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  1. Totally agree, gets people talking, especially someone like DJ who never uses a hybrid but now does, suggests it’s “special/different” whatever you want to call it (market ploy) but here we are, talking about so guess however good/bad the club is, the marketing train is working
  2. Thanks for the link mate, fingers crossed for some info about a possible standard SIM version, even better if it’s as QuigleyDU said and it’s a Ti version
  3. So just saw on the DJ spec this year he has a SIM max hybrid in the bag this week. Does anyone have any details/pics of the hybrid? Also if there is going to be a standard SIM hybrid as per the M3/4 release. Thanks
  4. On a similar note, I use TP5X during the summer and play whatever in my practice bag during the winter but I’m wondering wether it would be beneficial all year round to use the same ball. I could grab some used TP5X but Failing that, is there a ball that would give me the same characteristics but a cheaper price?? Thanks in advance
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