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  1. No way you have played mizzys if you cant see the the rip off. Take for instance look at the MP25 vs the Z785 just a rip off. Probably some ex mizzy staff who joined srizon. But anyone who says there is no imitation needs their eyes testing.
  2. Nice look clubs but they are shameful mizzy copycats not sure if it was the MP54, 66? All I know when I see them I see Mizuno.
  3. You backswing likes like all arms...
  4. It will always be 1997 - The only Major that shoock the golfing world. 21 year old, African American and beating the field by 12 shots. Yep got everyone shook up including the Klan.
  5. How did I know about the old forum if i Just joined in Dec? Well yeah thats another issue I have to complain about. I logged in with my old username but unable to login as it says said I need to reset password.. I'm going to be straight up I cant remember the email adresss I used to sign up to this site. But imo it did not matter as long as I had my username and password saved. I pretty much gave up but I guess covid boredoom brought me back and only just. However not being able to search for the forum for most replies or multi quote was a final nail in the coffin.
  6. I was refering to embedding videos the old and simple way by removing the letter s from https I mean really who wants to start using the long tedious code. Sorry but its become a joke now. Bring back the old board.
  7. Dont care how many times they put Tiger , Rory, DJ and the rest as people playing their gear. They ruined the game with their jacked up lofts and forced OEMs hands. Hate them and hate everything they stand for. Stick with Mizuno, Titleist and Ping.
  8. OP the ONLY way to successful cure this is by learning to start your transition from the ground up before you finsih your backswing. You may not execute it perfectly but it will take way the hit impulse. Nothing else will work FACT
  9. it is because you like many have been brainwashed into thinking so. Remember it was not long ago many said all type of fats were the enemy. My suggestion do some research and you will find the truth.
  10. Umm...they remove the embedded video option this week. Well at least the simplest option when you removed the s from https. Go on prove me wrong embed a youtube video on this thread... lol
  11. Well yes I agree people can misinterpret the move. Honestly, i always rotated and just assumed that was enough but how wrong was I. But the correct move is simple. Start rotating and then add side bend as you are rotating. It's the easiest and the most effect way to backswing. There are a couple of videos on it.
  12. Ready to bin them if OEMs keep making stronger loft clubs. It's silly we now have 42deg PW. in a few year it will be 39 PW.
  13. I'm just happy the pga championship got screwed up. They might had been the only major with an unaffected date if they had not decided to be idiots and move it to May.
  14. stretching is bad for you. Better off just warming up by doing light movements
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