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  1. I love the look and feel of these irons but never pulled the trigger Is ping going to replace them this year?
  2. Ive had my eyes on these irons since they came out. Cobra makes some under rated clubs and I'm thinking about a 4-PW set with a 3 Utility Iron. The $ taper shafts feel great but haven't hit the 2020 model yet. Looking for some long term reviews please. How is the feel / distance / Forgiveness?
  3. Hello All I have a Newport 2 from last year with the insert and I hate it. I'm looking for feedback on the select Newport. Feel? Feedback? ease of lining up? For those who have played it can you please give feedback? Looking for Newport 1 not Newport 2 model please
  4. Hi I demoed these a while back and loved them. They were long and neutral... Looking for some reviews on them on the course please! I was going to do 17 and 21 but thought it may have been overkill so Ill probably decide on 1 19 and 20 deg hybrid
  5. Purchased one on a limb because it looked good at address. 2 rounds in - It's ANTI LEFT, Long and looks amazing. Bought a 17 deg - just a beast of a hybrid! Is this a honeymoon or anyone else loving it??
  6. I hit them. they are long feel and look amazing. I didn't spin them enough according to fitters if that matters on the course I have no idea.
  7. they are super forgiving for the size. The most forgiving "small" irons I've demoed. The ball holds the line more than the mizuno mp or ap2 ive played. No problem as a 5-6. If you can play ap2, mizuno mp, ... you can play them. Turf interaction is unreal.
  8. finally hit them! They feel and look amazing Looking for some on course reviews
  9. its the other way aroud the 785 are bigger and more forgiving IMO
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