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  1. I use 45 (P), 54, 60 and have learned to hit PW less than 100% to fill space between 45 and 54. I find I rarely 3W, so I'm dropping that and will add 50 (U) as an experiment. In general I find people are too hung on wedge loft spacing. Having said that, I should probably report back next season with results.
  2. Incredibly impressive based on his age. The rest, never cared, and don't care now.
  3. Depends mostly on grooves. At your rate you could do 10 years easily. On the other hand, your game may benefit from progress in equipment technology.
  4. Strategery

    dopey hat

    Smith is a great player, no doubt, but for a WORLDWIDE broadcast of the biggest golf tournament in the world, he seems to have totally neglected the importance of style in sports entertainment. Crappy hat, hair, stache, shirt and belt. He looked like a clown. Pay attention to the biggest stars and you will see how it's done right.
  5. Exactly. Rolling back the ball has nothing to do with neutering the pros. It's land/water use/cost, maintenance and time to play. I think the same folks who like watching the NBA where scores are in the hundreds with a basket every 2 seconds and every play being a stunning highlight are the ones who like seeing pros win at 25-under for 4 rounds. It's frankly desensitizing. Euros, with their white knuckle 1-0 soccer matches, don't need that.
  6. Of the 2 biggest major championship debacles in history, Lawrie was the beneficiary of one. No PGA wins. I have never met him and I’m no Scot, but his success is entirely forgettable on the big stage. Sounds like a nice guy though. Add him to the pile.
  7. No PGA tour wins besides British Open without double counting.
  8. No, it is not. Rolling the tech back in golf is about keeping golf course size manageable. Smaller courses are better for many reasons. Once scaled back, the longest hitters will still be the longest.
  9. This is 100%: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-18BTegXK10
  10. It's a terrible swing. Bent left arm and collapse at impact. He made too many long putts and now he is paying for it for being overhyped.
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