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  1. I'll be in Rehobeth in two weeks and I have a round booked at Baywood Greens already. I'm willing to drive 45-ish minutes and assuming courses won't punch between now and then (I'll call to check), what would be your recommendations for a weekday morning round? Thanks in advance.
  2. Both are terrific tracks, but I'd lean slightly in favor of Whiskey. Also, you can walk both - there are some good hills on both courses but it's definitely doable.
  3. I can't PM you, but have a question re AP's. Can you PM me, please? Thanks.
  4. Whiskey Creek and Worthington Manor would be my two picks.
  5. It's an election year, so why not DC? With plenty of solid public tracks to play around the beltway and some historic courses within the city, it could be a golf/Americana experience. Also, beer. Good luck with whatever you decide!
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