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  1. If there really isn’t a large amount of people who would buy just the head only, I don’t see how it would affect the manufacturer that much? I think it should be a discounted option.
  2. Playing length? Willing to split shaft and head? Any tipping on shaft?
  3. What does ventus shaft measure from end of grip to tip?
  4. Have to offload some putters as I’m looking to get some driver shafts, and I have went to gaming faced balanced putters First up is a Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2.5 35”. Basically brand new only has 3 rounds on the course. I changed the stock 30gram weights to 25gram. WIll include tool and extra set of weights with purchase along with head over. Everything is pictured $300 SOLD Next is a Taylormade TP Black Copper Ardmore 3 35” This putter is basically brand new as you can tell in the photos. Had it on the practice green and maybe 2 rounds of men’s leagu
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