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  1. Yeah like a blade with a top line or even naked. Scotty cares more about his tour only market. It’s a shame one has to spend $2K-$3K on a new Scotty with a top line or naked.
  2. It would be a shame if they don’t replicate the original tri-hot #1. Which actually looks like a rossie.I believe Adam Schenk still uses one.
  3. Sometimes I think superstroke likes to have a “tour only” option for tour players just like every other company in the industry does.. naturally humans want what we can’t have.. I agree with you though, although I’m a superstroke fan, they’ve made some head scratching business decisions.
  4. Why make a grip available to the public that would prolly fly off the shelves? i really don’ t understand this
  5. The finish on his wedges looks perfect.. his look different then most raw wedges.. I’m assuming because they started off with black finish over raw steel..
  6. Best bag I’ve seen so far this season.. and that Scotty is beautiful!
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