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  1. Looking for a new or close to new tour issued spider x with plumbers neck.. even if it’s putter head only.. thx!
  2. Are you saying that the garage offers this option? If so, I’m all over it with a tour satin Las Vegas.
  3. As long as the neck matches the color of the head, it looks cool.. and yes, better then weld marks for sure
  4. I’d imagine it’s the same as a standard plumbers neck.. just gives the putter an industrial look.. I think it’s looks awesome.
  5. No milling on the face.. I imagine the putter feels nice and clicky
  6. Want to buy a really good condition spider x with plumbers neck or odyssey #7 with plumbers neck.. preferably 35 but 34 will work
  7. I will add to this thread that the “plays like” mode is very accurate on this device.. my biggest weakness on course management is clubbing up or down and this device has definitely helped me tune in my course management.. also very good hitting into a net.. which I do daily.
  8. He’s definitely one of the best putters on tour.. anyone that thinks he sucks at putting hasn’t watched his stroke much
  9. They look awesome! Been playing Srixon irons for 5 years but I’m very tempted by the quality of mizuno irons..
  10. First time seller.. hope all is well on this beautiful PGA championship Sunday..Up for sell today is an Odyssey Toulon Garage San Diego tour satin putter.. Strokelab shaft and red toulon Lamkin deep etched grip with two layers of tape and one layer of double sided tape..very light blemish on sole of putter that can only be seen in the right lighting. Putter looks new.I cut a half inch off putter and reinstalled the stock counterweight.. Loft is 3 degrees with 69 degree lie angle.. throwing in a tour issued odyssey garsen grip. Also stickers, ball marker and divot tool...no trades please..IVE D
  11. Yeah I’d say their time has came and gone.. although it would be really cool if they were able to get back into the business.. my first real gamer was a YES! Donna.. it was an amazing feeling club
  12. I also tried this after I seen Kuchar and agree, it’s very uncomfortable
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