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  1. Arguing the definition of "brand new" is a strange twist the the thread. By your definition everything at a golf shop is used. I guess any car that has been on a test drive before you bought it should be considered used as well. I will agree that something being sold as brand new after only being used for one range session is a silly statement. It's new/unused and I only used it once!
  2. Bad communication on the seller's part is inexcusable. I believe there used to be a rule that encouraged people who were not the original owner of a shaft to cut the grip off in order to confirm there isn't an extension. I can't find it anymore after a quick glance but that was a good rule that put liability on the seller's part unless they state they are not certain if there is an extension or not. If it were me I would've pulled the grip as soon as I received it, certainly before I pulled the adaptor and installed a new one, so I am stuck on the seller being responsible at this point. If all you did was cut the grip off I would say too bad for the seller and he owes you a full refund and a return shipping label and he's out a grip too but you altered the shaft before confirming you got what you thought you were getting. If I were the seller I would try to work something out with you or give you a refund but then again I wouldn't ever own a shaft with an extension so I wouldn't have one to sell either.
  3. The TI 105s are the same way now too. All the TI product has the billboard which is great TV. TI 105, 120 S400, X100 and X7 all look the same on TV a'la Taylormade back in the day putting their paint scheme on every shaft.
  4. They're available through PFC accounts. They changed the label on them to match the standard DGTI. They used to look like the non-TI 120 with an extra "tour issue" stamp.
  5. Reading through this thread reinforces the question why in the world doesn't the golf industry adopt universal quality and testing standards like every other industry on the planet does. The most sophisticated industries in the world can get on the same page when it comes to testing and quality but for some reason the golf business just can't figure it out. I suppose if they all had to measure and test the same way it would be a lot harder to manipulate data for marketing purposes...
  6. Titleist U505 3 iron with HZRDUS Smoke Black 6.0. It’s stock LLL and has the 360 Tour Velvet installed. $175 shipped. 9 Tour Wrap 2G Midsize grips - 3 black, 3- white. All are new pulls and were never played. SOLD
  7. Best puller for the price hands down. I've been using the same model for 15+ years without issue and 10 of them were in a very high volume shop. This will literally be the last puller you will ever have to buy.
  8. Not really looking for trades at the moment. These are listed OBO but I think my prices are pretty fair. Fujikura Ventus Velocore Red 6X. No extensions or tipping and it is in perfect condition. It measures 45" with the TM tip so it should play 46" which leaves room for tipping if you prefer. It has a Tour Velvet 360 grip installed that is also basically new. $240 shipped Nippon Modus 125 X .355" 4-P plus 3 extra wedges. These played standard length in a set of Apex MB irons and MD5 52, 56, 60 wedges. They've got a season of use on them but they are all straight and have tons of life left in them. The grips are Tour Velvet .58R with 1+1.5 wraps with exception to the SW which just has a Tour Velvet 360 grip installed. SOLD
  9. I think the price is pretty fair so someone is going to get a good deal on them.
  10. None of them have been hit. Aside from the sharpie mark they are new.
  11. I switched to the LS model so I've got 4 dozen Chrome Soft X I need to sell. They are personalized but I put a black sharpie line over all 4 dozen and they are priced accordingly. $120 shipped.
  12. Ventus Red 6 X with authentic Titleist Adaptor. It’s untipped, plays 45.5” and has a Tour Velvet 360 installed. It’s mint. $220 shipped ono.
  13. Fujikura Ventus Velocore Black 7X. Plays 43" in a Titleist TSi3 15 degree and has a Tour Velvet installed. There are a couple rub marks in the silver as shown but nothing that affect play and it is on the underside at address. $150 Shipped OBO Next I've got 9 Tour Velvet 360 grips. 6 of them are brand new pulls from a set of Titleist irons that were never used and three of them have never been installed. The 6 from Titleist are flat caps and the other three (the new ones) were bought at Golf Galaxy and aren't the flat cap version. $35 Shipped OBO
  14. I don't mind the preorder when you're starting up if you have say 100 units on their way and you want to open a limited time preorder to gauge demand but if you're going to use your website as basically a kickstarter you should let people know what they're getting into beforehand. They obviously aren't limited the number of preorders because you can still buy one and they're even on sale at a discount right now. For all we know they've never delivered a single unit and they are already on sale. Nice company.
  15. The scam part is they tried to fund their startup with their customers' money. They probably made a couple on a 3D printer, got the TXG guys to promote it, took in a bunch of preorder money and then realized having product made in Asia and shipped here wasn't as easy as they thought. Now they have all the money from preorders tied up into tooling and upfront costs and can't afford to refund anyone. This type of business practice is unethical at best and unfortunately for the people that preordered it was really hard to see coming seeing that you took advice from TXG which is a trusted source. Hopefully next time TXG decides to promote a product they do a little more research considering their reputation is also on the line...
  16. Callaway Rogue Sub Zero 15 degree with an Aldila 15th Anniversary 80 Tour X shaft. Plays 43” with a tour velvet. The paint is very clean and the face shows some wear. This thing is a rocket launcher with this shaft in it. $100 shipped in the US.
  17. It really is kind of a culture change to get a good pace of play. The course I'm at now is a resort that also has a private membership. One of our courses is really hard so we aim for 4:30 pace of play. We have GPS in all the carts and the Pro Shop monitors them constantly. They're really good about sending a message to a group if they are out of position and if they don't catch up someone from the shop will ride out and try to get them moving. I really think the best way is to just monitor the pace of play and be friendly about helping slow groups catch up. I think if you have a good ranger you can get it done. Our guys will stay with the slow group to help them look for balls, rake bunkers and pull pins until they catch up and it seems to work out really well but our resort fee is pretty high so they're not necessarily dealing with typical daily fee golfers. The public course I mention earlier that did the under 4 or it's free did it on Fridays and it bombed after a couple months. They called it fast pace Fridays and it seemed like a good idea at the time but it just didn't work.
  18. One of the courses in my area tried it about 5 years ago and it lasted for a couple months. Part of the deal was you agreed that if you fell behind pace you'd skip holes to catch up or you'd be asked to leave. The problem is it only takes one group to be over 4 hours and then every group behind them is playing for free. I personally would rather promote fast play as opposed to rewarding slow play because if you're at 3:55 putting on 18 what's stopping you from lining up your putt for an extra minute or two in order to get your round free? Usually you can see what the pace of play is going to be after nine holes so I think you'd be better off saying that if you make the turn in two hours or less stop in between nines and each person in your group will receive a free drink coupon for after the round. 1-gets customers in your clubhouse between nines 2-It rewards fast play.
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