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  1. Anyone know a good place to purchase frames for hanging golf course flags on your wall? Most online are (what I consider) expensive... $90+ range. I am looking to frame about 10 flags for my basement, and would prefer not to jimmy-rig up a standard photo frame. Appreciate any suggestions or experience.
  2. Plan is to leave Friday early, play 18, dinner ideally off site in town, 27 or 36 on Saturday, dinner, early flight home Sunday. In the running: -Copperhead/Innisbrook -Bay Hill + Orlando area public -Streamsong Any preference or other suggestions? We like to knock off tour courses so when the stop is there it's fun to follow on TV. Streamsong, the golf is obviously the best, but the resort is middle of nowhere and probably a lot of golf bros there which would maybe be annoying. In the past we have done: -Orlando (OC Natl, Grand Cyp) -Jax (Sawgrass + Amelia) -Miami (Doral) -PGA National Leaning Innisbrook, any experience with the resort? Comparable to PGA Nat?
  3. 1. Wannamoisett home of the NE Am...without a doubt. Insanely long par 4s and nasty rough. Par 68 is incredibly deceiving. 2. Bethpage Black... but probably because it was 105 degrees and insanely humid. 3. Merion... but is actually pretty playable in the middle of the course 4. Rolling Green GC.... just super hard to score unless you have a nasty short game 5. Galloway National
  4. I am virtually 100% certain you do NOT ask to get into Merion. Easy way to remove yourself from consideration for life.
  5. Rolling Green is making more of a push of National Members - they just hosted a Forme Tour event (branch off of the Canadian Tour because of covid border restrictions)... Pro is from Baltusrol, Sup is from Winged Foot and Gil Hanse is doing some work. Will be a lock for a US Am soon... (They hosted the Women's Am a couple of years ago). If you are a pure golfer, I would 10/10 recommend... this course has a higher potential in the near future than anything else on that list and will likely be Cricket level before long. Also would recommend Apple from that list... the rest are just generic country clubs IMO.
  6. I would recommend Irish, enjoyed it as a warm up round to Straits. Exceeded Blackwolf Meadow by a significant amount IMO. River I didn't play...
  7. I'd personally look at Manny's over anything else listed. Cricket if you can step up $$ wise and are looking for something very long term... North Hills if you are looking for a basic entry level private club with walkability and don't know where you want to end up yet. As a 4 you would probably run bored with NH... hence I would look at Manny's which is a great track, has good players/men's group and is reasonable compared to cricket. Would throw Whitemarsh into the mix too...
  8. Just threw up in my mouth : )
  9. I personally really enjoyed No. 2 as well...East Lake was cool because of the prestige but didn't blow me away. Call me crazy but I lean Pete Dye, his courses really mentally mess with you and generally are carved into the land which I love. Also a glutton for William Flynn tracks and those classic holes with crazy green complex's and false fronts.
  10. Play Mills or head across the bridge and play Riverwinds, which is directly across the river from PHL and has some cool views of the skyline on the back 9. Has been in good shape over the last year or two.
  11. Well Dubai, but... up in Canada I always played this little 9-hole par 3 that was lit for night golf and it was awesome, so its for sure do-able. Probably someone taking on that expense would only do it in the South though.... AZ might even be too cold at night. Florida, and SoCal...
  12. Perfectly said. Lifelong player, I am 38. Never had a lesson until this year... I can sling it around the course O.K. - I'm a 9, Short game is in shambles, I 3-putt a lot to be honest... but generally can rip through the bag. Always played a cut that turned to a fade, that self taught a draw which turned into a pull, which turned into a double miss. Hence, I sought therapy. Basically my swing is always complimented, but with the internet, I know there are small deficiencies and I did want to get technically sound, increase some speed, and just compress and feel purer impact. Grip and set up adjustment alone has caused me agony this season. I'm talking probably banging 2500'ish range balls, and it still feels awkward as hell. I really, really struggle to get my wrists rotating off the ball, and ultimately not hinged at the top of the swing (to keep the face shut). It feels awful. However, my "good" shots are certainly exponentially better. I hope i'll be through this by the end of this season and ready for 2021 haha! Oh ya, and keeping my elbows tight and finding that speed slot on the downswing. Certainly don't feel loose and free anymore - more like the swing is a hassle and uncomfortable - but I know its right, just need to force my muscle memory to overpower the brain.
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