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  1. Cobra head only? Any trade interests? I have Cobra F9 9º and Mizuno ST200 10.5º.
  2. Sorry this isn't sale related, but have really been wanting to find out how the BCT midsize feel...did you add any extra wraps underneath? I use the tour velvets (non cord) midsize and wondering if I would need to add 1-2 more wraps to the BCT to make it equal since cords tend to be thinner.
  3. Going down from Modus 120 stiff because it seems too heavy. Anyone have insight between DG105 stiff vs Modus 105 regular? They both weigh 103g. Preferably insight from someone with similar SS - my driver is like 95-100.
  4. After seeing some of these ZIT Tie Dye photos, don't think I like them that much. Definitely like the first NRG release better. Got a 9.5 coming soon (not my size) that I'll be returning if I can't sell it. Really hoping the White/Volt seen on ebay is coming stateside...or Grey/Blue.
  5. Thanks @jas904 that's been my experience with the Smoke as well. Some days I'm striping it, most days can't control it...granted my swing needs work, but just could never "feel" the shaft. I was able to try a Mavrik with the Rogue White on it yesterday for like three swings, and boy it felt worlds different. Same 60S, but it felt a lot smoother and livelier. Smoke usually feels dead to me.
  6. Anyone know how the Rogue White 60S would compare to HZRDUS Smoke Black 60S? Diamana ZF 60S?
  7. Hm beats me...IME some local stores near me always have stock in Kirkland/Callaway balls, so if you haven't already, I would recommend visiting one (if possible).
  8. IIRC they sold out and have been for a while ever since their "2 dozen for $59" sale.
  9. Ha! Thanks for sharing. Now I wonder if he has been doing that because of the knee or just in general...And as someone else mentioned about air x golf shoes, I think there's a point there, but probably made to be an issue for some because of how narrow the heel is. TP feels like you're in sand, ZIT can feel like you're on a surfboard or those rubber mounds at the gym for balance training haha.That's awesome. What kind of paint and does it last/doesn't wear off??
  10. Noticed too. Obv not a big deal, but I do think it could be bc of knee. I feel a lot more stable on my left side throughout wearing the TPs. It's also Brooks - maybe he didn't want to be rocking the same shoes (Mitchell)..."it's fashion, bro" - BK Back to the ZIT NRG/Tie Dyes, wanted to add I was reading the latest issue of Golf Digest and it had an article about Harding Park. The border of each picture was tie-dye, so as some of us already know, I think that confirms again Tie Dye is the PGA colorway and will (hopefully) release week of PGA. As for NRG, didn't Brooks win the WGC-St Jude (nex
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