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  1. Are the C Tapers all Pured and do you still have the Puring info on them?
  2. I was seeing some promise out of the driver as I was scrolling down and then I saw the crown...
  3. They finally got away from having huge variances in butt OD from shaft to shaft and flex to flex. It got annoying building people a driver with a crazy fat butt section and a 3 wood with a super skinny one.
  4. Synergy got a face-lift too. They also are bringing out a Quartana Gold.
  5. I've bought some off eBay in the past and I've gotten both good and bad adaptors. The ones from Golf Works are legit so I just spend the couple extra bucks and buy from them.
  6. I carried my own there and I picked up a Sun Mountain 2.5 for the trip. Whenever I play where I take a caddy I just throw my clubs into a Ping Moonlite. Caddies usually like single straps if they're carrying doubles.
  7. I haven't really paid any attention to the Golf Channel outside of live golf until this thread but I happened to look at the schedule and it's kind of embarrassing. Do they play anything but old Feherty shows?
  8. That's what I figured but I thought I'd check. I'm assuming they're like South Carolina and punch in July but I really didn't want to drop a ton to play golf and putt on punched greens.
  9. I understand that it is too last minute to change this year's event, the idea was rhetorical.
  10. I just spent a couple minutes trying to figure out what SE weights are...
  11. Since there likely won't be many spectators this year it would be great if they would push Kiawah back to 2022 and play it somewhere that doesn't necessarily have the infrastructure to have spectators like Bandon Dunes.
  12. I have to head to Jacksonville sometime in February and the dates are somewhat flexible so I wanted to check and see when courses generally punch their greens. Also if you have any recommendations for courses to play that would be great.
  13. Valhalla is coming up in two years...
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