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  1. I've hit the TSI3, TSI2, G425 LST, and Max quite a few times with my pro and in a fitting. To me, G425 LST and Max are more forgiving (heavier heads and CG movable weight). Looks, feel, and sound go to TSI3. TSI3 was only a couple yards farther than LST each time when I hit them. Personally, I didn't care for TSI2 and didn't hit it better than TSI3, plus TSI3 has the movable CG where TSI2 doesn't. They're each different when it comes to configurations. It really depends on what you're trying to accomplish and fits your game. I bought the LST, but could see myself getting a TSI3 do
  2. Thanks for the input on each. From the pictures I've seen it does look like the TCB are a little more rounded, which I personally tend to like straighter and squatter looking irons and would likely go P7MC. Also, less offset on the 7MC helps if I want to bend them a degree strong.
  3. I’m curious as well. Hit the P7MC a few times and love the shape, sound, and feel. I have not hit TCB yet.
  4. What shafts and grips are you playing?
  5. If you flew it in the back left corner then it could be because you shut the club down and delofted it out of the rough, which would reduce spin and add ball speed.
  6. If you don't want to buy a new set, you could give something a try first by bending the lie angles a little flat and install a slightly bigger grip to combat the left miss. I hear what you're saying, I get the itch to buy new stuff all the time to see if it helps...
  7. Great post here. It isn't the design of the head but more or less the loft of the club and dynamics of impact. Especially when you get off the fairway a bit and find yourself in a couple inches of rough, it matters more. If you have the right starting loft, dynamic loft at impact, and golf ball, you're going to eliminate the flyer in most cases....Hollow body or not.
  8. I’d like to echo the same. I’ve bought some stuff there in the past and had some issues with the quality of the build. That’s just my personal experience. They’re big, so I’m sure it varies.
  9. The 921 tour irons feel and look great in my opinion. A place where I go has a trackman and a Mizuno Demo cart, so I've hit the 7 iron a bunch. I've also hit T100 a bunch on a trackman with my pro as well. I would say it is around the same forgiveness of a T100..maybe a touch less in the longer clubs. To me, they feel softer than a T100. Lines seem a touch straighter than T100 as well but not as straight as say a ZX7. I'm waiting on a set I ordered with 921 HMP 4-5... Forged 6-9..Tour PW and GW w/ $ Taper S+. I probably could have gone 8-GW with Tour but the gapping from Forged t
  10. I agree, TSI line is very popular, especially among non-staffers on tour. JT, Webb, Cantlay, and Sung-Jae all playing TS3 though...
  11. Kind of dirty. Probably just something I’d look at when I’m home alone by myself...
  12. Yes, and I had fun, but I’m not taking her home to meet my friends and family.
  13. Hit TSI3 and both the Ping drivers. To sum it up...TSI3 is the hot blonde I dated in college but later find out from taking data samples she lives on the crazy line and is unstable. G425 is the girl I marry - she is somewhere between 5-7 crazy and 8 hot, but definitely not a unicorn....
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