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  1. I'm in Seattle. And sorry, yeah saying 3 walls on all sides isn't exactly accurate. Here's a pic. I ended up going and felt safe mostly because it was so empty. My question would be more if the set-up had every stall taken basically...
  2. What's the thinking on how safe it is, given Covid and all, to hit balls at a covered driving range? At a fully open range, I'd feel totally fine, just like regular golf (which I've been playing). But the ones around here are covered with walls on 3 sides, making them sort of an indoor/outdoor hybrid I'd think, as far as ventilation and Covid goes.
  3. I've never seen nor had one. I often ask this question of people I'm paired up with and rarely if ever do they say they have either. I did hole one from about 120 yards once for an eagle. The person above who said they've seen 20 HIOs-- holy shit!
  4. I loved Marty Sanchez when I lived in Santa Fe, NM. That was in the late 90's.
  5. I just got a pair of Banana Republic Slim Core Temp shorts and they're really nice actually. Especially at current $34 sale price. 9" inseam which is just a tad shorter than I like at 6' 2".https://bananarepublic.gap.com/browse/product.do?pid=266619042&cid=1020051&pcid=1020051&vid=1&grid=pds_0_70_1&cpos=0&cexp=1503&kcid=CategoryIDs%3D1020051&cvar=11284&ctype=Listing&cpid=res20062609232902885988775#pdp-page-content
  6. Excellent+ condition-- worn for two rounds total, but my Adidas 360 XT SL's win out by a nose. It was a close call and these have great traction and stability. Other threads and reviews on these often report they run a half size large for most people so as I say in the title, these are officially a 10 but I wear a 10.5 in almost everything and these fit me great. So I think it's safe to say these are essentially 10.5's. Will ship in original box and packaging. Let me know if you have any questions. $85 $75 $65 shipped.
  7. Really appreciating your posts in this thread Nels55....
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