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  1. Thanks everyone for the replies. I actually ended up with Mizuno 919 Hot Metal irons in stock lofts. I went with a lighter stiff shaft, and had my gapping session yesterday and everything checked out. Happy I was able to avoid messing with loft/bounce to get what I wanted.
  2. The gapping is mainly what I am worried about - I really liked the T300 irons, but there would be a 7 degree gap between my PW and GW. I may just bend the GW down a degree to close the gap. Thanks everyone!
  3. I am in the market for a new set of irons. I am shopping in the game improvement category, and a lot of the lofts are way too strong - I am only seeking the forgiveness the clubs offer. What would be the impact of ordering the clubs with the lofts 2 degrees weaker? Would it change the shaft/lie/bounce/performance any besides reduced distance/higher launch? The reason I ask is that I am not sure any of the shops in my area can fit me with adjusted lofts on the clubs. Thanks in advance!
  4. Just got back from the shop, I went with Tour Velvet Full Cords - let's see how it goes!
  5. After yet another round of my clubs spinning in my hands due to sweat, I am going to get my clubs regripped. I never used to have this problem when I used Tour Velvets, but I decided to try something new and put the CP2 Wrap grip on my clubs when I had my new irons lengthened earlier this year. I'm thinking of going to the Tour Velvet Corded grips, but am looking for other suggestions. One thing to note is that I do not where a glove, and I understand that is part of the problem - but I've been playing in these same conditions for years with the Velvets and haven't had this problem, so the gri
  6. The stock stiff shaft. Everything is stock on the irons at this point.
  7. I would recommend either the TS2 or TS3. I have a 16.5 TS2 and love it.
  8. So quick update, I got an amazing deal yesterday so I now own a 4-PW of the z785s. Wasn't able to be fitted, so once I can those are going in the bag!
  9. Thanks everyone for the responses. It looks like Srixon wins by a mile against the AP3s. Do any of the current Ping models compare to the z785s? If so would it be something like the i210? Besides Mizuno, what other irons would compare to the 785s or better? The reason I'm shying away from Mizuno is that I don't think a set can be had for a comparable price point to the Srixons. Thanks again!
  10. I've been looking into getting a new set of irons to replace the GI irons I've been playing since I came back about 2 years ago - Cleveland Launcher CBXs. I am looking for more feel/feedback from my irons, and I'd like to increase my spin going into greens. Right now I'm going between the z785s and the now heavily discounted AP3 irons. Owners of either or both, what do you like about them? What don't you like about them?
  11. I was already going to replace one of the CBX2s with another SM8, and I ordered lead tape to put on the remaining CBX2, so it sounds like I'm on the right track. Thanks again everyone!
  12. Thanks Howard! Your explanation is easily the most in depth I've seen on the topic. I really appreciate it!
  13. I'm thinking about upgrading my clubs, and my first purchase on that front was a Titleist SM8 58 degree wedge with an S grind. I love the club, but have noticed it feels substantially heavier than my other wedges (Cleveland CBX2s). The SM8 has a swing weight of D5; CBX2s are D0 and D1. My irons also come in at D2. Should I be looking to match up any new irons with the D5 swing weight? If not, how much of a gap do you usually see across the bag? Thanks in advance!
  14. 14 trending downwards, and I play the Cleveland Launcher CBXs 4-PW. Good distance with enough spin to hold greens. I would also recommend the CBX 2 wedges if you are struggling with that part of your game.
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