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  1. Walking is part of the game... with caddies?? That seems totally arbitrary. *All* players, pros included, should be able to get around however they want. I see zero problems with riding. The same for wearing shorts.
  2. Glover, Westwood, Mayfair. Els now.
  3. Fred Couples, lol. He's not even on the distant radar. Read up on Greg Norman's driving or Nick Price's irons.
  4. Please don't be black. Please, please, no.
  5. GP MCC (+1). My favorite, although without much enthusiasm because of price and short life.
  6. Who is Bob to you, and what's at stake? If there are rules issues, is there a rules official and rules committee? You might find a light touch serves you better in the big picture.
  7. I play regularly with a guy who is 15-20 cap. I'm scratch. He is a better putter than me.
  8. Seen many verbal altercations but nobody ever threw down. One of my golf buddies is an ex-pro NHL hockey player enforcer. Mellow guy, said he "used to have a temper". I saw him once encourage a guy at the range to stop hitting 45 degrees across everybody.
  9. Lots of fanboys of TSi3 + Ventus Blue/Black. I'm so jealous. Also saw a TSi3 + Diamana TB fan. I loved this combo in testing. I have not upgraded yet. Still with Ping G30 + Tour 65S.
  10. That Rogue White is a fantastic shaft! Beware of settling for an alternative.
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