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  1. SOLD - Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 2 (35", with correct head cover) - good, used condition with minimal bag chatter marks, paint fill appears original and looks good, new Winn grip, shaft label is legible and looks pretty good, original head cover is a bit faded and worn but also looks pretty good - $250 delivered in U.S. PayPal preferred.
  2. IMHO, yes, and the 2021 model should be similar. Both are rather firm-feeling as compared to a Betti with a FIT face, like the Kuchar KM-1. The 2017 limited run copper insert QB6 does feel different - 10 grams lighter head, different face milling & softer feel, as one would expect. I owned one of those and really liked it but the fear of someone snagging my $700 putter was too great.
  3. SOLD - 2019 Bettinardi Queen Bee 6 (35" with head cover) - mint condition (I believe it was never used outside, it looks new, I cannot find one scratch or imperfection, purchased via Rock Bottom at end of model year as either an in-store demo or such), really nice putter with original jumbo Lamkin Bettinardi grip, original shaft label and correct (new-looking) head cover - $325 delivered in U.S. I also have a 2015 model that I'm keeping. Just wanted to compare the two. The 2019 QB6 has slight toe hang while the 2015 QB6 is perfectly face-balanced (which I'm sure have no actual effect on my putting!)
  4. If you've every paid $100, $200 or even $300 for a round of golf, then putter money is immaterial. Personally, I putt relatively well with any Ping, Odyssey, Betti, Scotty, etc. However, I feel happiest with a Betti or Scotty in hand. Therefore, that's what I use. That being said, it's important to get the design that suits your putting style and aesthetic, i.e., mid-mallet, blade, etc. If you think you want a Scotty, no need to be talked out of it (but I do suggest you roll a few Betti's!) Also, used does make a lot of sense - avoid your first ding by letting someone else do it!
  5. ALL SOLD Three putters for sale, two 34" Scotty's and one 35" Bettinardi. Please see details and pictures below. All items will be packed very well and shipped promptly. SOLD - Putter 1 - Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 1.5 (34", no head cover) - good, used condition with obvious bag chatter marks, paint fill was redone and looks good, used SNSR grip which is still good, shaft label is very worn but somewhat readable - $200 delivered SOLD - Putter 2 - Scotty Cameron Studio Style (GSS Insert) Newport 2 (34", no head cover) - good, used condition (but most of the paint fill was worn and has been removed, I was considering keeping this one and having it re-filled...), shaft label is present & readable but faded, new Winn grip - $200 delivered SOLD - Putter 3 - Bettinardi Queen Bee 5 (35", brand new head cover) - excellent condition (it may be unused, it looks new, I received it shrink-wrapped and haven't removed it) but has a couple of small finish blemishes on neck (see close-up pictures), really nice putter with original jumbo Lamkin Bettinardi grip, original shaft label and correct head cover - $275 delivered
  6. SOLD This is the one! Scotty Cameron 1999 Teryllium Two TeI3 Newport Long Neck (35") refinished this year to original by BOSGolf and not used after refinish. BOSGolf is the same company that did the original finish for Scotty Cameron when these were made. It looks absolutely awesome. The shaft and shaft label are both original and 20+ years old, so not perfect or new, but excellent. The grip is brand new but I'm pretty sure it's a fake SC Matador (it is the correct length and weight for a medium Matador but purchased via eBay, so likely a very good fake). The headcover is original and in very good plus condition (but the inside tag was removed/torn off prior to me owning it). (The head weighed 334 grams after refinish pictured below prior to epoxy, shaft and grip reinstallation.) Overall presentation is excellent as seen in the pictures. SOLD to GolfWRX forum member - $700 delivered in the U.S.
  7. Fine genuine putter! From 2013 Bettinardi catalog...
  8. Best bet would be to call or email BOSGolf as they did the original finish and ask what would be the least damaging way to add a temporary sightline. I've done it with a thin strip of white electrical tape on a stainless putter, but even the tape glue could cause discoloration, etc. on that finish. That putter is worth $500 or more now, so it is something to consider. Of course if you do damage the finish, BOSGolf will make it perfect for under $150. Post some pictures!
  9. There wasn't much love for the SC pop-through sights, but I really think they work. I still have both the 2014 Squareback & 2016 Mallet 2 putters. Give them a try.
  10. As an FYI, there is a good chance if you open a return on eBay that the seller will just let you keep the counterfeit grips and refund your money. Criminals don't like paying for return shipping! Also, beware with Scotty Cameron Matador grips - so many fakes out there and the quality of the fakes has improved. They are now the correct weight and length, but still several tells (smell, top & bottom caps not trimmed, too soft, dimple coloring not right, and letter coloring not perfectly centered).
  11. Another Cobra fan here. Went from Amp Cell's to F6 irons (w/graphite shafts), hybrids, fairway wood & driver. Plus a Cobra King wedge and a Betti KM-1 in the bag. High quality offerings from Cobra. Picture opportunity!
  12. SOLD Genuine Bettinardi Lamkin Deep Etched Tiffany blue regular putter grip & brand new Bettinardi blue shaft band. The grip is a slightly used pull from a 2019 Queen Bee putter - the only wear evident is scuffs on top/butt end. Awesome way to refresh your Betti! The grip weighs 78 grams and feels great in your hands. Actual pictures attached. $35 delivered in the U.S.
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