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  1. Callaway Mavrik SZ 16.5 with a Ventus Velocore Black 7X. It plays 43" and has been hot melted to D3 (2 grams of hotmelt added). The shaft was tipped 3/4" and it has a Tour Velvet .60R installed logo down. Overall it is in mint+ condition and comes with the original head cover. $350 OBO TYD. No trades. Stroke Lab double bend that was pulled from a Two Ball Triple Track before it saw the course. It still has the counterbalance weight in it and it played 35" from Callaway. No grip. $75 OBO TYD.
  2. 13 Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 STANDARD grips in various colors. They all came from Callaway so I can confirm they are 100% authentic. These came off a backup set so they have a couple rounds at most on them and there is no visible wear. SOLD Next is a pair of TT DG Tour Issue S400 37.0" blank wedge shafts. They are cut to 33.25" and played +1/4" in a pair of MD5 60T wedges. They both were played for a few round but are in very good condition. SOLD
  3. It is after all the majors but with such a crammed schedule when do you take a breather? I'm not trying to say I pity that kind of schedule but you go from the US to the UK and then probably back to the US for a week and then fly to Japan and then be back to the US fresh and ready for a WGC event followed by the FEC Playoffs. I personally wouldn't consider playing if I were in DJs shoes unless it were somewhere in North America and even then I would have to think about it for a while. I get that they need star power to get people to tune in but I'm with the poster above, the Olym
  4. +1 on everything. Someone said everybody remembers Justin Rose won a gold but I honestly forgot until I read that. I'd rather be fresh for the majors when I'm in my prime than go play a stroke play event with no cash, no FEC points and really no weight when it comes to hall of fame. I should give the disclaimer that I really don't care about the olympics anymore in the first place. Some sports you're an am some you're a pro. They'll let the big names take massive sponsorship dollars and then bury the lesser known sports. I think the games have gotten to be a joke and thus th
  5. I've got 13 MCC Plus 4 Black/Blue grips for sale. 6 of them are uninstalled and 7 of them were pulled before ever seeing the course so they are perfect. All came from Callaway so I can confirm they are 100% authentic. $80 TYD.
  6. The curve of the Low is almost identical to the T1100. I think True Temper has actually called it T1100 Version 2. I'm not a fit for the Mid so I didn't hit a ton of shots with it but it definitely spins more and launches higher than the yellow. I hate to compare it to the T800 because the curves are going to be different but the end results are similar. To me personally the Mid felt like a little looser Smoke Black with a more active tip.
  7. I've hit both and the Low is basically just an upgraded version of the T1100. I wouldn't call the Mid a Smoke yellow because it isn't counterbalanced and it's higher launching. I think the Mid would be more like a HZRDUS Smoke Red (if that existed). The iM10 Low is a solid shaft but I think it's going to be hard for people to comprehend that it is a very stiff low launching shaft when it looks exactly like a loose mid launch stock shaft.
  8. It's an S400 5 iron shaft. Tip to first step is 10" on the 39" blank.
  9. 4-P DG Tour Issue X100s in perfect condition. These were pulled from a new set of Titleist T100 irons and were ordered +1/4". I've also got a pair of TI X100 wedge shafts that were ordered +1/4" in an SM8 54 and 60. Would prefer to sell them all together due to high shipping costs. $200 OBO for all 9 shafts. No Trades.
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