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  1. I believe he and DJ have played the black in driving irons/5 woods in the past
  2. I agree.. pros use whatever putter they’re most confident with.. period..
  3. They still use the T in the middle of the serial number.. I think it’s 7 digits but I could be wrong about that part..if I can remember to look at my driver when I get off work I’ll get back with you.
  4. I never really put too much thought how the back of a wedge looks.But from address, these look perfect!
  5. Compared to a flow neck it’s way more face balanced.. no matter how you look at it or break it down..probably should’ve said more face balanced then his previous putter.. my bad
  6. I love mallets with plumbers necks and I’ve got my eye on the new bat attack with the plumbers neck.unfortunately, SIKs flo option is too heavy.. so I went with the flo with double bend and had ports drilled out.. I do love my SIK putter
  7. They definitely have more options. Also I’ve never rolled a PXG putter so I have no argument
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