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  1. Matthew Denny finished fourth in the discus final overnight. He also dabbles in some golf. He hit a ball north of 400 yards in an "unregulated" long drive competition two years ago....and last night the Australian broadcaster showed a driving range swing..... with Trackman measuring the clubhead speed at 150mph.
  2. Mixed golf events are the biggest no-brainer in golf.
  3. Head goes up....upper body goes up.....pelvis goes out and the goat can't take the smile off its face.
  4. Understood. Getting the hands passing the lead knee before the clubhead will get me breaking par more often.
  5. Great video. Thanks for sharing. I am one of those guys whose rehearsals are perfect ...and then it goes to custard when swing faster and add a hip turn. I like the "10 degrees up and 10 degrees out" message.
  6. Another day of small improvements. I focussed on setting up close to the ball and keeping the head still. I hit more than a few out of the sweet spot...but vertical launch angle and spin rates remain high and consequently the distance is still low. Next session I will work on the backswing and the moving the trail hip away from the ball without the left hip moving forward. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kT5GcTNQjA8
  7. Six shots. The highest third round lead before being DQ'd for having a virus.
  8. DTL and face on videos here: I managed to get myself a lot closer to the ball today...probably about four inches. I probably hit the ball better....but still hitting it way too high, with way too much spin, and not much ball speed. Things I notice in the videos above.... 1. A lot of head movement away from the target (face on) and then towards the target...but head not moving much forward or back (DTL). 2. Not a lot of width at top of backswing (FO)
  9. Thanks Monte for confirming the setup problem.....which I think also makes it difficult to get the hip to rotate correctly.
  10. Thanks. Agreed it starts with setup and getting the arms to hang.
  11. "snapping your wrists" might not be the best idea...but good golfers do release the club.
  12. I am hanging on to a 3 handicap.....but only just given how much I am flipping. I am sick of limping around the course hitting mishits. My only saving grace is that I hit the ball (relatively) straight. Standard 7-iron stats: swing speed 90mph, 8000+ RPM, 21*-22* vertical launch and dynamic loft at 35* (with a 30.5* static loft)....the net effect is carry distance of 150-155yds. It is almost impossible for me to start the ball right of the target...so I think OTT. Even when I hit it 'flush" - which is rare - the 7-iron numbers seem to match a good 8.5-iron.
  13. Looks very sensible. There is a big difference between trail hip rotating back and lead hip rotating forwards. Here is another way of understanding what the drill is trying to achieve:
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