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  1. I’d heard the main difference for this C&C Line = 33 inch shaft length (and correspondingly heavier screw-in weights, to get the swing weight back to ‘standard’/mainstream). But otherwise similar heads vs the standard retail line? ..https://www.golfwrx.com/394864/cameron-crown-putters-come-up-short-on-purpose/
  2. @Bigjim1022: Does this driver =Look suitably Deep-Faced enough for your eyes ?
  3. There’s a discussion wrt this Fujikura putter shaft already, in another forum thread (Linked below) ... also reviewed by Club Junkie aka @knudson81 ..https://www.golfwrx.com/654209/club-junkie-fujikura-mc-putter-shaft-review-and-cheap-amazon-grips/
  4. Maybe your spaceport had some Loc-Tite applied to it? I would be worried that once loosened... whether you might get annoyed with it perpetually getting loose!
  5. @KBong: good memory! Enough info to find this quote from Christie Kerr: https://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/ct-lpga-caddies-greenstein-spt-0702-20170701-column.html ”The caddie chronicles make for great tour gossip. "Hooking up? It happens," Kerr said. "It's like high school out there. I mean, what else are we going to talk about? We're tired of talking about golf." One caddie called the various caddie-player switcheroos "incestuous." "It does tend to be very much a caddie carousel on the LPGA Tour," Golf Channel reporter Karen Stupples said, "and it's a bit of a
  6. @KBongWill confess my ignorance... i saw In-Bee affectionately placing a cold-towel around her caddie's neck, during the HSBC HWWC in Singapore recently and thought to myself "wow, that's a bit touchy-feely".... then realised In-Bee's caddie = her husband! Thought i'd previously read somewhere that there's quite a few hook-ups amongst the PGA/ LPGA pro-golfer circus/ caddies(?) etc... but can't find that article (would like to re-read it again, if anyone has the URL to share!) ... bit off-topic, but also curious about those Stats! (sorry @Golf Dino) .."With husband on the bag, Park I
  7. Sharing these patent details here, in case another GolfWRX’er is keen to explore further to see if the patent=still valid / unexpired. https://patents.google.com/patent/US5637044A/en I see this summary milestone mentioned: “2015-10-12: Anticipated expiration” “2017-10-13 Assigned to TAYLOR MADE GOLF COMPANY, INC”
  8. @Myherobobhope: For Low Spin... Can try either the Original One 11.5 (adjustable +/- 2*).... or the SLDR driver 12* or 10*? https://www.taylormadegolf.com/Original-One-Mini-Driver/DW-JJI11.html?lang=default The latter option SLDR (or similar eg R15) = probably cheap-as-chips i.e. can be bought 2nd hand off ebay for peanuts? https://www.ebay.com/p/1527156719
  9. @Myherobobhope My 2 cents... i have a 3-wood length stock SLDR Speeder77 shaft in a TM Original One 13.5* (lofted up 2*) & find it's fabulous as a fairway finder. Link (hireko currently seeling this stock shaft for ~$15!!) : https://www.hirekogolf.com/taylormade-fujikura-speeder-77-fairway-shaft-senior-flex.html
  10. There’s a further Shotlink process description here, and the Lead Time involved for the setup: http://www.shotlink.com/tournaments-on-tour/volunteer-needs
  11. @Argonne69 Your 1st summary description = approximates the shotlink setup. explained in this pgatour video (see from~38s timestamp). 2nd video explains ShotLink Plus. https://www.pgatour.com/video/2017/07/12/behind-the-powerful-tool-of-shotlink.html
  12. I prefer the feel of the Yes!Tracy III (with the swappable screw-in hosel), over the Tracy II ... I believe the Tracy III also have a different steel (303 & milled?) construction Rakuten/ Golf Partner seems to still have many of these Yes!putters in near-mint condition
  13. Wasn’t there an old joke , along the lines of "How do you make a small fortune in [Golf ]? Easy, start with an even bigger fortune!" (ie I agree with @TiScape’s reaction wrt Not sure this is a good deal for Centroid? )
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