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  1. I like the thought of having both and making a game time decision. Only room for one in the bag though. I know a 7w has gotten some play recently on tour but I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone carry one.
  2. Very helpful, yes only room for 1 club and I know my yardages. At my current level I’m not attacking greens from that distance so more of a tee club and just something to fit that yardage gap between 4i and 3w
  3. I’ve been thinking about options between my 4 iron and 3 wood which is a fairly large gap. I play TM M5 irons and the loft on the 4 iron is 19.5. Most 3 hybrids are 19 degrees which doesn’t make a ton of sense for me because it’s so close. I’ve been thinking of a 2 hybrid/driving iron or possibly even 5 wood. Any thoughts or recommendations?
  4. I play M in my sand a lob wedges but wanted to try D because of all the good things I’ve heard. I know a lot factors into the bounce, but everyone seems to talk about how precise you have to be for a lower bounce wedge making me think a high bounce D may be a touch more forgiving in the right conditions. Am I thinking about that right?
  5. I’m due for a new wedge set and play TM M5 irons which probably fall in the game improvement category. Seems to me that lofts in game improvement sets keep getting lower and lower, meaning my PW is now 45 degrees which leaves a gap (gap wedge pun) between that and my 52 degree wedge. Have other people had this issue? With lofts seeming to get stronger every year I feel like this may be a common issue. I’m going to try switching to 50/54/58 instead of my current 52/56/60 setup. It’s a general question so don’t give me the standard “get fit” response.
  6. I’m 6’3” 200 lbs and I’ve been playing for a couple years, just started walking this year because the course I joined is relatively short. I’ve always had shoes that were on the flexible side and I never had any issues. I decided to go premium this year and got the new Nike zoom infinity tours and couldn’t be happier. Took a couple rounds to break in but they’re incredibly comfortable for walking rounds. I also echo the good socks comments in terms of padding and arch support.
  7. I wish it was easier to search a certain topic or forum. There’s so many forums to sort through in the drop down
  8. I game the CK Pro White TX so if anyone can comment on the AV White comparisons to the CK White that would be awesome
  9. I heard September but no specific date
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