleist guy until about 2 years ago. Too much fun experimenting with different equipment to isolate to one brand imo.
  4. Driver: Sim2 (9* set at 8.25*) w/ Ventus Black 7x 3w: Sim2 Ti (15* set at 15.75), going to test Ventus Black and Fuji Pro 2.0 ts Went through my first formal fitting last month and these are the clubs that gave me the best numbers, wanted to go with the TSi3 driver but could argue with the numbers I was getting from Sim. Still working on updating my 5 wood but thinking about picking up a TS3 18* head to put onto a Fuji Pro 2.0 ts I have.
  5. I would pay good money for the Two Ball 10 long putter... 46 inches would be perfect
  6. 2015 Callaway Great Big Bertha was probably all around my favorite with combo of accuracy and distance. If I could have had that driver with the sound and feel of my Sim, I don't know if it could have been replaced. On another note, I have a fitting on Saturday so potential to make an update with a new favorite driver.... and every other club in the bag.
  7. Growing up and through my mid 20's I would say I had a brand allegiance to Titleist. To echo what others have said it stemmed from seeing big name players using the equipment to trusting their product and having good experiences. That being said, when I was starting to get serious into golf I don't think there was the same push for fitting as there is today. Basically, use the minimal technology available to identify some basic swing characteristic and go with a certain shaft flex that should match. Then choose whatever club brand you prefer/trust without thinking much about competitors and how they may change performance. The last 5-6 years I have basically gotten rid of most Titleist clubs and put more focus on what performs best for me regardless of brand and if there is some money to be saved somewhere it is a bonus. The technology available and knowledge surrounding fitting has helped those decisions immensely. It is also that much more fun to test and experiment when you open up to all brands.
  8. I agree with those mentioning adding a 4 or 5 wood and even a 7 wood. Putting a 5 wood back in my bag was one of the best things I could have done this season. Accurate off the tee but easy to launch off the deck when going for par 5's. Also have hit Cobra woods in the past and agree that the rail system on the f8 I had seemed to make hitting off the deck effortless. Cobra would be one I would have suggested right away. Even thinking about trying to find a tour version of an f9 or Speedzone fairway for next season.
  9. Putting a 5 wood back in the bag. I had been playing driving irons for a while (u65 and u510) but randomly picked up a 917 5 wood and couldn't be happier. It has been a game changer for tight tee shots or par 5 approaches.
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