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  1. Just find one of these...hit greens and make Eagles!
  2. Can anyone share experiences with either the EvenFlow T-1100 White 6.0 S 65G Vs. UST ProForce V2 Stiff 76g Thanks in advance.
  3. If older.... SLDR HL 17 deg. So easy to hit from a tee or turf.
  4. Got these old school Taylormade Tour Preferred Blades for $15.00 this AM. Hit them before today's round. Felt great!
  5. Can anyone tell me what the stamping "•R• W" stands for on my Callaway RAZR X forged irons? Thanks in advance.
  6. I think the shaft in the Bridgestone is just too light for my liking. Thanks for the reply.
  7. Very true. I would definitely agree with distance and launch height. The smaller persimmon shaped metal wood is easier to consistently strike for me. I think it's weird. It's probably mental. I do agree with previous posters about shaft and club head weight.
  8. No Sir. I just pulled the TM out of the garage collection. The "consistent and farther" is from a few range sessions. I agree it's not going to keep up with a SIM, Maverik, etc. That being said my Bridgestone isn't the newest either. Honestly I don't hit 3 wood that often. Thanks for the reply.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I was fitted for neither. .... I know that's where to start. The Bridgestone was a pick up while in Pinehurst in February.
  10. Definitely a heavier club. You are correct about the DG shaft. Thanks for the great discussion.
  11. When I first started playing golf in the late 90s I had a used Titleist PT 3 wood. I always hit it well. Like many things in life I got rid of it for the next "best" thing. I probably should go on eBay and spend $40. Thanks for the reply. I tend to agree. I've gone back to my Titleist 913 D2 from my TM M5... It's a confidence thing. Fairways are more important than 15 extra yds to me.
  12. Why can I consistently hit this old classic farther and straighter than my modern fairway?
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