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  1. The same Scotty jokes are so tired.. hopefully we see some new mallets similar to the 2021 holiday, my girl and triple black release. It’s gonna be hard to top the Special select line too!
  2. I'd say someone who's got a pretty steep angle of attack. It's a very long ball off the tee, great golf ball for scrambles!
  3. Talk to Titleist customer service or your local Titleist staffer about possibly upgrading to the latest T300. I'm sure you've been waiting a long while for them to come in. Hopefully they can accommodate .
  4. Saw a thread a while back about Team Titleist members being able to try out an AVX prototype. Love the latest AVX, more greenside spin and it would probably a gamer golf ball. Any word on when we can expect the latest version?
  5. I see T200s being a really big seller amongst all demographics. It’s important to go into a fitting with an open mind! Keep an eye out for the Titleist Fitter Connect Program with the new product launch. Really cool concept that connects interested golfers with local Titleist certified fitters.
  6. I went with the same set up! Graphite shaft on the 4 iron and C taper for the rest. Wish I could’ve tried a 2 iron out but they weren’t in yet.
  7. They are not the same lofts. T100s is close though. Same lofts for 4,5,6 and W. T100 closer to traditional lofts.
  8. They looked great to me. I’d prefer a sharper topline opposed to rounded but after seeing how they performed I was blown away. Can’t wait to put them in the bag!
  9. Looks like some solid info is on its way week of the US Open
  10. Looking forward to the Fall and what kind of iron line that Titleist will be rolling out. New utility irons should be expected some time soon as well correct?
  11. Technology in the new clubhead promotes a higher ball flight, hence the reason they came down .5 degrees compared to traditional Titleist driver lofts.
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