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  1. Thanks @Socrates. Figured so. I may heat just a bit and then bend. It’s an older shaft and was worried about snapping it.
  2. I’ve got several Bullseye putters, but gosh most are really upright. Has anybody tried taking the shaft off, heating the head and bending the hosel? I have a feeling the brass would be fairly soft. I don’t have a putter bending machine. Was hoping to do this manually. Thanks all.
  3. I’ve got several bullseye putters, and always wondered if you could bend them manually. I think the brass would move pretty good under heat. Any ideas?
  4. I’d love @Forged4ever to chime in here during the slow season. I can’t recall the story based upon my poor memory but I think Richard remembers it well. Pardon to the OP.
  5. If they indeed are, I believe it’s a good thing. They have way too many lines at present.
  6. From left field but I’ve found the Maltby shafts are performers from Golfworks. I’ve got a Graphite Design is pretty good.
  7. Steel shafts, also torch it. Anything to do with graphite you want to save, use a heat gun. The gun takes a long time but with the economy shaft puller it’s much easier. Wear your earplugs though.
  8. I’m not sure what this means to Canadian viewers, but I do like Thursday and Friday coverage of all golf tournaments on GC. Champions, lpga, pga, college, amateurs. I’d be lost trying to find that coverage anywhere else.
  9. Remember that JDM, KZG and some of the finer Japanese forged components are unavailable to the club making hobbyist. I’m not certified, and don’t have a ticket, but I’m well read on MOI etc, and have done a multitude of repairs, and have fitted a few. I’m interested in the newsletter that the OP offers. I’d like to think that many hobbyists are like myself. The elephant in the room is always resale. You don’t see components on the rack of golf shops. Components are knowledge driven, rather than brand driven. As a club maker who does not have thousands of dollars of shop equipment there will always be the the good and bad of golf components. Maltby and Wishon are reputable. If component manufacturers continue to churn out .431 stainless steel there will be breakage, loft and weight discrepancies. I wish everything was carbon steel, or .303 stainless truth be known.
  10. Wow. This one is still going on. Perhaps an indication that we’re all going through televised golf withdrawal, as I am. I’m not a fan, but viewers can wipe the slate clean and start another season anew.
  11. Not this summer. I think that 2023 is more realistic.
  12. @howard_jones. Thanks for being so helpful Howard. Appreciate that. -Bill
  13. @Howard_Jones Howard, I’m going to drill enough for a machine bolt to fit. What OD of a machine bolt would you suggest. The offending extender appears to be one of the cheaper variety. I’d assume the machine bolt would be a snug fit. Maybe 1/4 inch?
  14. Thanks everyone. The client wants the club longer. IMO he wants to use this as a replacement for a 5 wood. I’m tending towards drilling the piece out, gradually increasing the OD of the drill. I do like the heat method, but I need a large enough hole to insert a heated rod. Does everyone think a heated rod/or circular will be enough heat to break this bond. Only conjecture but the adhesive is black. I’m thinking standard 24 hour epoxy.
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