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  1. Really interesting to think about how much humidity can have an impact on the "real feel" of temperature just like wind chill. Personally I love hot humid weather and getting in a good sweat.
  2. All these have cult following status. Which would you game in this modern world?
  3. Actually here yah go just found details: https://www.golfclubspec.com/shaft_results.php?shaft_id=36
  4. This is going back a while, but I played it in college with a Nike Ignite 460. I loved it, a bit softer than a lot of shafts at the time but it was solid. I believe mid flex point.
  5. Personalities are easy to manage if the team captain follows the Azinger approach of quads. Amongst the 12 active team members, you could quarter them off if needed so that personalities don't class. Just because you are competing on the same squad doesn't mean you need to be friends and play practice sessions together. Brooks and Bryson wouldn't even need to be anywhere near each other all week except for photo or media requirements. But they both would tell you they can put that aside to perform and represent the USA for a week.
  6. Yea there was a bore thru version as well. I hope this thing finds a good home.
  7. What a classic here! Has been refurbished with fresh paint and new grip. Shaft is DG S300 steel, club measures 42.5". Price is $70 shipped (PayPal) anywhere in the continental 48.
  8. I agree here, maybe it's because I'm a better skilled player but I am mentally unable to play golf without my own equipment. Any trip I've ever gone on I transport my clubs if there's a remote chance I play.
  9. Anyone living in Michigan want to partner with me for the Men's Amateur 4-Ball (best ball) championship? It's at Country Club of Lansing, there are AM & PM waves so we have flexibility. ** You have to have an active GAM membership ** The team hdcp cannot exceed 10.8, I carry a 2.5 so I need someone basically 8 index or lower Date is Monday Sept. 20
  10. I think we are going in different directions here mate. You are now throwing out situations which don't have any bearing on this conversation about divots in the fairway. We are also using two different versions of the concept for "penalty". You are arguing for an actual penalty for breaking the rules (IE penalty stroke) which is not what I am referring to. I am using penalty in its form here meaning "to be put at a disadvantage" (https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/penalize). 1. Executing a shot "successfully" out of a fairway divot no matter how big has nothing to d
  11. Ok so if you an I tee off on a par 4 and end up in the "fairway". How am I not penalized versus you if I am in a divot and you have a normal fairway lie?
  12. "Was going to ignore your post" or I love this "I suppose one can't blame you". I'm so glad you aren't going to blame me for not knowing the USGA golf rule book verbatim. And also, the benefit of it being a rule book is that the governing bodies (with input) would establish what relief from a fairway divot would be constituted as It's not a difficult concept because we are really only talking about a few select situations occurring for legitimately getting relief: A) Sand filled B) Chunk of turf missing which my ball is sitting down in C
  13. I think your reaction might be an overreaction. We aren't considering a hazard condition which you get with a bunker, being in the bunker is the risk which someone takes (IE going for the green or challenging a carry of a fairway bunker off the tee). And actually embedded ball does have a relief rule. Now in the spirit of fairness, I feel that the fairway should be just that "FAIR", a player should be rewarded for being in proper position "in the short grass" and much like on the putting green they shouldn't be penalized for the course in front of them being in not appropriate condition.
  14. Great selection here, if you were going to run a major, which course setup would you use?
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