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  1. @RapidcatFrom an Australian-based person's perspective... Could you opine on whether the current lockdown situation in AU = Seems worse (ie w.r.t. infections & Lockdowns/social-distancing measures), than vs the beginning of 2021 when the tennis Australian Open still went ahead?
  2. @KBong: Here's a 'homemade' HaNa Jang gif... Just for you! (Am sure you can guess the ballpark location/timeline of this victory dance! Hint: a few days before 'Luggage-gate'!) p/s: Would anyone know whether Thitikul's LET victories this year = entitles her to a spot at the Singapore HSBC Women's World Championships? Or do only LPGA victories = get a HSBC WWC spot?
  3. @nostaticIs that SGI iron in your photo= the new Cleveland Launcher XL Halo iron? Love the look of a fat bottom (sole)! https://www.clevelandgolf.com/en/irons-/launcher-xl-halo-irons/MLXLHI.html wondering how the Cleveland hybrid Rail soles will perform, vs my gamers (Cobra F7)... I like the Baffler Rails on the cobra
  4. @Glasso9 I have the same putter (both the 192 and 292) Are these photos= your putter, or just a stock photo example? thought I’d seen exact same putter from a worthpoint advert https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/migliore-putter-ken-giannini-243085310 I don’t have the answer for you, but maybe have a dig in the Giannini-related threads here in on GolfWRX (which IIRC included KG’s email / other contact details, if you wanted to DM him)... thought I’d seen @Gxgolfer mention KG in these threads too
  5. “+1”. I like Jack Nicklaus’/ Lee Trevino’s putting technique of a firm left wrist. still enjoy watching this instructional putting video of the old guys Nicklaus/ Trevino/ Gary Player giving tips & ribbing each other! https://www.golfchannel.com/video/gary-player-jack-nicklaus-lee-trevino-putting-tips
  6. @teudei don’t wish to get involved in your back-and-forth with @stingerfade... ...but I was intrigued enough to click that Wikipedia page, and it mentions the following (ie can be interpreted to include Finland ? ie you can both be correct!) ...” In English usage, Scandinavia can refer to Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, sometimes more narrowly to the Scandinavian Peninsula, or more broadly to include the Åland Islands, the Faroe Islands, Finland, and Iceland.[3][a] The broader definition is similar to what are locally called the Nordic countries, which also include the remote Norwegian islands of Svalbard and Jan Mayen, and Greenland, a constituent country within the Kingdom of Denmark.”
  7. @EDT501 your post made me think back to the Aerotech F360 putter shaft(not sure how similar to Steelfiber? Same manufacturer) @choeppner previously mentioned trying the Aerotech putter shaft (ie he might be able to opine whether he still likes graphite shafts in putters...circa ~2009-ish?... or whether he believes there has been significant R&D progress made since then!)
  8. Yes in the sky sports uk video link I shared, you could see Nelly mouth the words “WTF!!” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xlx_LF_9uok
  9. Did the commentators mention that Popov was a caddie at the previous Solheim Cup (supporting Anne van Dam)? https://www.golfchannel.com/news/sophia-popov-back-inverness-though-time-without-bib ..Extract: “ Inverness Club is no stranger to many of these Solheim Cup competitors, Sophia Popov included. Members of both the U.S. and European teams competed in the LPGA Drive On Championship last July at the Donald Ross gem. Popov, however, is not part of that group. Here's why: She didn’t have status on the LPGA, so she opted to caddie for her best friend, Anne van Dam, who was in the field. At the time, Popov had an eye on the future, thinking van Dam, a rising star who had made her Solheim debut a year earlier, would be returning to Inverness for a second cup and she'd possibly be on the bag. Instead, it is Popov who is teeing it up, as she's gone from caddie to Solheim competitor in just 14 months.”
  10. @Rapidcatthe SkySports clip that describes the Sagstrom pick-up = cut off before the final verdict... so Team Europe lost the hole?
  11. USA Plaid outfits had a “Raggedy Anne/ Andy” / Ralph Lauren vibe? FYI... if you’re looking to replicate the Team USA look (eg gift for a significant other ?) ... here’s the Link to the official apparel sponsor for Solheim Cup Team USA: () https://www.zerorestriction.com/collections/2021-solheim-cup
  12. @cgasucks: Not sure the exact nuance/context of your statement.... but Krank has a "Double XX" super-high-COR (CT~370?) driver that exceeds the USGA 'conforming CT~230(257?) limit' (i.e. presumably is still "pushing the driver head envelope"?). I just bought a 2nd-hand Krank 'Formula X "double XX extreme", for giggles (predecessor model, to the current F11), i.e. not a Krank spokesperson (just a club ho' ... some guy sold it to me for ~$100 with a real-deal(?) Fujikura Evo V 661, presumably a bargain? I think New Krank F11 = $549 before their -25% coupon... ) @Nickc: Enjoy your new-to-you Callaway ERC2! https://springeffect.krankgolf.com/
  13. “+1” ie reminiscent of the TM Rossa Monza “Vicino”. ... or a NeverCompromise black-grey-black!
  14. @KBong Genuine question... Isn't this Link = @Argonne69's Fashion Thread? (i.e. you mention it has been deleted ... i'm guessing the thread has been closed for new replies/edits, but is still accessible e.g. "For research purposes"??
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