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  1. I don't really pay attention to others at the range because I'm so focused on my own development. I played a best ball with a buddy that I had never seen play and he was behind me on the range. When warming up I heard a pop and thud over and over. The sound of a well struck shot with a divot on the mat. I ignored it but on his full shots he was absolutely crushing his irons to the point they were making that loud "whack" sound when you hit the middle. Possibly due to range balls but the crack of the club was pretty awesome. Turned out he had been playing all his life and played off scratch.
  2. I went and bought the jacket because of this post. Is costco paying you? Mine doesn't have a hood but I will be rocking this when it gets cold. On a side note, it looks almost just like the ping jacket a few posts up. https://www.amazon.com/32-DEGREES-Mixed-Jacket-X-Large/dp/B07XB3BD1P/
  3. I have the hybrid 3. I get lots of compliments. They don't look like old man shoes but it doesn't help that Fred couples is spokesman/model/whatever. IMHO, they look way cooler and trendier than most golf shoes with the exception of nike air or jordan golf shoes. The bioms do have amazing cushion. However i have noticed they are heavy. It doesn't seem to bother me and I only notice because my other shoes are so much lighter. Not sure if they publish weight on the website. They are durable but I've heard they stain easily. I wear black footjoys in adverse weather so mine still look
  4. I second every sentence of this post down to the occasional back foot slip with a good drive.
  5. I remember the adjustment. In or out? Are we faster now or slower? Whatever that is, either way it seems many have lumped covid in and used it as an excuse to count hammered putts as holed. I can agree to the pool noodle holes where the ball is not permitted to fall into the cup and basically rolls through the hole or god forbid the cup is upside down. that is a judgement call for the foursome. "I would have taken the flag out but I can't bc covid so that counts" I've heard this several times during the pandemic so I was curious if you all are hearing it too.
  6. Last week my playing partner hit the flag stick on a super long putt and we all agreed it was holed because had the flag stick not been in it would have dropped and we had to leave the stick in. That night I thought about it and flag stick can stay in this year. If the cup is not altered and there's nothing stopping the ball from falling deep into the cup, no concessions should be made for hitting the flag stick. Yet i've seen this happen many times through covid. I hate to be that guy, but on hole 1 I'm going to start pointing out to the group that the hole is otherwis
  7. 18 walker push cart. First few walking rounds were rough and then I think my conditioning improved. Hasn't been an issue since. I have expensive weather resistant shoes and some $30 callaway running shoes and my feet are fine after both.
  8. I'm fairly new to golf but I played a good round a few months ago and was feeling good so I decided to buy a Groupon I always saw popping up. The course ended up being rated a 76. Heavily wooded where there's fairway... and unplayable/lost. I lost an entire box of balls. I ended up using found balls from the "other bag pocket" before having to miss 2 holes to pay way too much for a box of e6.
  9. Sorry to hear. I am a 2-3 time aweek player and had a injury this year and couldn't play for almost 3 months. Combined with the pandemic it took the little bit of fun I had left. I ended up getting an Xbox and playing pga tour 2k21. I had to relearn my swing and rhythm after the injury.
  10. This happens to me sometimes when they didn't mow low enough or haven't mowed. Also the yellow and green balls look like fallen leaves to me and I haven't seen success with those. I had a bad habit of picking up the tee before the ball hit the ground or getting mad at bad shots and not watching the ball. 10x worse playing by yourself.
  11. Before last year I played once a year for an annual best ball tournament at work. I drove the golf cart everywhere I needed to go with no regard for the cart path. Though I didnt drive "on" the green, I parked right on the fringe as a courtesy to others. My buddy told me on the next hole that wasn't allowed. I commented that he missed everywhere else I had taken the cart.
  12. Sadly Yes. I was bitten by that bug last October. Now I'm playing 3x a week. I'm not fun to be around when I don't get a chance to play. If I don't score well I try to go back the next day. Keeping a handicape to track progress. It's been a long time since the thrill of a long term goal that's not work related. It's almost all I think about sometimes. I've got it bad.
  13. It is semi private and this is an atypical occurrence. Also in the GHIN handicap system, home, away, and tournament rounds are distinct entries when you enter your score.
  14. True. You have to find your ball. I hope I didn't imply that looking for a ball was off limits. I usually eat any penalty and choose to not look for mine when it's a lost cause but always gladly help others and did. But they definitely were nice enough that it didn't suck as bad as it could have.
  15. Today I had a break in my schedule to squeeze in a round at my home course. I get partnered with some very nice guys who are only playing 9. As we waited on the #1 tee box I commented my preround disclaimers that "I see a log jam on hole three but hey.... we're off work and having a good time so I guess it's ok. I am walking to save time anyway. Let's play ready golf. Sound good? Also I don't spend time looking for balls. If I spray one, it's gone and I'm dropping another one" Round starts. Not only were these guys wild off the tee, they were not good ball spotters. A common conver
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