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  1. I think this is kind of what I was getting and, and gave me pause after reading many reviews. I'd probably be more inclined to book an airbnb on a lake somewhere off-site and drive and play 2-3 courses, versus staying at the resort and expecting to eat on-site each day. We have friends in CoMO so was trying to get out there, spend a day or two and all drive down to BC and stay a couple days. The reviews on food and what not make me question the price to stay on site. The activities look awesome, but also aren't cheap. Again I don't expect cheap at a world class resort (as it is mar
  2. I may have been misinterpreted... I guess I just mean't for what beautiful Ritz and Four Seasons resorts go for down south, Big Cedar pricing is similar, and I feel like I trust the aforementioned more for food and beverage and service than what I have read at Big Cedar. The fishing, shooting, golf, spa etc are all appealing to me. I wasn't really comparing landscape other than in the respect of resort maintenance and beauty. I guess curious how a place like this stacks up to say Greenbrier, or Pinehurst for example. How was his feedback on hotel vs cabins?
  3. Yeah I agree... the bros would bunk, but being older we certainly appreciate our own rooms. Impractical is a perfect way to put it considering floor plan and rate!
  4. May have missed it, but anyone with experience staying at Big Cedar? Was thinking about 2-3 nights with buddy and wives... Spa and pools for the ladies, and fellas can golf during the day. Dinner, drinks at night. Seems expensive in May and June for what the resort is, and have read conflicting reviews. Totally fine with paying for an awesome resort, with amazing food, bars, pools and fun, but basic rooms are $700/nt and its not an all-inclusive in the Caribbean. Cabins if we were to all stay together are around $1400. Basically with golf, spa and meals its close to $4000 a couple
  5. How's Woodcrest looking over the past 12 months? I know they are back to fully private... It's a Flynn so the bones are there. Only ever played it public, and was super disappointed with poa, bare tee boxes, swampy fariways, awful looking brown sludge ponds. That said need to acknowledge there is massive potential there. Clubhouse and bar is nice... course has structure to be great... needed a lot of revitalizing if I recall. Curious what the plan is there, and if they are dumping money into conditions, tree removal and restoration? How's the membership group? Do lot's
  6. I agree. As much as I love beverages and carts.... I have grown to respect huffing the sunday bag around either crack of dawn, or golden hour. Let's be serious, the best golf is walking with caddies.
  7. Agreed. Mills is just begging for private investment. No liquor license definitely prohibitive of that though. Not a fan at all of Penn Oaks. Blah. Concord had bones but was not thrilled with it. Always liked Radley. Greens are incredible. Haven't been for a few year though.
  8. I would highly recommend Glen Mills, best public in Philly market.
  9. Have to be a Union League member, and then buy into each club separately. Initiations ballpark 25k for Torresdale, will be 50K for the others. I think 7ish per year annuals.
  10. True, both are nice. Found Wyncote nice but not overly stimulating. Broad Run is a good option for sure. A good hike from center city as a general mid point though. Basically private or bust. Actually surprised there isn't a Bethpage like super-complex for the Philly area... granted no one in their right mind would build something like that now without being in a spectacular landscape (Bandon). Would love if someone could steal Riverwinds away from Jaws and turn it into a Ferry's Point, or something along the lines of Liberty/Bayonne. Bones and views are there. Some stupid routing, and drainag
  11. Just because it's clearly no. 1 - so curious what people think the best of the rest is. Kinda like Pine Valley I guess.
  12. Without reading through, Pinehurst. No. 2,4,8, Cradle every night Mid Pines Tobacco Pine Needles Sneak in Dormie if possible
  13. Best of South Jersey Mega Poll - Vote!
  14. I second that... Torresdale oozes nostalgia which is what I think makes NE golf special. ACE plays like a modern mid-west, western states course, which is cool... just not my preference in this area of the country. ACE/LH can be a total monster if you play back, but generally landing areas are wide. UL has a pretty ridiculous portfolio right now for their members. Impressive.
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