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  1. I just ordered a pretty much stock G425 (12*, Alta CB) driver from our local shop today and the owner would not quote me a wait time. He did, correctly as I see from this thread, discourage me from asking for a midsize MCC grip as he thought I might not see the driver until the fall at this rate. It is the first driver I have demoed that clearly blew my G25 out of the water. Much more stable and a little longer.
  2. 1. City, State? Traverse City, MI 2. Handicap? 6 3. Current driver? Tour Edge EXS 220 4. Why do you want to test the C721 driver? I have been happy with the 220 but sounds like the 721 is even better. I have pretty much had a Tour Edge driver in the bag since I came back to golf 20 years ago. 5. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Yes 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  3. Just reviving this to say I went back to the Eye 2+s. Found a nearly new set in my specs and just tested them on Trackman against most of the new player clubs. To the shock of the fitter, I did hit them more consistently than anything else. I'm not here to suggest they are better but I think all the balls I hit with them in my formative years sort of hardwired my swing to fit them.
  4. I just demo'ed my TS2 against a TSi and saw no improvement. Could simply have been familiarity but not looking to change after that test.
  5. Have been thinking about the same issue. For the time being, have landed on standard for wedges (feel) and irons (allow me to turn them over more consistently). Hybrid is a jumbo - came that way used and was going to regrip but have not hit one left with it yet so do not want to mess with that mojo. Midsize on all my woods.
  6. I always struggled with the same issue. What "cured" me (sure I still get a little quick at times) was spending a good deal of time on a Trackman and consistently seeing that a swing that felt more measured actually produced the highest swingspeed consistently (and had the best path). Now I can remind myself that they key to hitting the ball the "hardest" is that moderate swing.
  7. Yep, no more indoor fittings for me. Not being able to see the ball flight is problematic.
  8. Funny, they messed up my order as well. Wrong grips and lengths.
  9. Lots of good golfers in that group. If I had to put money on one, it would be Luke Kwon.
  10. I agree with the Mizuno Hot Metal Pro suggestion. It was actually unnerving to me to see a head that long (standard GI) with so little offset - definitely stood out.
  11. On your list, the D7 forged was the best for me. Front to back dispersion was the best, spin and launch were most consistent. I don't think distance was Wilson's first goal whereas I think it was for others in the category.
  12. Modus 120 would be the closest based on what my fitter told me (I had a very similar question)
  13. I would call Ping first - they can let you know exactly where the weight sits. I cut 1" off the previous Alta CB series without a problem.
  14. I did not see much difference on Trackman. Definitely agree they are better looking.
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