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  1. I think you might be right on the lofts, But the inconsistency of the lies leads me towards human error . If you notice both machines read 64 on the 8 iron lie angle . Club Tech said he sees it all the time from all the manufacturers
  2. Just an FYI, Love my combo set but loft and lie were off from mizuno . If You're having some ball flight issues get them checked
  3. When up to the driving range yesterday to find that the little city course where I live top dressed their driving range with sand with rocks in it, 1st pic is of a rock in the hitting area and there's a bunch that are this size, 2nd pic is the pile of sand that they're using. I am no grass expert but this seems crazy, I only hit driver and fair woods off tees . Would think rocks for destroy face of clubs. Is there any reason for this that I don't know about
  4. Really not talking about individual players grinds, More intrested in to see if they're using raw faces on these clubs And if they are which version. Just weird that the main feature (gimmick) of these clubs aren't shown in any what's in the bag photos
  5. This is the picture that got me scratching my head , which face are they using . When I realized I couldn't find any pictures on the Web of DJ ,Rory ,Day ,Tiger and Rohm wedge's face I started wondering are they using the raw face at all
  6. Saw question in a WITB thread , Are the pros using the rust face in the milled grinds 2 wedges? I scenes a couple pictures of different faces on this forum , One with the waffle pattern and one called tour face both had the rust removable sticker on it. So I started looking for pics of all the taylormade pros and can't find one picture of the faces of there wedges
  7. Are you available January 16th-18th for this event? Yes.Current driver setup? ping G30 LST with tour 65What excites you about the new TaylorMade SIM woods? Have not found anything that suits me better than G30 and very intrested and a little added distance with continuing accuracyAre you willing to document your experience in the GolfWRX forum as well as on social media? Yes
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