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  1. That looks awesome, my Mavrik SZ TD does't have scratches but now I want to sand it down to matte
  2. Vessel Player 2.0/3.0 are stand bags with 14 dividers, very high quality and good for riding / pull carts.
  3. I play the CB-1008, they have a sleek topline but enough help with the cavity to provide a decent sized sweet spot. I also find Miuras very responsive in terms of where you struck the ball on the face. Overall, very pleased and they've been in my bag for years.
  4. I think the DTC vs. TM models are a bit different. Dean Snell is one of the first to "sell" on his personal credibility as a ball maker, similar to Scotty, Roger, Bob, but do it in the ball business. Snell is able to spend little in marketing or trade, in order to pass on the savings to end consumers. For a corporation like TM, it may prove to be difficult to manage different economic models, especially if they are sometimes competing against each other. If TM absorbs Snell, and then takes their marketing approach to Snell, it'll take away the pricing advantage. In addition, keeping Snell and other DTC brands in its factories (as is model, keeping it simply as a supplier relationship), may also help Foremost / Nassau factories have better production capacity absorption and efficiency, overall may reduce the cost of producing TM balls too.
  5. Wish there was better access to fitting for JDM woods, especially with different shaft options. Been gaming a Callaway driver for a few seasons now, and recently switched to Titleist 3wood and hybrid.
  6. Thanks, I'll try to find the book! I think there's only around 350 courses in China now...................
  7. Appreciate the feedback! Personally I don't see golf becoming a mass sport in China. The land usage and issue of access is too much to overcome. China essentially has the same landmass as the US, but 5x the population. In addition, most of that population is disproportionately located around the eastern side of the country... I'm just happy that I can still "practice" my hobby here, even though it's quite expensive and always have to plan ahead to get a round in. But... it keeps me sane here...
  8. I moved to Shanghai from the US about ten years ago and have seen the game grow and evolve around the country. Overall, I would say the game is growing quite rapidly and gaining more and more golfers. It is still, however, not "available" for a great part of the population. A round of golf is around $100-$200, an hour at the range runs $15-20, clubs (real ones) are way over priced vs. US or Europe, and a teaching pro (average one) charges around $150+ per hour. Even with that said, driving range bays are always filled and many courses around the cities are booked full every weekend. In a country bustling with economic growth, and opportunities for people to earn a lifetime of money in a short amount of time (even though probabilistically not high), the absolute number of people approaching and falling in love with the game is enough to build a good sports base here. The govt is not too fond of the game, and some courses have been shut down (primarily because they were previously not registered or licensed legally), and very few new courses are being built in major city hubs. That doesn't stop development of golfing destinations to drive tourism or investment in areas of the country that could use it. I personally have been invited to several government led and sponsored golfing events, in order to promote golf and other projects around 3rd tier cities. Given the natural barrier of golf, not just in China, but all around the world, it will always be a niche sport. I do see so many younger kids taking up the sport at the ranges or looking near scratch or low single digit at the course. I think China will produce more elite golfers in the future. I think the likely path will be privileged kids immigrating to the US around middle school or high school time, in order to join up in a junior golf academy, and then find their way to play college golf. With a base of 1.3b+ in population, the chances can be slim and still quite a few can rise to the top.
  9. Non-stock driver shaft on an older model head.
  10. Really agree with this statement that need to hit down a bit on it to get it launching in the right window. I had to play around with the nosel settings to neutralize its draw tendencies too.
  11. A few comes to mind... 1. absolutely nutting a long iron on the perfect flight 2. Making a must-make score on the last hole to break 90/80, or your target score 3. Hitting a really solid fairway wood off the deck on a rope towards the green 4. Towering drive carrying a scary obstacle (large body of water or deep bunker) 5. Making a long putt to save up and down 6. Walking down the fairway breaking up the morning dew
  12. Freiheit The G makes some very sleek and good performing drivers and fairway woods. A bit of a traditional look, but updated with some modern tech and limited adjustability. With the right shaft, the feel is unreal.
  13. Several different types of golf content on youtube, hard to measure across the board. Entertainment value: Erik Anders Lang / Skratch by far puts out the highest quality / entertaining golf content. There's more thought and production to what he and his group puts out than others. Instruction: Clay Ballard and Mr. Short Game Equipment: TXG
  14. Well, there's certainly a "connection" between what you shoot in prior rounds of golf, gross/net scores per hole, which affects your handicap and how it's applied towards your current and future match, foursome, singles, or stroke. I get what you're saying in terms of how handicap differential is applied technically in a match, and only net double bogey and below is accounted for. My point was more on, could there be a difference on how the handicap differential is applied towards stroke play vs. match play, and how other groups apply it during their normal weekend rounds.
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