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  1. Hey All! I'm in Denver (Aurora) visiting for a month and looking to get some golf in. If anybody needs an extra, let me know! David
  2. Ahh shoot..didn't even consider the finishes...was thinking about the black finish..opinions?!?
  3. Awesome guys!! Thank you soooo much. Ordering them now. Thanks! David
  4. Awesome!! Thanks for the reply. So S grinds on both?
  5. I know this topic has been beat to death and I've already spent hours searching...I've decided on Vokeys. I need a 54 and 60..I just can't figure out which grind to get.. Can someone just tell me which grind to get!? :D I'm a sweeper. I mostly play in Phoenix. I do hit full shots with my 60 which goes exactly 80yards. I've always played low bounce (My current 60 is 60.06) Based off the research, it seems like either the S or M would work well..but then I get confused should they match, should they not, which grind for which club? Ugh..someone please help. Thanks! David
  6. Hey guys, My buddy canceled on me last minute. Anybody interested in playing Raven tomorrow at 9:30am for $100? Thanks! David
  7. Hey guys, I bought this after my Nike Method let me down. Decided to go drastic and get the exact opposite of my Method #2. Anyway, discovered I just suck in putting and want to get rid of this. This is 33.5" and has two rounds of play with it. It's bent 2 degrees flat and Hotstix damaged the tiny ferrule a bit. Obviously doesn't affect play and it's really hard to see it in the pics. $115 shipped OBO? Thanks, David
  8. [list] [*]Do you agree to participate in the Official [url="http://stat.dealtime.com/DealFrame/DealFrame.cmp?bm=519&BEFID=96424&acode=539&code=539&aon=&crawler_id=1911151&dealId=q3992b7GlQexUkYY0vib1A%3D%3D&searchID=&url=http%3A%2F%2Frover.ebay.com%2Frover%2F1%2F711-57618-1854-0%2F2%3Fkwid%3D1%26mtid%3D570%26crlp%3D1_240251%26kw%3D%7Bquery%7D%26linkin_id%3D%7Blinkin_id%7D%26sortbid%3D%7Bbidamount%7D%26fitem%3D351022233806%26mt_id%3D570%26mpre%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fwww.ebay.com%252Fitm%252Flike%252F351022233806%26mid%3D446528%26sdc_id%3D%7Bsdc_id%7D&DealName=
  9. [color=#282828]Thank you to Golfwrx and [/color][url="http://www.nike.com/"]Nike[/url] for doing this! 3 easy questions 1. Will the tour only putter covers ever be released to the public? 2. I really like the look and feel of the TW Golf Shoes (Free), but find them a bit too narrow. Will there be wider versions? 3. I have the Nike Covert Performance driver that I absolutely love. Why should I buy the Covert 2.0? Will there be any performance gains? THANKS!!
  10. [quote name='titleist_freak' timestamp='1388476806' post='8372683'] Wish I had $140 to spare, always wanted this bag....GLWS [/quote] It's a sweet bag. I bought it and a week later, my playing buddy decided that we are going to walk more. :|
  11. Barely used SM C-130 Cart bag. Color is Shadow/Black/Red. **SOLD***.
  12. [color=#4D481D][b]PING Golf Anser Milled Series Putters - Anser 6[/b][/color] Right Handed, 34", 4 flat, Sound Slot, Tungsten, Red Paint Fill Thanks!! You guys rock!
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