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  1. Thanks for the update! Just wanted to say, I've been testing all the big brands since the MTB Black value packs have been down. I gave every manufacturer's top balls a go. They each have a couple good characteristics about them, but none are as complete as the Black. It is legitimately the best ball for my game (white cover for me). Looking forward to the restock! We'll stay loyal through all the bs too!
  2. I'm on the Snell website literally everyday waiting for the value packs of the Black to come back. The X is there so I'm hoping soon. I'm taking some time off to play golf next month and need a restock!
  3. 1. City and State? Stafford, VA 2. Handicap? 9.3 3. What ZX ball do you want to test? Z-Star 3. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Absolutely 4. Current golf ball? Snell MTB Black 5. What do you look for when buying a new golf ball? Greenside spin, feel, distance off the tee, price 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? That'd be awesome
  4. Played 36 today and finally got to put the trial pack to the test. I played the first 18 with X and the second 18 with Black. X: It's no lie, the ball is long. There are several open holes on the course I played where you can swing away and I did. I ended up as far as I have on my all-time best drives. Feel off the driver was more of a dink than a thud, if that makes sense lol. Trajectory from both woods and irons was quite high. The ball stopped fine on full swings. I had several occasions where I needed some green side spin and the ball didn't check quite as quickly or as hard as I would've liked. Feel was just a little clicky off the irons, wedges, and putter. Nothing horrendous, but it was noticeable. Black: Being that I played the same course in the same day with the same conditions, it was easy to give the two balls a fair comparison. The Black is a touch shorter off the tee, but nothing crazy. I ripped a few on the same holes where I had bombed the X and the Black was a few yards behind. I'm not talking 15-20, maybe 5 to 10 at best. Feel off the driver was more of a thud than a dink. Trajectory was still high for what I'm used to seeing, but it was a little lower than the X. It is a more penetrating flight that I'm used to. The ball stopped fine on full swings, no issues. Where the Black won me over was with spin around the greens. In my quest to find a new ball, green side spin has been my number one priority and the Black delivered. I hit several chips and pitches that I needed to check quickly and they did brilliantly. The feel off irons, wedges, and putter was butter. My ball for 2021 will be the Black. I liked the ball flight and feel off irons/wedges/putter better than the X and the spin around the greens is exactly what I need in my game. Not gonna lie, I didn't really buy into the hype around these balls, but Dean really has put out two great products. Anybody looking to play a premo ball should look at these. You'll save some bucks without giving up any performance.
  5. I'm a mid-low ball hitter and was fit into PX LZ 6.0 a few years ago. I was around -5º AoA then. I'm around -2º AoA now and was just fit into Elevate Tour X-Stiff. The main thing I wanted to do was improve descent angle and these did it with the combo of P770's giving me more loft. So I got better height and spin with the same distance. I found this shaft to be very smooth and easy to time. My fitter (Club Champion) said the X flex on these falls in between S and X from most other brands.
  6. I dropped 3W at the beginning of last year and put a 2H at 17º into play. I won't be going back. I was great with the 3W off the tee but it rarely helped me anywhere else. I can go 2H off the tee, middle of the fairway, out of the rough. My distance and direction is far more consistent. If I could do a strokes gained calculation between the two clubs, the 2H is far superior for me. Just got fit into the SIM2 Rescue and really looking forward to putting it into play.
  7. Just went to Club Champion for a full bag fitting two weeks ago. My advice based on my fit: 1. Bring the ball you play and hit only with that ball. The ball you use DOES affect launch and spin and feel. 2. Hit the clubs you want to hit....at first. Make sure you get a chance to hit whatever you've been looking at or whatever catches your eye. You don't want to leave there wondering. 3. Let the fitter do their thing. They'll have you hit clubs and shafts that aren't on your list. Give them a chance. They might fit better or they might confirm your own selections. 4. Pay attention to swing weight. I didn't know much at all about swing weight when I went in. Every club/shaft combo that felt good to me fell within the same swing weight. I could tell immediately on a practice swing whether I liked the weighting. I found this very important to my tempo and feel, and ultimately performance. I had much better results with a swing weight that I liked. 5. Know your budget. This will help the whole process and prevent you from taking a bunch of unnecessary swings. Verbalize your budget to your fitter. Being that you're just getting going on your journey, I think it's good advice to stick with shaft options that are no upcharge. You'll find something in the correct shaft profile that'll work. No need to crazy.....yet lol. Save that for your next fit in a few years. 6. Trust your instincts. You'll know what feels good. You'll know what you like the look of. You'll know what gives you confidence. You'll know when you're being sold. You'll see all the numbers. Trust your gut. 7. Ask lots of questions. Get to know your swing. You can learn a lot about your delivery, your swing path, face to path, your tempo, what you struggle with, your miss, your angle of attack, the right shaft profile for you, etc. All these things will help you in the long run. If I'm being honest, I don't know how much success you'll have at Golf Galaxy. I've been "fit" there before. It's not the same thing. If you have other options, I'd recommend exploring those. If not, take the advice in this thread and make the most out of it. Good luck and have fun and let us know how it turns out!
  8. I have bigger hands. Went with a larger grip that sits in my hands well. When I go to pick up at Club Champion, I'll probably just see if they can put me back on SAM to make sure it didn't do anything crazy with my stroke. If the feel is off, I can always plug it or replace the grip
  9. I recently got fit at Club Champion and ended up in the Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5. I didn't like the size of the stock grip (Pistolero Plus) so I ended up picking out a Super Stroke Pistol GT 2.0 that fit my hands nicely. As I wait for my putter to make it in, I got curious about the weight change. From what I can find, the Pistolero Plus weighs 84g and the Super Stroke weighs 51g. I know the head will feel heavier now, but is this too big of a change to just take it and see what happens? Wondering if I should contact my fitter and have them go ahead and add the 25g weight plug? Should I just calm down lol or is this too big of a difference to just let slide?
  10. Checked her out. She does some sick work! Thanks for the idea
  11. Anyone know if the Phantom X 5.5 is considered mid-mallet when it comes to headcovers? If anyone has the putter and can shoot head dimensions, that'd really help!
  12. The LST isn't super low spinning, at least for me. The spin numbers were good, but I just wasn't getting any bang out of it. The Max would've thrown spin too high. And to be honest, I'm not sure which SIM head I hit. I was doing my best not to look at heads and shafts so I wouldn't throw any bias into my swing, if that makes sense. I knew it was a SIM from the look obviously, but didn't look more into it than that. I guess it was one of those cases where I just let the fitter work and didn't think twice. I am naturally low launch with mid to high spin. I think he threw me in TSi2 to get launch and see what would happen. Spin was fine so no need to see TSi3. Same with Callaway, spin numbers were fine so no need to see LS or the other one. At least for me, the heads weren't exactly tied to their marketing. The ones that were supposed to be low spin didn't always fit there and the ones that are supposed to be more forgiving weren't always high spin, at least for my delivery. The four I mentioned all had correct spin numbers. Some I just hit better than others thanks to built in forgiveness.
  13. This is my first alternate for sure. I use custom/non-OEM headcovers so people don't know what I'm gaming. Don't want to get a club yanked off the sidewalk while I'm inside the clubhouse paying for the round
  14. Got fit today and got to hit the Ping G425 LST, Taylormade SIM 2, Titleist TSi2, and Callaway Epic Max. I did get along with SIM at all. It just wasn't the right head for me. I wanted to like the LST, but I wasn't getting the best carry numbers with it. It came down to the TSi2 and the Epic Max. They were nearly identical in center strikes, but the Epic Max won by a large margin on mishits. I found it significantly more forgiving for my swing and it kept my worst strikes in play....and still plenty long. A lot of good drivers this year. I'm sure everyone can find something that'll outperform your gamer in one way or another.
  15. I was fitted into a Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5 today and am looking for headcovers since the yellow is awful. Bag theme is black, red, and white. I've scoured Amazon and all the typical sites (Sunfish, Stitch, etc). Anyone have any other ideas?
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