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  1. Bridgestone tour B-XS is firm off the putter and amazing green side spin. I never got the hollow feeling you spoke of. You should the give the Tour BX a go it could be the sweet spot for you
  2. You say “standard” length on the x100’s...what was 5 iron length playing in the Srixon? 1/2” steps all the way to pitching wedge?
  3. I’ve tried to get out of the mp18 flihi but always come back...I wonder if this is the year I find something I enjoy more
  4. Some good looking flat sticks in this thread!
  5. I’ll usually use the same club and alter ball position or technique. However there are times I will go down to a 52 to get one running sooner.
  6. I’ve been thinking about putting together a second bag, and the T100 are the irons I want. I’ve never gamed a set of Titleist irons, I think I may take the plunge on them if I can find a set or just a set of heads
  7. I’m happy with my set, but always looking to try new things. Definite mizuno junkie as well looking forward to another mp release.
  8. When I did my Mp-18 set I was worried about the lower lofted clubs as well. I settled on 3&4 fli-hi and 5-PW MB...I never had a problem working the MB 5&6 iron. I like your suggested break up too. Did you get to hit all 3 series of clubs yet?
  9. I’ve heard nothing but exceptional things about the mp20 mmc
  10. I think 2-3 seasons is enough to make me change out, but there is always the itch to get a fresh set. I love buying new wedges
  11. Gotta be R7 quad right? First driver to offer moveable weights and calling it draw or fade bias
  12. I disagree with you. If you leave your arms passive and up in transition, the shaft will lay down on its own without manipulation from the arms, hands, and wrists. Separate the lower body from the upper body.
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