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  1. man i like a lot of those betti's. i game an innovai 6.0 currently, but I gotta get my hands on one of those armlocks. pardon me being green, but how does that work? will the general public ever see those?
  2. Getting rid of some items today to fund other wants. 1. Scotty Cameron Phantom X5 w/Tour Stability Shaft - Plays at 33" (measured from tip of grip down to middle of putter head). Lie Angle: 69 degrees, Loft: 4 degrees. Purchased from a fellow WRX'er and installed Stability Shaft and Garsen Tour Quad no taper grip. Great putter that I wanted to try b/c I loved the look, but my Bettinardi is staying in the bag. Used on the course only once after shaft and grip were installed. Comes with headcover. In great condition. SOLD 2. Bettinardi Hive Ghoul-Aid Mallet Headcover - Never used on course in mint condition. $100 OBRO $80 OBRO 3. TBC 2021 Collective Blade Headcover - Sealed and never used as I game a mallet. Nice cover, but I have no use for it. $75 OBRO $50 OBRO The only trade I'm currently looking for is a Ventus Blue or Black HB shaft in 8S preferably with a PING adaptor. Happy to answer any questions or provide more pics if needed. Thanks for looking!
  3. willing to sell separately or only selling together?
  4. man i'm in the same boat. ordered one last week and waiting, but this is very tempting...
  5. Can the tour black stability shaft not be used in double bend putters? I thought it could.
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