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  1. Whats the difference between a taylormade pull and whats the downfall of them?
  2. what do you mean when you say pulls? U just bought a used ventus blue one off 3ball.com for $100.
  3. I am looking to purchase a new shaft for my Taylormade M4 driver head. Can a .335 tip be used for the Taylormade M4?
  4. Just picked up this Scotty California Del Mar at a local golf shop for $140. Feel like I made out quite well. Whattya think?
  5. I’m looking for an upgrade from my Odyssey white hot #1 putter and have been looking into different style putters. Mostly want to stick with blade style putters. I’ve been looking at the Brandon H PXG putter. Does anyone have any experience with it? Also, how important is it to have the correct putter for your stroke style? (Straight/slight arc/strong arc)
  6. I buy 90% of my clubs on Ebay. Depending on the club but I do my shopping around so feel I usually get a pretty good deal. No more than $200 on a used driver and around the same for irons.
  7. I've been pondering with myself to just suck it up and go get fitted for clubs. The more and more people I talk to the more it makes it sound that its worth every penny. Well, thats just it....I cant see myself spending all that money when I usually stick to buying "new to me" clubs.
  8. I really have enjoyed using bridgestones over the years. More recently have switched over to prov1's but will def be trying the new released bridgestones.
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