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  1. After two solid years of churn in my bag, I've agreed that whatever is in my bag at the start of this season will stay there for five years. What that means is that I have to get this right or it's going to be a rough five years lol. The only area I'm really struggling with is wedges. I really like the Ping Glide 3.0, but found they are a little too light for me. Conversely, I find Vokeys too heavy. Does anyone have any suggestions for something in the middle? I ask because I don't want to mess around with lead tape, and I'd rather narrow my search field to stuff that is just build a stock weight somewhere between the Glide and a Vokey. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  2. I was looking at this to be my low running bullet machine off the tee. Would it make sense to put it between my 7 wood (21 degrees) and my 5i (25 degrees), or between my 3w (15 degrees) and my 7w? If it helps in answering my question, my clubhead speed is in the mid-90s with my long irons. Also would I better off with the 225 or this? I was fitted into the 225 Pros, but chose a new set of the MP20 MMCs instead. I was impressed with the 225, but haven't had a chance to try the Fli-Hi.
  3. Just went through this myself. Anything KBS will be months unless you get lucky and they have it on hand. I was looking for the KBS Tour 105, but am very happy with the DG 105 that was much more readily available.
  4. Just went through this myself. Anything KBS will be months unless you get lucky and they have it on hand. I was looking for the KBS Tour 105, but am very happy with the DG 105 that was much more readily available.
  5. One question I haven't seen an answer to here or elsewhere online. Are the swing weights the same as the T20? They didn't have a T22 demo at my shop, but I was able to try a T20 and really liked the weight and balance of the wedge. Can anyone give feedback on how the two compare in terms of weight?
  6. That was my thought too. Any ideas on a place that would sell me just a head besides eBay?
  7. A couple of months ago I was fitted into Tsi2 driver with an after market shaft. I thought it was nuts to pay for the full driver, and then the fitted shaft on top of it. I’m trying to buy the components separately but not having a lot of luck. So here’s the question, can I use a different head with the fitted shaft, and expect the same results? My guess is no, but figured I’d ask.
  8. I went to Club Champion in the fall and was fitted into a Titleist TSi2 driver, with an LA Golf Shaft. I thought it was a little nuts to pay for a shaft that I wasn't going to use, but was included in the price quote from CC. Seeking to buy the head and shaft separately. Shaft is no big deal, but I'm hoping someone here has a head they are looking to offload. Please shoot me a PM if that is the case. Thanks in advance!
  9. Thanks everyone for the responses. I do have one follow on question since I'm looking at set composition. Does anyone know what the difference is between the 225 pro and the Pro Fli-Hi? I'm thinking about doing the 921 Tour 4-PW, and the a 225 21 or 19 degrees.
  10. Hi everyone, I got a Golftec iron fitting for Christmas, and went today. My main complaint was that the lofts on my irons were too strong, and it caused me to have weird swings at 140 yards and in. I had a really good experience, and a few heads fit with the shaft I was fitted into (DG 105 R300). My question is if anyone has seen any combo sets of Mizuno irons combining the new 223 and 225 lines. In either case, what would you all recommend? My other thought is to go full JPX 921 Tour. Thanks in advance!
  11. Closing this thread because I have a bunch more stuff to list that I thought. Stay tuned!
  12. Hi everyone, the 1, 3, 5, Fox, and Green/Yellow headcovers have all been claimed. If I haven't contacted you it's because there are people ahead of you that asked. Once it's sorted out, I'll let everyone know where they stand. So...about those clubs for sale though lol
  13. For Sale: Sub70 639 CB Satin Irons - $399 4-PW, KBS Tour 90 Stiff Shaft New Lamkin ST+2 Hybrid Standard Sized Grips 1 Season of Use Ping 2021 Anser 2 - $250 New Traxion 2.0 Tour Grip 35 Inch Shaft Headcover Included Headcovers - Pay Shipping Please help me get them out of house lol For irons and putter, shipping is included in price for continental United States. If you have any questions, or want any additional pictures, please let me know. I can also send you the link to my eBay page to show reviews on past sales. As I said above, come get 'em!
  14. I second this. Fitting only makes sense once you have a consistent swing/miss.
  15. DHoch

    Irons help!

    So there a few things to consider. Most game improvement irons are built to help players get the ball in the air, both in terms of how they are weighted and the amount of offset in the head from the shaft. The amount of offset also helps straighten out a miss to the right which is the most common for golfers. So the first thing to consider is if you think you need help getting the ball in the air, and what your typical miss is. At a 8, I doubt you need the help. My miss is left so more offset hurts me than helps me, for instance. Players distance irons (see both players irons with jacked lofts and most hollow headed irons) are built to maximize forgiveness when you miss the middle of the clubface. The odd shot you are seeing that goes 20 yards further than you expected is what happens when you hit the middle by accident. Depending on how often this happens, you may want to live with the odd flier. A good test for this is to buy some impact stickers and see where you actually hit the ball. If you cannot live with the odd flier, I would look into players irons, and just keep in mind that when you miss (to varying degrees) your ball may land 20 yards shorter than you expected. I would also say you have the right instincts about fitting. Depending on where you live, I would look for a course with a grass driving range, and see if they do fittings. Ask around and see who people recommend to do fittings in your area. See if they are willing to meet you there. Other than that, I would just be honest with yourself about what you are looking for, in particular what you are trying to achieve. Good luck!
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