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  1. Have put in another couple of 18 hole rounds...nothing to report...worked as designed...
  2. I pull my battery out and place it on the charger after every round.
  3. Well...have walked a few more rounds...still working as expected...whew...i am still waiting for something to go wrong....
  4. I, too an like you...6’3” and 29” inseam...I have found my local Tommy Bahama outlet. XL gives me plenty of length...however I prefer to wear a “golf” material shirt and not cotton. On a cool day the TB shirts work like a charm...a little sticky for me when I am sweating...
  5. Agree with your 2 points of improvement!
  6. Walked another 18 with the Forecaddie — worked like a charm...helpfully the track record will continue!
  7. So...I finally got out to play for the first time since December! It has been exceptionally wet here in eastern, VA! I took the Forecaddie with me...I can say that it operated 100% as designed - no issues with its operation at all. I did have an issue when I picked up the battery to put in my trunk — the hinge pins on the handle sheared right off! I filled out a form with Foresight when i got home. There next day I got an email from them letting me know they shipped out a new pair of pins. So with that i am quite pleased.
  8. Here is an update for my use of the Forecaddy! I made a quick decision to roll out yesterday to walk a quick round since the weather was so nice. I got to the course and realized i forgot my remote on the charger...I was not looking forward to using the power assist. Well...I am now wondering if the whole issue with the power assist doing its quick stop and stutter start my be a remote issue somehow...you see...i walked a whole round and NOT one hiccup - NOTHING!!! It worked like a champ...just no follow me without the remote. I was pleased...now I just need to remember my remote and hoe everything is resolved...thoughts?
  9. Ok...I have been around this forum a little while but I am not one who makes many posts -- i prefer to sit and read and learn. My golf game had gotten to where I could only hit "certain" irons and was on the hunt for a change. I read...and read...and read the internet and came across the SL idea. Something clicked in my mind that wow...if I could only worry about 1 basic swing I might be able to improve and score where I would truly like to score. Enter Wishon Sterling clubs. I compressed all the information I had gathered and decided Wishon was going to be for me. I found a Wishon fitter 1 town away and started the process this past January. After several visits he decided due to my body frame - 6' 3" with an 29" inseam - I should try hitting my 7 iron an inch longer. He then modeled up a 6, 7 and PW each with a different shaft and told me to go play and report back in 3 months. So I went to the range religiously and did my best to get in as many rounds as possible. Due to COVID-19 we could not get together until June. When we met then we had to decide on the shaft choice and decide whether to go 5H of 5I. I decided on the 5H. Then had to sit and wait 2 weeks for everything to come in and be built. It took a little while to get used to my GW being so long...but since getting the SL clubs I have played about 8 strokes better and have seen the upper 70's for the first time. Needless to say I am sold on SL clubs - Wishon or whatever brand someone chooses. They simply fit my game. Now I just need to get my Driver swing going well and I should be even better. Just my thoughts about my game...
  10. As a small update...I have played but being a teacher working virtually has offered no time to walk...and I have yet to hear from Motogolf regarding the issues to see if they might take a return. I will try this week to get out and walk and see if I can get video of the Power Assist. Kmmcgra — hopefully this works for you!!!
  11. After seeing your post Tobias, I sent Motogolf a message through their website contact page explaining my issues and if anyone else has had any complaints. I am one that usually ALWAYS holds on to boxes for a long time as most of the time companies will pull the original package needed for return crapola! Not with me - I GOT THE BOX!!! I think at this point after seeing your responses from Foresight, I would be willing to return my Forecaddy and go reorder the Stewart X9 and move forward. We shall see what Motogolf has to say. Foresight about guaranteed the problems would disappear with the firmware 6 upgrade - truth be told...I actually think it is worse. We shall see....
  12. From someone who is getting ready to send in my power assist video of it not working correctly...I find it unacceptable. I don’t mind using my same wheels...but not getting back a used cart.
  13. Yup...I bought them for the fam and son-in-law...and you are correct...No one believed me!!!
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