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  1. Yes. I have worn one once or twice out of a great many so its not significant. I can also update that I did buy and will be returning the wintersof gloves since this post. The fingers of the glove are too short to comfortably use an interlocking grip.
  2. in NC i have to second many posts. underwear, thermal tights, thick socks, pants tank top, thermal tights, polo, jacket (jacket depends on temp) I like my ears open to hear the club hit the ball so I don't typically wear a toboggan. I havent found anything that works for the hands other than hand warmers in pockets between shots. I dont want mittens to take on and off but I like to feel the club. I do not wear gloves at any point in the year. If it gets near freezing, I may bend and test out the wintersof gloves.
  3. So at this point I may have been recording the score wrong. This was a big part of why I posted this. I'm trying to see what's "normal". I'm still learning all the rules. And those contorted putts are sometimes backhanded just to get out of the way especially after a good chip or lag putt.
  4. Yes you are about 65% accurate and the only reason it's not 100% is because I deleted the backstory that would have helped explain The justification for the post is I played a round with "acquaintances" and there were many holes where I'd save par with incredible putts when while they were punching from the trees. I'd feel great about my score and when we get to the cart and I say "what'd you take on that" and the answer was "par" or "bogey" when I KNOW that wasn't the case. I didn't say anything. At the end we tallied up and I shot 86. I included all kinds of penalty strokes and e
  5. This is the conversation that I wanted to get started. I agree with hawkeye but its focusing on why Im asking the question. I even received a PM from someone who saw this post and said something to the effext that flippant putts shouldnt be counted. Again just wanting to have a conversation not be crucified for asking the question
  6. Perhaps you misunderstood. I don't have a worldview on this. This is golf not church or whatever. I agree with everything you said. However these were just examples of opportunities to exclude strokes from your score thereby unethically lowering your handicap. I could have just as easily include changing the lie, playing a ball that's not yours, mulligans, etc but those are more overt. I typed much more initially to explain the backstory and context but deleted it all because I didn't think it would matter but perhaps if my worldview is being questioned I should have
  7. I'm fairly new to golf and my handicap it's starting to trend in the wrong direction from being at a low of around 15 I am now getting ready to creep to 17 after a bad cluster of rounds with poor putting. As I watch my round fall apart I realize all of the opportunities where I could have done better but did not. Having a putt lip out so you use the backside of the putter to tap in for 2 putt only to miss that too.... a three putt that should have been a one putt. Chipping to tap in distance but not wanting to walk in the other person's line so you hastily putt while i
  8. Shooting a PR while carding an 11 on number 9. I guess it took the pressure off.
  9. I think muffing the approach from the middle of fairway hits your soul the hardest since you just came off of a good shot. The duffed or skulled chip could happen under any circumstances but having the perfect lie with nothing but space and opportunity and blowing it has got to be the worst. Misreading putts is pretty bad too since they have the same effect on your score as spraying a drive or skulling a chip.
  10. Having a group allow you to play through and you nail your shot with them standing around. Bonus points for sticking or sinking the next shot when they can still see you from a distance.......all that is just before you move on and triple bogey the next hole when no one's looking.
  11. Those look great and seem practical.the numbers are usually ugly.
  12. Yes. You bet your bottom dollar i would. Mostly because it's against "that" guy and I love raising the stakes. It's absolutely foolish to challenge a guy that I don't know, minding his own business at the range. But if the dude is ballsy enough to challenge me when he doesn't know how I play on the course, I'm willing to bet that he's a loser who can't win on the course or putt to save his life so he picks on strangers at the range. I could be wrong but would bet $100 that Im not. A loss would be taken from our monthly golf budget, but the competition would be worth the money alone.
  13. I am a year into golf and I play blades and have no business with them by many peoples standards but my iron striking is my strength so idc. If my putting and driving were as good as my irons I would be a single digit hdcp.
  14. Agreed. That is ridiculous. The rule is getting in the hole at par but it should be more like getting to the green in reg. This helps eliminate the guys searching for their ball 30 yards off the tee in the woods or hitting the second shot from the red tees. Heck there is no shame in teeing off from the middle of the fairway. My home course has green tees that are usually 3 wood from every green.
  15. FYI this is what I do now. Sadly it never crossed my mind to do but now I do it all the time on slow days.
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