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  1. Ugh … thankfully my insurance covered the pump and parts. For what it’s worth, my wife used the pump probably 4 times, and that was the only 4 times I was able to enjoy feeding our daughter. Save the putter! Put the pump on a credit card lol.
  2. Black thorn has been added to the list! - Likely the first stop, about 12 hours from my departure.
  3. I’m headed due west from Mass, so I won’t head down the coast for some of those.. but I do currently live in Williamsburg, Va and have played Golden Horseshoe (Gold) many times. I’ll start researching the rest of those course though, thank you!
  4. Let’s go guys! I have to ship this ASAP since I’m traveling for work this weekend.
  5. Thanks gents, So I was thinking about taking 80 pretty much straight across, through Illinois, Iowa Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Nevada. I think that’s probably the easiest of routes. If I go south of that, through Oklahoma/Texas, New Mexico I may die of flat-ness.
  6. Good morning all, I have to make a cross country drive from Massachusetts to San Diego in August. This will likely be by myself, and I have 5 or 6 days to do it in. With that being said, my intention (hope) is to turn this into somewhat of a golf journey also! I’d like to stop 3 or 4 times along the way and play some incredible courses. Has anyone done this before? I haven’t necessarily picked my route yet, just looking to head in a general western direction. Any course recommendations?
  7. JPX919’s Forged are 4-6 and Tours are 7-PW. KBS C-Taper 115X. Standard length, standard loft and standard lie directly from Mizuno. I bent to 1° flat last fall, no biggy. Brand new GP Tour Velvet standards, logo down and no wraps. *Face browning is MINIMAL, but there’s some(pictured) on the 8-W as usual. *6 iron shaft has some finish missing from me, when I rushed to take the tag off the shaft lol. $500 SHIPPED, $525 west of the river. Not looking to split heads/shafts or the set all together. Picky trade interests. PM me your offers.
  8. Anyone got any info on this bad boy? I absolutely love it. Got it off BST on a whim, but a hell of a deal, she’s brand new!
  9. I think I just saw him roll a @Snell Golf ball at the WGC Match Play?
  10. Are JPX Combo sets not trendy anymore or something? Guys seriously, we all know how good these irons are. dropping the price down to $550.
  11. Buy 3 get one free going on until Apr 18th now.
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