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  1. Both the 770 and MD3 chrome are back on their website. They must be out of stock because both are only available through custom now.
  2. I actually just saw the 2022 Lamkin catalog and Crossline Full Cord is still in it. They must just be working on their website. UTx is in the 2022 cat as well.
  3. It looks like they finally refreshed their website. Looks like Crossline cord is gone but the UTx is still current.
  4. They might take them off their site if they're out of stock but usually you can order them custom if they're backordered. I just found it strange that they would take them completely off their website all of the sudden.
  5. It's so hard to get anything out of Lamkin right now. All I can say is when you find the grip you like be sure to order extra because it could be months before they're available again.
  6. Dan Hicks talks in the intro when he's on otherwise on the Golf Channel when CBS has the weekend it's Terry Gannon.
  7. I was looking on TM's website this morning and P770 is gone as is the chrome version of the MD3 aside from the two TW heads. Neither are available in custom builds either. Is TM going to replace the MD3 chrome with a different finish and is the 770 iron done?
  8. Looks like it's starting to hit the shelves. https://www.golfworks.com/project-x-wedge-355-steel-shafts/p/tt0183/
  9. Not looking for trades right now. Prices are OBO but I think they're pretty fair. 1. Ventus Black w/TM 2 degree sleeve. It's mint and plays 45.75" in my SIM2. It has not been tipped and there is no grip. $250 shipped. 2. 6 Tour Velvet Midsize. They are new and have not been installed. SOLD 3. Taylormade Spider EX navy slant. It is in very good condition. There is one very small nick near the leading edge. It is 33" and has a Pro Only Red Star grip. SOLD 4. KBS $ Taper 125 S+ shafts 5-P .355". I pulled these out of a set of TM irons but they were a very poor install so the lengths are a little goofy. They will play short but if you don't mind soft stepping them or putting plugs in them you're going to get a good deal. Here are the lengths - 5 iron 35 7/8", 6 iron 35 1/4", 7 iron 34 1/2", 8 iron 34 1/4", 9 iron 33 3/4", P 33 1/8". I've prepped all the tips and they are all in good condition other than the lengths but like I said if you don't mind extensions you're going to get a nice deal. Some of the labels are peeling but if you email KBS they usually send out new ones for free. $100 shipped.
  10. With GP specifically it is three headed, demand is crazy, they have restrictions in Taiwan that are limiting production, and they're shipping their popular SKUs VIA air which adds more than you'd think to the cost. With all of that $30 for a TV is excessive to say the least.
  11. Royal Grips. I've been installing them for years and the only knock I have against them, especially the Sand Wraps, is they last too long.
  12. Looking for a starting point for my new ball adventure. I've hit some TP5Xs with drivers and it is easiest the longest ball for me off the tee but I don't have a lot of experience with them or the Tour B X on iron shots. I need to reduce mid-iron spin specifically and I don't mind sacrificing a little green side and wedge spin if necessary because I'm comfortable stopping the ball with loft.
  13. I've got a set of Nippon Modus 120 X that are in excellent condition and play standard length in a 3-P set of Taylormade P7MC heads. They are .355" tip and are prepped and ready to install. No grips. $215 OBO shipped.
  14. Mostly B. This was a pretty big choke job. -24 the first 63 holes and +1 on the last 9. Henley really doesn't like 18 apparently. He eagled once and parred or bogied it the other four times he played it. For someone as long as him that's not too good on the second easiest hole on the course. That just shows the fine line these guys walk. If he birdies it one out of three times he wins by one.
  15. You work at a golf course or store and buy equipment for your shop from them. The selection process is very rigorous.
  16. I know they don't but their job is to slow their player down especially when things are going sideways.
  17. That's what caddies are for.
  18. I remember an interview with Tiger when he was talking about studying the leaderboard towards the end of a tournament and figuring out what each player was going to make. He makes adjustments based on what everyone in striking distance is going to shoot on the back nine which is like advanced calculus compared to what Henley faced. He couldn't get home but he should've known he needed to abandon his game plan and get it close enough for a pitch that would at least scare the hole because Hideki was making 4 at worst from where he was.
  19. I've got a dumb question but I'll ask it anyway. Why are there pics of bags on carts at the Stadium range every year? Do the players not get to park in the lot that's like 150 yards away from the range?
  20. This is their description: The Toulon Design Chicago is a face-balanced wide blade putter best suited for strokes with minimal arc and face rotation. The 2022 Toulon Design putters have been completely reimagined to improve performance with a new Deep Diamond Groove mill pattern, split weighting system, our new Stroke Lab shaft and midsize pistol grip.
  21. It's most likely a type on the toe hang. It should be a full shaft offset and zero toe hang.
  22. I am open to trades specifically for MG3 wedges, a SIM2/Stealth Plus 2 hybrid, possibly some hydroblast putters or a SIM2/Stealth Plus FW. I've got a Scotty Cameron Phantom X5 that I had a custom mill job done on the face. The starting headweight was 362.7 with the 15 gram weights and it ended up being a happy coincidence that the headweight came out to almost exactly 360 after the face was milled. Overall it is in good condition. There is some wear on the sole but the top is pristine. It's 33.5" long and will come with a new Pistolini plus uninstalled (in case you want to lengthen it). It has 3.5 degrees loft and a 70 degree lie but I can adjust them and install the grip before it ships. Comes with the stock headcover as well. I'm looking for $450 OBO. The feel of the face is more crisp compared to how soft the stock milling is.
  23. Looking for a SIM2 10.5 head in good shape. SIM2 or SIM2 Max is fine.
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