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  1. Should I cancel my current order for t100s and wait a few more months for these? I’ve been waiting two months now for my current order.
  2. I played the Spieth 4 last year and the Spieth 2 before that. The Spieth 4's were comfortable, super supportive and in my opinion one of the best looking golf shoes. My only real issue was the tongue would move on the left shoe when I was playing, it never bothered me but I would look down and notice it had shifted down the side of the shoe and I would have to pull it out. I typically walk and never had any foot pain with them. I wore them out but I typically go through a pair a year. I couldn't find any Spieth 4s in my size and the Spieth 5 is a very different shoe than the previous 4 iterations (Jordan doesn't play the retail version of the Spieth 5, he plays the 5 uppers on the 4 bottoms). It kind of seems like Under Armour has really pushed all their golf shoes towards spike less, for me that's a no go. I switched to Footjoy since then, the tour x and the hyperflex are super solid shoes, the hyperflex is actually the most comfortable golf shoe I've ever worn.
  3. If I switch out my driver shaft from 45.5 to 45 do I need to increase the head weight as well?
  4. Local pro heard from a Titleist rep that they have no shafts for the upcoming iron launch, should make things interesting.
  5. Bought in to the hype, just got Blue 6x, and blue 7x for 3 wood. On an off chance does anyone know if the silver bands are supposed to spell letters?
  6. Refusing to adapt has always worked out well for companies, I mean who doesn't go to their local blockbuster down the street still!
  7. I'm not gonna argue whether it is a gimmick or not, it seems like it has some merit but dear lord full face grooves are ugly.
  8. I used inserts in cycling but there was science behind that, but I see no real need for inserts in golf.
  9. I wanted to say it just didn’t want to be the first.
  10. I've always been under the impression that any major brand wrench is typically good for any other major brand. Also, I met a shop owner at a colonial on Sunday, he told me the way to spot a fake driver was that another brands wrench wouldn't fit.
  11. they will for sure have some putters people will question when they see them in the future.
  12. Interesting thought I had, in twenty years will one of today’s big manufacturers be the new MacGregor, as in used to make decent clubs but just fizzled out and now barely exists in the equipment game?
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