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  1. Anyone got any info on this bad boy? I absolutely love it. Got it off BST on a whim, but a hell of a deal, she’s brand new!
  2. I think I just saw him roll a @Snell Golf ball at the WGC Match Play?
  3. Are JPX Combo sets not trendy anymore or something? Guys seriously, we all know how good these irons are. dropping the price down to $550.
  4. Buy 3 get one free going on until Apr 18th now.
  5. I’ll buy the mechanical arm argument ... but the counter to that is that we aren’t mechanical arms. Be that as it may, there’s a bunch of badass drivers out there now.
  6. Flawed? I’m one of their testers, and they do an extremely impressive job. They’ve been gathering data for months across all types of players. these guys poll a few fitters and aggregate their responses. I’ll take the data right from the horses mouth, thanks.
  7. This is the polar opposite to what MGS did... and at least they provided more data.
  8. Ugh. Where were you last month??! I bought some new LZ’s and put them in some MP-55 heads, but to be honest I probably would’ve rather had been in these JPXs.
  9. Gotta let these go ... going back to my MP 55’s and these should cover my tourney fees this spring. JPX919’s Forged are 4-6 and Tours are 7-PW. KBS C-Taper 115X. Standard length, standard loft and standard lie directly from Mizuno. I bent to 1° flat last fall, no biggy. Brand new GP Tour Velvet standards, logo down and no wraps. *Face browning is MINIMAL, but there’s some(pictured) on the 8-W as usual. *I peeled the finish off on the shaft of the 6 iron when removing the tags out of the box(pictured) never bothered me, but you should know. Asking NOW $550
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