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  1. It's the internet. You can anonymously post and lie without any ramifications. The site does have the reputation for being stuck up. Reddit r/golf is for the common folk.
  2. I'm a single digit hdcp and play whatever balls I find in the woods. Should I switch to a new ball. single digit hdcp= shot 81 one time using unlimited mulligans and gimmes
  3. Also it's probably just me but I would take issue if with accepting this as my best score if I threw out 4 or 5 strokes. That's some BS. I don't think that people are recording properly. Maybe it's me not recording properly. Dunno?
  4. That's obviously my gross score. Not net score. Your handicap uses net double bogey plus my hdcp stroke which would have capped out at 7 but that's a net score. The system does it for you. You don't just card a 7 on the spot. In that case the system would incorrectly give me my stroke again and log it as a 6. You always record the round as it was played it just doesn't count against you for handicap. By that logic I can just get 12s on every hole and just card double bogey for every hole and get 108 (+36). Makes no sense.
  5. Yes. This is my delimma. I don't want to "not" enter a round because it didnt go well that time. For example, had that drive not sailed OB, it would have been a short chip and I would have happily logged that round. Not fair to disregard it when it doesn't go well. I see it as if I were more accurate with those drives, it would land next to or on the green (and sometimes it does) so I see it as accurate logging of the round. Also, after work I don't spend a lot of time looking for balls so I'm taking penalty strokes. During a competition I'll probably look a little longer and the playing partner helps. Also someone said it well here and the issue may be that my scores are just all over the place. The ones that are more reflective of my ability are swallowed up by rushed afterwork rounds,
  6. Ive hit 80 several times. The issue is when you subtract 16 from 80, it becomes an 8 under 64 in tournament play which is close to the scenario that you mentioned. That's my concern.
  7. I am currently a 16 hdcp. I usually play in the mid to high eighties but I don't always take my time in and usually I'm goofing off. I love competition and always thought that I thrive under pressure so I was excited to see what I can do when pushed in a tournament. Played in my first tournament this month and had a major blow up hole with a 12 and I putted uncharacteristically bad. Never seen a 12 and of course it's when it counts. In the end, I wasn't pleased with the overall performance. After the scores were tallied, I finished surprisingly high. I later did the math and had I just "double" bogeyed the blow up hole, I would have won my division. Of course, blow up holes and lip outs are part of being a high capper so it looks just fine on paper but had that not happened I'm worried that I would be labeled a sandbagger. Even my PR score has an 11 on one of the par 4 holes. I feel like if I ever put it all together without a blow up in one round it will be a great day but it will look suspicious. I'm being honest with my scores in GHIN I just can't get fired up to play when it doesn't matter. Also I'm clearly not as good as I thought with the 12 and the lip outs so perhaps the hdcp is spot on and the 12 is not an accident. It's just something that 16's do. Any one ran into this issue?
  8. On my worst round a solo joined me on the 16th hole who had no idea that I play 3 times a week. I hit the ball and putted so poorly with him that on one of the final holes I stuck a green from about 180 (I'm usually pretty good with irons, not so good at putting) he said "that's the shot that will bring you back". I just didn't say anything. That might be the most savage, innocent, non-insulting insult.
  9. I agree with the OP. My GIR sky rocketed when I clubbed up and stopped flag hunting. Club selection is a fun game itself. There may be pin that lend themselves to a more aggressive approach. I am a club up, fat part of the green guy from the fairway but a club down and drop it in close on par 3s. It really just depends on the situation so it's hard to have a rule.
  10. Based on all the responses I gave MG golf a try. I'll report back if I learn anything. I will add that golf pride created this issue by only putting cord on the left hand which is where I don't need the added support because that part of the grip is corded. The right hand is on a non-corded slippery part that just gets unreasonable to keep the club face straight when I start to sweat. So basically I bought two gloves on for each hand and I'm going to try to use them one at a time (and when no one is looking, both) to see which scenario works best for me.
  11. I usually wear a high quality tank top. Your search will yeild better results if you search for "Undershirts" rather than t shirts. T shirts are just too heavy and thick and feel restrictive even if they flex. I know it's summer and can get at or above 90 but when I don't have a base layer I sweat and my shirt sticks to my chest. With the wet shirt unbuttoned towards the end of the round, I feel like a Georgio Armani model and i instinctively start speaking french to the nearest single female. Lol. Jk but it's uncomfortable to not have a base layer and harder to focus on golf.
  12. Kudos to MG for their marketing. I've only seen them on Amazon and website ads that I didn't ask for after searching based on this thread. Prior to that I'd never heard of them. Somehow it seems majority of the posts here imply that most have at least tried them.
  13. This is funny with your profile pic next to the post.
  14. I'm betting the guys who are good don't care. Sorry people pull others down too. You can never play blades (because they always thought they were never good enough to play them). I consistently shot low 80s with a set of blades as a newish golfer. I know it's not much but I'm sure some schmuck who has bladeshamed (if it's really a thing) hasn't ever done that. At best someone may tell you you are leaving a few strokes on the table but blades won't make you a worse golfer. I learned more about swing path and face by learning on blades. Now I have improved and I am not using them regularly but I attribute my relatively quick development to having played them 3 x week and I have an open relationship with them and my wife. And if it's any comfort, I switched to "players" irons (Apex) that are more forgiving so I hit more greens but I still make the same mistakes with chipping putting driving and decision making. Now in openness, I DONT miss having 165 yds in and hitting an absolute laser at the pin that lands short because I missed the center of the face. That was irritating and it's gone now.
  15. I keep hearing about MG gloves. Bloves. The only video I've seen of them was some guy where the glove busted where the glove busted on the 1st or 2nd swing. For the price and number of recommendations I guess it's worth a shot. The specific one I almost bought today was a $30 glove it's $30 glove that was foot joy it looked to be all leather with a few holes in it no mesh. I dug out a glove that has been unused that I bought when I started. It's Callaway and it may have been a target or Walmart purchase.
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