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  1. That almost entirely removes Mizuno from the equation. They only offer two sets, both combo sets, to lefties. One is the MP-20 SEL, which includes the MP-20 blades in 5-PW and the HMB in the 3, 4. The other option is the JPX 921 SEL, which is the Tour in 6-GW and Forged in 4, 5. The Tour is pretty blade-like with minimal forgiveness. Your choices are down to: Titleist T100, but not the "S" version w/ stronger lofts TM P770 Srixon ZX7 Cobra King Forged Tec Callaway Apex 19 or 21 There might be a few others, but those are the most notable.
  2. Srixon ZX7 Mizuno 921 Forged, MP-20 MMC, MP-20 HMB TM P770 Titleist T100(s?) - the "s" version has stronger lofts in the same player's profile of the standard T100 There are tons of "tweener" clubs that fit what you're describing.
  3. Number of Putts: You can putt well at any handicap level Errors: Number of greens missed from ~25 yards. Putting the ball (anywhere) on the green from ~25 yards should be doable for any handicap Penalties: These are score killers This are the three biggest leaks of strokes for higher handicap players. If you can avoid 3 putts and put the ball on the green from ~25 yards, you'll quickly shave strokes while your full swing improves. I play to a ~12 and these are the three areas that kill my scores. I shot an 84 last Saturday with 3 penalty strokes, one error, one thr
  4. As someone that has, at various points, struggled with both push fades and snap hooks, I'll take the former.
  5. When I shift pressure to my trail foot in the backswing, I try to keep it on the inside of the foot. It's only been two rounds and a pair of range sessions since I've made this adjustment, so it's still a work-in-progress. I never had a big problem swaying on the backswing before, I just never felt like I got on my front foot and "covered" the ball at impact. I can say that the sound off the club face has been much different...like I'm actually compressing the ball again.
  6. Driver and FW I still set up 50-50 since I don't want to hit down on those. I don't hit a lot of FW...mostly 3h, which is my 220 club. I've never had much problem hitting it off the deck, so I haven't really changed anything above 5i. I like to sweep more with FW/Hybrid off the deck.
  7. Doing little things like swinging a club without a ball for 5 or 10 minutes a day in your backyard if you can't get to the range/short game area for practice.
  8. I had been struggling with my irons for a good two seasons and was setting up 50-50. On a whim, I started loading up my left (front) side at address and letting my pressure shift to the trail leg during the backswing as I normally would. Like flipping a light switch, I've been hitting the ball more solidly than I have in a long time. For me, it's like pre-loading the front side is a trigger to get back on that side on the downswing. I would say I'm probably putting 65% of my weight on my front foot at address.
  9. I usually try to pick up 5+ dozen when I find the Tour quality "Practice" balls at that price, and play the Kirkland the rest of the time. As a 12, I'm not a consistent enough ball striker to discern a difference in ball performance. I have decent speed (~108), so I'm probably giving up a handful of yards with them, but I'm not hurting for distance on a 6500 yard course. Still haven't tried the 3pc V2...
  10. If you want a cheap, quality golf ball you should really look no further than the Costco Kirkland balls. They're not the best, but for ~$30 you get two dozen 3-piece urethane balls. I've played them for a while and have grown less fond over time (interested in the v2, however), especially since I found TP5x "Practice" balls for $20.
  11. As of this coming Thursday, I'll be at 5 weeks waiting for my first custom ordered iron set. I hung on to my old set because I knew I'd be in for a wait. I was quoted 4 - 6 weeks during my fitting, so I might give my fitter a ring on Friday to see if he's heard anything.
  12. I think most guys that are 7' will either be too awkward as a kid during his growth spurt and more likely to dedicate his time to basketball instead of golf. There are advantages to being tall but disadvantages to being overly tall. Golf isn't a new sport and there's plenty of money in it. If we were going to see a skilled 6'6"+ golfer on tour, I'd think it would have happened by now.
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