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  1. Exactly! If you hit a traditional lofted blade such as a Wilson Staff FG51 or Hogan Apex you'll be at least a club or two shorter compared to today's modern lofts (SIM, Maverick, etc).
  2. Just find one of these...hit greens and make Eagles!
  3. Can anyone share experiences with either the EvenFlow T-1100 White 6.0 S 65G Vs. UST ProForce V2 Stiff 76g Thanks in advance.
  4. If older.... SLDR HL 17 deg. So easy to hit from a tee or turf.
  5. Got these old school Taylormade Tour Preferred Blades for $15.00 this AM. Hit them before today's round. Felt great!
  6. Can anyone tell me what the stamping "•R• W" stands for on my Callaway RAZR X forged irons? Thanks in advance.
  7. I think the shaft in the Bridgestone is just too light for my liking. Thanks for the reply.
  8. Very true. I would definitely agree with distance and launch height. The smaller persimmon shaped metal wood is easier to consistently strike for me. I think it's weird. It's probably mental. I do agree with previous posters about shaft and club head weight.
  9. No Sir. I just pulled the TM out of the garage collection. The "consistent and farther" is from a few range sessions. I agree it's not going to keep up with a SIM, Maverik, etc. That being said my Bridgestone isn't the newest either. Honestly I don't hit 3 wood that often. Thanks for the reply.
  10. Thanks for the reply. I was fitted for neither. .... I know that's where to start. The Bridgestone was a pick up while in Pinehurst in February.
  11. Definitely a heavier club. You are correct about the DG shaft. Thanks for the great discussion.
  12. When I first started playing golf in the late 90s I had a used Titleist PT 3 wood. I always hit it well. Like many things in life I got rid of it for the next "best" thing. I probably should go on eBay and spend $40. Thanks for the reply. I tend to agree. I've gone back to my Titleist 913 D2 from my TM M5... It's a confidence thing. Fairways are more important than 15 extra yds to me.
  13. Why can I consistently hit this old classic farther and straighter than my modern fairway?
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