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  1. Surely they’d release it in various lofts ... very interested if anyone knows anything
  2. Cleveland are seriously underrated. Tier 1 companies are based on marketing budget not performance
  3. I’m amazed how they perform in tests. Spin numbers are so consistent. Watching Crossfield talk about these and seeing some other reviews too. I know some old school Champions tour players made serious cash playing similar stuff. These irons also seem to divide opinions too. It’s almost like they’re the modern day VAS . Interested to hear others thoughts about these....
  4. I ve gone all Cobra ... would still flirt with other brands but I’m currently using full cobra. I recently got all the lofts in the King Tec Hybrid to play around with. Rad XB , tour 3and 5 wood. MIM Tour irons and Mim and Snakebite wedges plus the Agrera putter. I ve always loved Cobra sticks and thought I d build a 1 brand bag (all fitted) ... I ve had 6 brand in the bag at some points. Very happy so far
  5. Why not the Radspeed for both. Surely it makes life easier.
  6. Have these and love them . Anyone have any idea when the new one lengths will be released? Very intrigued by that idea
  7. Perhaps he was absolutely over spraying golf balls and staying out half the night and snapped. I d say that was probably it
  8. That statement is ridiculous. Having spent 10 years working with kids who are autistic and having to try and get parents on board so they can receive funding and help I can guarantee no one loves to be labelled autistic
  9. How do you know? You have no evidence to back that up. Tucker has known him since he was 15 ... I can’t see Tucker kicking him regardless. Also I don’t think he was obligated to give that interview
  10. Karl Vilips used to be touted as a prospect. In the Uk kid called Connor Gough who I think played Walker Cup but seems to have gone off the boil slightly
  11. I agree. If people can present me with actual evidence of him behaving badly towards them or others that they witnessed then I ll listen but if people just quote old articles and speculate then it means nothing. Granted he’s said some idiotic things but I still think there’s a good heart there. He doesn’t slag off other players ( apart from BKs abs). He’s like a lot of 27 year olds who think they know a lot. I cringe when I look back at what I was like at that age
  12. PGA wins and US Am and NCAA in the same year is not a fluke. He’s a talent. But very different and people seem to hate that
  13. Out of interest has anyone here actually had any proper social interaction with Bryson? I know he comes out with some really stupid stuff but the recent Tim Tucker interview highlights how good he is with kids and how he’s invested in Tim’s new venture. I imagine he s incredibly demanding ( probably not as demanding as Seve was with caddies though) but I d love to hear people who ve actually met him rather than just rehashed media articles and assumptions
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