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  1. Yep, agree with this. While I love my Maltby TE Forged, my Ping G25s do save some shots that the Maltby's do not.
  2. I know the more direct comparison would be 0211 vs. the I series but G25s have been my favorite Ping irons of the last decade. Can anyone compare the two? Unfortunately demoing the 0211s is not an option for me. Thanks in advance.
  3. Ping G25 with Attas 7 at 44". Probably way too much shaft for my ever diminishing clubhead speed but still get better on course results with it versus anything else I have demo'ed. Interested in a TS2 but having trouble finding one at less than 45" to hit.
  4. Good input everyone - thanks. I'm pretty limited in what I can demo/try as we only have one real golf shop within several hours and their stock is pretty non-existent at this point. They sold off almost all the pieces from their fitting carts even.
  5. I second that - mine launches well without excessive spin. Definitely higher for me than any of the others I demoed at the same time (Ping, Cobra, Mizuno and TaylorMade).
  6. Titleist TS2 5 wood, A2 setting. Who knew an upright setting could make such a difference? I pull it far more often than I should because I trust it so much.
  7. What is your yardage gap then? For me it would be about 25 yards if I carry my 4 iron (older school Ping Eye 2+ lofts).
  8. Just reconfigured my bag to replace a fairly low flying 4 wood with a much more versatile 18* 5 wood. However, my 7 wood is now too close in distance and playability to the 5 wood. I do not launch most 21* hybrids well enough for them to be useful so I am thinking either going to one in 23* or finding a weak 7 wood/strong 9 wood in that same 23* range. What are other people using after 5 wood?
  9. You might look at the Maltby TS2 irons - sound exactly what you describe
  10. I carry two but the second replaces my 3 wood and plays much more like a two wood. Primary driver is a Ping Gmax 400 with a 45" shaft -carry being in the 235-240 region. The other is a 14* Acer Thriver at 43" with carry at about 215-220 and lower trajectory. I love and use both each round. I go to a 21* 7 wood after that that carries (and stops at) around 200 yards. Leaves a bit of a gap but if I am playing a course with multiple 200+ yard par 3s then I am on the wrong tees. With no 4 or 5 wood I can carry a full complement of wedges.
  11. I think it depends on your miss. Mine is low toe and I found the TE Forged/DBM (same head, just different finish and the DBMs are 1* stronger) much better than the PTM for that particular contact.
  12. I do not understand how any course in Michigan can be open. The governor's office was very specific about them being closed.
  13. It could be spin? I am not a particularly high spin player so some of the irons that are particularly low in spin fly inconsistent distances for me.
  14. Understanding the individual measurements and how they suggest a club will interact with your game is invaluable. I am a picker with my usual miss being low toe so lower COG and longer CDim benefit me a lot. Several times I have demoed clubs and been surprised at the results (both good and bad) until I looked at the Maltby measurements (not the overall MPF).
  15. Yes, they are all listed within the respective manufacturers.
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