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  1. My 2H is 18*. I would get the 3 wood, but I think the shaft will be as long as your driver. My 2 hybrid was my longest club after my driver for the past two years. You're probably not going to need the 3 wood off the deck if you are trying to break 100. I took my 3 wood out of the bag just so I wouldn't reach for it on Par 5s. Better hitting Driver, most comfotable long iron, and wedge to score low.
  2. I still play the original Adams Idea Pro. People on this board say it is an anti-left hybrid. If you are looking for cheap and really like the Nickent 4dx, I would just get the other lofts on Ebay.
  3. When I introduced my friend to the game, he ended up buying the Adams Watson wedge 3-pack. You get 3 wedges for $100. I told him to leave the 60 at home though because it's not meant for a beginner. Learn the 56 and get comfortable with that before you start messing with the 60.
  4. [quote name='Laws of Woo' timestamp='1337725524' post='4960572'] Haven't ever paid full retail for golf clubs. Typically look for last years model, which drops the price a lot...then add in sales or ebay. If your that against paying full retail, do what another said. Pick up the f11 ti for $50-$100 and grab the xtd next year when the price is cut in half. [/quote] You then end up spending as much on 2 clubs as you would have if you just bought the xtd this year. I guess that's the life of a club ho. If you did your due-diligence and tried different brands, got fitted with different co
  5. +1 for RBZ I don't know if its the technology or my swing changed for the better, but the RBZ was very easy to hit. Preferred the tour version more than the non tour. Will probably pick up the 5 tour soon.
  6. 18 and 23 Hybrid and then 5-PW. I definitely face some yardage gaps going from 23 to 5i, but rather hit a club I am confident with than one I am afraid I am scared that I am going to shank. As for the 2 hybrid, it doesn't allow me to reach par 5s in two. Sometimes I have my issue with the 2 hybrid, but I feel much more confident with it than a fairway wood. Most of the time on par 5s I'll lay up with an iron or the 4 hybrid. Lately I've been considering adding a fairway wood so I can reach par 5s in two, but should I really invest money and time learning a club I may hit once or twice
  7. I only do it when I am playing as a single and am not paired up with anyone. When doing so, I may hit a couple drives, but will usually pick up one of the balls or hit my shot and drop a second ball at a different yardage. If there is a group in front of me, I have hit a club well short of them instead of waiting. As long as you aren't holding anyone up behind you, I haven't met anyone that has had a problem with it.
  8. I spent a year looking for a driver and now am going to begin the search for a 3 or 4 wood. However, I'm wondering if it's really worth it to spend time trying to find one that works because I may only hit it once or twice in a round. Seems like my time is better spent working on other parts of my game instead.
  9. If you really can't tell the difference and you are losing more than 1 sleeve of balls when you play, I would play the cheapest ball you can get your hands on. Another test you may want to try is hit a few approach shots and chip/pitch shots into a green and see how different balls respond. See which one you like the best and go with that. If you just started, no reason wasting extra money on balls; spend it on other stuff like lessons, new clubs to fill your bag, etc.
  10. Fairways hit are most important in my opinion because it often has a relation to how many GIRs you hit as well. It just makes the game so much easier. Consistently having to hit from the rough makes for a long day at the course.
  11. [quote name='duffer888' timestamp='1330495081' post='4400763'] By that token, I can't shoot par on a par 3 course, so does that mean I should stay on a par 3 course until I can shoot par on it? Snead is an idiot. Byron Nelson said something to the effect of, "...I teach because Snead can't and Hogan won't." Tells you something about Snead. [/quote] A lot of par 3 courses are tougher than regular courses because they usually have smaller greens to hit into. I don't subscribe to Snead's theory, but always thought golfers should at least be able to break 80 from the tee box they are p
  12. I'm guessing the OP also plays a Taylormade Driver, Vokey wedges and Pro V1s. I'd like to hear your argument why these are or aren't the best.
  13. [quote name='weten2' timestamp='1310343705' post='3380342'] I'm having a bad time getting off the tee. I sometimes fell like I lose the feel for the head, sometimes I feel like I'm losing tempo and acceleration/momentum and I'm not getting the ball up in the air. I/m not sure if a pro can help with this since it may also be partially mental. Anyone experience this? [/quote] After not playing consistently for several months and going back to playing more seriously a month ago, I focused on two things that seemed to make my swing much more consistent than before. Make a good turn back and t
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