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  1. Looking to sell a Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero 16.5 4 wood head. It comes with a knit Callaway headcover and overall it is in good condition. It weighs 215.8 grams but I can hot melt it to your desired weight. Looking for $120 OBO,
  2. Head only is fine otherwise something with X flex would be desirable. Looking for heads in good condition.
  3. The rest of the putter is in way too good of shape for that to be a wear mark. Most likely a smudge.
  4. BTW I understand the purists won’t like what I said but it’s kind of like asking if I could win the 1911 Indy 500 if I had a new Ferrari. I’m not taking anything away from the players but showing how far equipment has come.
  5. The early 60’s would’ve been easier. If you shot a pair of 80’s you would’ve won 8 times in the 60’s. If you extrapolate a little the 12 holes at Prestwick would play about 5700 yards for an 18 hole course. With that said I think a 4 handicap with modern equipment could get it done.
  6. Looking for a set of Titleist 620 MB irons. Heads only would be fine but would also look at shafted clubs.
  7. Like I said swords are forged not cast. I’m not sure how I got involved with swords or knives being cast. A foundry by definition is where metal is cast or poured. Knives and swords are made in a Forge not a Foundry. @bobfoster I said Samurai swords are made in a Forge not a Foundry and you’re calling me out for saying, well, exactly what I’m not sure… I’ve got a lot of casting and forging experience but you’re telling me I’m saying one thing when I literally said the other thing…
  8. 3 new OEM Taylormade sleeves purchased from Golf Works. They are .335 and I would prefer to sell them together due to shipping. SOLD Next is a Callaway Mavrik 13.5 3+ with a Fujikura 869 4.0 tour issue shaft. The head is a retail serial, plays 43" and is in good condition. There is no grip installed. The other is a tour issue Epic bonded 5 wood. Plays 42.5" and is in good condition with exception to the two small marks on the crown which can be seen in the picture. Shaft is a tour issue Fujikura 869 8.0. Both are X flex and come with Mavrik covers. I'll do $350 for the pai
  9. My method is basically identical to Mizuno's, cut to length, grip, set sw, and then glue.
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