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  1. Yup. I was in The biz for a long time. If someone starts in radio, they are better tv personalities. From TV to radio, disastrous. I’ve seen it many times.
  2. “Train smoke straighter than a fence post” Anything with train smoke actually.
  3. Engineers chiming in with interesting facts. Great read. BDC has all that information for one golf shot and yet still fails the Cov*d test twice. Go figure.
  4. In fact I’ll bet the players have AA meetings. Only takes two for a meeting!
  5. So we move from the most liked golfer, to the second most liked golfer? Let’s GOooooooo.
  6. I think if Speith had made the putt on 17 it could have been different. CM stripped everything though. Nice win. Good guy too.
  7. Let’s see if he hits his driver tomorrow. I watched the early hours again and Faldo this time was right on the money. If the driver is off on a day, put the damn ball in the fairway. Any 10 handicapper knows if he doesn’t have the stuff with the driver he might back down to a 3 or 5 wood, or long hybrid. BD mismanaged the golf course. Didn’t respect the rough, and hit some terrible pitches. His driver swing failed time after time, and he wouldn’t accept it. Maybe he learned something. Not sure. The golf course won. There is nothing wrong with his driver. Courses are littered with bones
  8. Well said. Many in physics understand the law of diminishing returns. BD is understanding that sadly at the birthplace of golf.
  9. Tucker sent a message on this one. Not particularly a good one. Bad news is all about timing. Sounds like Tucker had different interests. After missing the cut, BD refused any kind of interviews and left the premises according to GC. It’s not a click bait story in that we’re dealing with a player with a swing that can generate 350 yd drives, using equal length irons, a scientific approach to the game, and in the midst of a back and forth with another tour player. BD is a magnet for media in general At least i find it fascinating.
  10. My answer is yes. I use the circular insulation avail at any hardware store. I use pieces a foot long, and insert about 8 inches. Another aspect is a fluted wooden dowel in the shaft tip. Used by Tiger Woods incidentally.
  11. Another option if your looking for graphite are the Xcalibre tours. They used to be sold thru golfworks, but now on their website only. If you do not have to play graphite, try the Nippon offerings. Many weights avail. Nippon works for me with prosoft inserts.
  12. I simply use the foam only and works very well. My insertion depth is around 6 inches. Another option completely is a fluted dowel insert in the shaft tip. This has been used for quite some time. A Golfworks tech indicated to me that both work extremely well. thanks for the DIY.
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