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  1. They could be that far ahead with technology but I doubt it. If the company that makes the materials for them has something proprietary they may have them tied up for three years but as big as composites is right now it'll take someone a couple weeks to replicate it. If this works it will be a game changer for the manufacturing process. Titanium is a nightmare to work with and a headache to source so if TM can finally make a composite face work the other OEMs will be lining up to follow them. The Callaway C4 had three problems: it was nearly impossible to reshaft, it delaminated easily in the elements, and it sounded bad. The onset of adjustable heads cured the first one and twenty years of technology should solve the second so I'm interested to see how they get the sound/feel right.
  2. This is a backup to a backup and I’m moving so I have to trim it back to just two of them. Someone is going to get a very good deal.
  3. I’ve got a Tour Issue Toulon Garage Madison with the H1 neck for sale. Green and white paint fill and it is in 9.5 of 10 condition. Face and sole are very clean but it you really want to get picky there are a couple very small “shop wear” rub marks. It’s 34.5”, 70 degree lie, and 3 degree loft. The weight is an S/20 and it has a Larkin Deep Etch Cord grip. It has the Tour ID label on the shaft. $245 TYD in the US. PM for addition pics or questions.
  4. If you compare them all to the other drivers available at the time it has to be the 510TP. The 510TP performed and it was just flat out cool with the big price tag and the Speeder shaft. If you compare them to the other TM drivers of all time I think the SIM wins it for me.
  5. Time to move some experiments. They all have Tour Velvet 360 grips, Sure Fit adaptors installed and prices include ConUS shipping. HZRDUS Smoke Green 60 6.5. It was not tipped, plays 45.5” and is in excellent condition. $100 Fubuki 53 x5ct X Flex. It was tipped 1/2” and plays 45”. Again in excellent condition. $75 Accra TZ RPG 462 M5+ Gold. It’s in excellent condition and was not tipped. Plays 45.5”. It’s got a small name etched near the tip so I will price it accordingly. SOLD
  6. You’re quoting rule 4 so if you go to I believe it’s at the end of part two you’ll see the language that applies to this situation. I think you’re not understanding that there is a standard for conformance of alterations during a round and another for what constitutes a conforming club before the round. To me it seems like you are just reading way too much into the rules so I’m not sure how to explain it in a way that would clear things up.
  7. It amazes me that the portion in italics above is hard for someone to understand.
  8. That was Callaway’s take on things. The driver he had in the bag had never been tested by the USGA or R&A before that point. Callaway tested it at 255 the week of the Open and the R&A tested it at 258 so it’s more likely that one CT machine or the other wasn’t calibrated correctly than the face got faster through normal use. Ping also had a head fail the R&A test that week.
  9. I’ve had USGA certifications for about 20 years now and the Camerons actually brought this up, performance benefit of a foreign substance on the face of a club, so they eventually settled on if it was used to change the performance of a club it wasn’t permitted. Small amounts of cleaning products or oil on a putter face isn’t used to change the performance where putting something slick on a driver face would serve no purpose other than attempting to change performance. The reason the equipment rule reads that a club has to conform both before and after any alterations can actually go back to driver shaving or ever more to the days people used to sand the face of drivers like the Titleist 975D to make them faster before testing became more widely used. The Sabatini example is simple because any sort of tape on the face is expressly forbidden. If you have a price tag on the face of a club it’s game over in a tournament. People that don’t understand the rules fully tend to read too much in to them when they try to make interpretations. I think some of the confusion like you can’t change a grip without making your club non-conforming comes from someone reading the rule but not understanding the underlying equipment rule first.
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