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  1. Great selection here, if you were going to run a major, which course setup would you use?
  2. @smashdn Several top notch golf courses there mate, I'm gonna make a new thread for that area
  3. @turtsoup Without specific details and spending time with you on the range I can't specifically speak to exactly what the issue(s) are. Here is my long-winded feedback of your description: 1. Based on experience from what I've personally tinkered with and seen from other players, a significant factor is alignment. You would have to take the club and use alignment sticks to make sure the setup is identical every time, then hit several balls to get some flight pattern data. 2. The length of the club and shaft properties will definitely have an impact on the delivery of the clubhe
  4. Ok, so since this is completely logistically impossible (well I mean the tour is rich enough to pull it off, but it's a fantasy) let's have some fun. Of the choices as an option, one-course for each Thursday & Friday, and then after the cut round 3-4 are at the same course. So a 3-course tournament for the US Open. The stipulation is that the courses need to be in the same region and you have to be able to drive to them within a reasonable time.
  5. Don't get me wrong, playing in the events of post 1999 is something I would never get tired of. Modern tour players have it way easier than ever in history. However, I would have to go with the Jones-Hagen era, amateur golf was as prestigious as it gets back then and also shooting in the low 70s was competitive on a regular basis.
  6. Lot's of reasons for any generation, but which would you want to tee it up with?
  7. That's a fair point but I'll give you an example. Here in Michigan typically the am championship has around 160 players qualify for 36-hole strokeplay to determine top 64 for matches. Then there are three days of match play with two rounds each day. Plus most players come in to the event for at least one day of practice. So to your point, everyone attending the event is prepared to be away for 5-7 days consecutively. Anyway, so in this case I think the idea of the first three matches being guaranteed is pretty great and the tournament is ended in the same amount of time.
  8. I will say I like the newer format of the PGA Tour Match play. The concept of a group stage I think really adds a good layer and no one is sent home after just a few hours on the course day 1. Curious as to opinion on here if people would like to see this adopted on a local or state am level.
  9. If you had your choice of pro golf career (from out of college to age 49).
  10. Yea I've always liked him but much like Zach Johnson and some others, he would be subject to falling into obscurity with the changes in the game and new players coming out.
  11. Probably just a random occurrence. I will say though that I am 100% a user of yellow for ball color. Way easier to see. Tennis balls used to be white but then they were changed because players saw them easier. I won't ever go back to white.
  12. See I knew there would be at least one person who would say I was wrong. However @stingerfade you didn't explain your position. Please enlighten those reading the thread how you could "learn feel". I'd love a nice debate here.
  13. Ok, what I am stating here may not get much agreement and I may get some harsh feedback but maybe it will ring true for some. Practicing putting, and spending extra time before a round trying to find something magical doesn't work. Don't waste your time with this, not only can it make your confidence worse when out on the course but it's not great for your back. Here's what I mean, multiple successful tour players and experts over time have been heard saying "you are either a good putter or you're not". There is no secret to this at all, you either have feel or you don't. You can't teach
  14. @buckrogers71 "when I get to the course it is foreign". That short statement right there tells me a lot. Many people end up in a situation where the "good warmup or practice" very rarely if ever transfers to the golf course. I find a large portion of this struggle comes from visualization because the practice range doesn't frame your shot in a manner the course does. If I stand on a practice tee looking at an area which is 50 yards wide with multiple targets and no trouble, mentality it is very easy to just swing and feel okay. Then stepping onto the course where every shot has to be spec
  15. So that I don't have to go digging can you enlighten me as to what Bryson's putter loft is.
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