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  1. I’m talking purely functional not aesthetic. The clubs that you would use if you had to make money from golf
  2. Expensive for us not for them to manufacture. Absolute joke I imagine Callaway will be charging a second Mortgage too.
  3. I really think companies like PXG (hard to believe considering their early business model), Sub70 , New Level etc will be the beneficiaries if this happens. Rick Shiels will hammer companies for raising their price by that amount and he does carry a lot of influence with people. I said on another thread that energy bills and tax are rising this year. I’m not sure companies can justify this
  4. If it s the case that the major OEMs are hiking up prices again then they need boycotting. The innovation from the past 5 years certainly doesn’t warrant a jump in price. They can say Covid etc but that’s crap. They can barely deal with demand in a normal year anyway and the service from the manufacturers is poor with a couple of exceptions.
  5. Just wondering if anyone had heard anything on potential release dates for these?
  6. I think there needs to be a revolution. I see MGS champion these smaller brands but the message needs to get to the mainstream. New Level , Sub 70, Haywood are doing some brilliant things and I have to mention Wilson and (to some degree ) Cobra. Ping G30 cost £250 now the G425 costs £399. 5/6 years and a price that’s inflated by £150. I d be very interested how much performance difference (I’m not talking about sound ) but actual raw distance and dispersion that justifies that huge rise in price over 5 years
  7. But it’s constantly proven that they re not
  8. No one can make me buy that costs have risen so much that it justifies a £50 price hike. Here in the UK people still haven’t got the clubs they ordered in May. I know the pandemic etc but I know that people over here are done with certain brands releasing clubs on this yearly cycle when they can barely fulfil orders. I think there’s a trend starting with YouTubers where they re highlighting the lack of innovation v price. Also here in the UK energy bills and cost of living have shot up. I’m not sure companies can justify what they re doing
  9. Surely people cannot agree with the constant price hikes? I can see brands like Sub 70 and some other brands stock rising if the big boys keep raising the price. You can’t even get the clubs within a decent timeframe
  10. If they stay the same with a great driver then they’ll win the battle. Very few people can afford these prices
  11. What’s the Forged Tec X ??
  12. Hopefully Cobra won’t be silly and raise their prices.
  13. I d be very interested in any info there too
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