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  1. Anyone know if the Rad speed Hybrids will be adjustable. The F7 was amazing!!
  2. chouls19


    Thank you! It looks so inviting at address. It’s good to hear the reviews on this driver
  3. chouls19


    I would consider myself a god player 2-4 handicap. I swing at about 103-106 mph. I ve always bought drivers that sit open. I play with an open stance (wannabe Trevino) and try an fade everything. I used to have epic sub zero and played it with weight back and like a lemon sold it. Any reviews of the MAVRIK SZ would be appreciated. I love the size of the head. Cannot stand dinnerplate heads. With weight back is it comparable in forgiveness to standard MAVRIK? Thanks
  4. Trawling insta ... no joy. Let me know where I can see it!!!
  5. Interested to hear if anyone has compared Aeroburner TP to any newer models?
  6. Does anyone know if there’s a 2021 driver in the works from Mizuno? Interested because their price point is so good and the performance is up there
  7. That driver looks like Batman designed it
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