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  1. Yes I play a GD AD-DI on my 3Wood that is a 7S to get more control but I really don't feel like spending another 300$ for a shaft when I have one literally brand new so I'll try to make it work. But deep inside I know at the first misshot of this 5wood I'll blame she shaft and swap it with another one ^^. Any one got a AD-DI 7S for sale ideally with a G425 tip on it (NOT TOO expensive) ? (Starting to put the ad out there that's how much faith I have in this Tensei experiment )
  2. Hi all, I recently bought a Ping G425 which came with a Tensei Raw AV 65S which I swapped for a Graphite Design AD-IZ so I am left with this Tensei around. In a good WRXer I then proceeded to buy a G425 5 wood...and since I couldn't wait and they only had the Ping Alta shaft I went and bought that one. Now I am wondering if I could cut down this the Tensei to a 5 wood lenght if it would work ? I read on the specs of that shaft (https://www.mca-golf.com/sites/default/files/spec-pdf/MCA-MCA_2020-TENSEI-AV-RAW-Orange-v1.1.pdf) that you have to tip trim it by 0.75" to make it the lengt
  3. I was debating for a while 3h vs 5wood. I have a PXG Gen2 3hybrid which in all honesty I didn't like I just couldn't somehow connect with that club, so I bought today a Ping G425 5W, for me WAY easier to hit of the deck and off the tee that the 3h and goes the same distance with less effort, and I can work the ball left-right how I want it. It has a much higher flight compared to my 3h. Let's see how it plays on the course but I have high hope on that one. I also have a 4h also G425 which is WAY easy to hit so I hope to get the best of both world. I kept my G410 LST 3 wood which I really like
  4. Well I have to say this putter look like an alien hardware piece, huge, bulky, looks like a big bottle opener...or a spacecraft BUT IT WORKS! I was having a nightmare with my putting changing my stroke this and that having horrible round, countless 3 puts. So since it couldn't be my fault I blamed the putter of course and went for fitting at CoolClubs in San Francisco; Got fitted by Clare, tried different head, hosels this and that and Clare pulled this piece of heavy artillery a BF2.1, she said : WELL this is an interesting concept you should try it. If I
  5. Yeah tell me about those PXG prices.... I bought a set of GEN 3 before the release while I was in London so I already paid 20% more than the US (but I was ok with that at the time) then 6 months later they go and divide the price by 2...:) I do like them they feel and perform great but knowing I could have got a set of PXG and a Set of Epon for the same price that I paid by PXG kind of got to me... Tho I do wait their 3 wood proto since for me their proto driver works quite well;
  6. I just got a putter from Lamont, great guy to work with; Honestly I cannot say enough good thing from that guy. Super patient, responsive (ok most of the time but when you got his attention it's text msg after text msg). Super kind would really go above and beyond to make sure you get what you want. The whole process didn't take that long maybe a month all in or even less actually; I went around and I looked at other small putter companies as I wanted to get something more unique and really buy from small shop instead of big stores. I wanted something white and red but since I nee
  7. Do you guys know their official store on ebay ? I somehow cannot find it.
  8. Got a set of wedge from Joe Kwok,can’t wait to try them on the course this weekend. Been using them on the putting green at home oh boy they feel good
  9. I bought them full price in November, to date they have performed wonderfully even a bad hit so yeah I would buy them again.
  10. They got some at golf mart south San Francisco in case some of you are interested. I am sure they would ship.
  11. moving back to pro v1 & v1x as I was playing Bridgestone b Xs but really they didn’t feel all that good compared to prov
  12. I player there 2 weeks ago or so just when they reopen. Course was in good condition overall, greens were great !
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