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  1. My favorite memory is seeing Tiger in person for the first time. It was at the Tuesday practice round 1996 Masters. He was playing with Greg Norman, Fred Couples and Ray Floyd. The size of the gallery was incredible. Remember, he was still an amateur and for all his incredible accomplishments on the amateur circuit, playing with the pros is a different league altogether. I'm lucky enough to be attending the Tuesday practice round at The Masters again this year. It will be my first time back at Augusta since that day in '96. I hope he'll be there too.
  2. In the past, I've purchased drivers in two separate transactions from 3-Balls. Both drivers were described as being in "Like New" condition and both clubs arrived with both the heads and grips still in the shrinkwrap. I was extremely pleased. On a couple of other occasions I have purchased woods that were described as being in a condition worse than "Like New" and they were, in my opinion, in worse condition than described. Personally, if the condition isn't at least "Like New" I wouldn't buy from the company.
  3. I'll be getting a respite from our Canadian winter, March 6-13th, and will not be onboard during this period. I'll provide an update upon my return. It will probably take about 10-to-14 days for the item to reach Canuckville anyway. I also want to thank everyone for their support on this thread.
  4. WaldenOaks is viewing this thread right now. Any comments Kyle?
  5. WaldenOaks was selling mostly shirts & pants for $12-$15 per item. I really didn't think anybody would be pulling a scam using stuff at this price point. However, a Golfwrx buddy of mine, who has far greater experience on this forum than I, said that this low-dollar scam is exactly the type of thing that slips under the radar. If he was selling a set of clubs for a few hundred dollars, without any posts, nobody would touch him.
  6. Scotty B. - thanks for posting. Apparently I have also been taken by this seller. Bought a pair of pants on the forum here three weeks ago. I'm in Canada & I assumed there was some delay at Customs. You want to give the seller every benefit of the doubt. PM'ed WaldenOaks on Feb, 26th and have received no response. I was going to file a Paypal claim tomorrow if he didn't respond by then. I guess, according to your post, there's no need to wait in filing a Paypal claim.
  7. Taping was during the last two weeks of September 2008.
  8. © ouch could be out again soon - with rotator cuff issues - if he keeps that up!!!!
  9. stewie

    7 wood

    Agree with Markit ... 22* Launcher Steel is excellent!
  10. We "Islanders" are very excited about the Big Break series being shot in our province. By the way, Stephanie Sparks visited PEI in August to shoot a promotional show of some sort. She was at my course, Anderson's Creek in Stanley Bridge, with a cameraman and producer. I understand that she played the newly re-opened Green Gables Golf Club in Cavendish, PEI.
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