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  1. Just a quick update, I had j13 Hot Melt my G425 lst and max 3 wood . I put a new 14 slider weight in Driver and 7 gram back weight in 3 wood then 3 grams of Hot Melt in driver and 2 1/2 in 3 wood. Very happy with the results . In the driver it just took away that slight high pitched crack and the 3 wood took away the hollow aluminum bat sound , still neither one of them are quiet but deathly muted the sharpness . J13 made the process easy, communication was great , and the specs were exactly as I asked
  2. Mine didn't look that good after the first ball I hit, I ended up switching the G25 Max and after a bunch of rounds almost no wear , maybe it's the sand down here in the south
  3. Thanks for the feedback, did you guys just go neutral with the glue ?
  4. @J13 have you had any experience hot melting max 3 woods ? Do you think 2gs would be enough to dull the sound a little bit
  5. payment sent for New Hzrdus Smoke RDX Blue Shaft 6.0 Stiff Flex 60 Gram w/ Lamkin Crossline with Cobra Connect and Cobra Adapter Hzrdus 6.0 Stiff 60 Gram Smoke IM10 Golf Shafts 44.5” w/ Callaway Driver Adapter and GP Tour Velvet Align
  6. https://golf.com/gear/rise-club-demand-forcing-ping-executives-to-work-production-lines/
  7. I was shocked was expecting mid February, did not even receive shipping notice from PGA SS
  8. My wife got her XB on Saturday ordered it on night of pre-order from PGA Superstore semi-custom, ladies shaft option with navy head
  9. I've never played Titleist before so I just wanted to make sure this wasn't normal didn't seem right it was to me , here's my G30 that I'm replacing that's what's 7 or 8 years old that looks to have about the same wear
  10. Enjoying the performance of the tsi2 still going to go head-to-head with 425 Max, a little disappointed in face wear only had it a month, played 4-5 five times and two range sessions . And you can tell it's pretty forgiving off toe hits ha
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