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  1. I’d have zero issue with it. I play golf with my wife all the time. She’s not good but she loves it and is getting better. If she ever beats me net I’ll be thrilled and if she beats me gross I am on record for being required to purchase her some very expensive jewelry. #motivation4two.
  2. Pretty sure cart is shut down entirely. Still love playing up there. It’s a fun track. Camas Meadows is already a mud bog.
  3. It’s dead to my knowledge. The property for “Oregon National” as it was termed at one point - following in the footsteps of WA National for the Huskies (cool course btw) - was actually slightly north and west of Creswell into the foothills of the coast range towards the vineyards based on my understanding. The project got serous blowback from locals and environmentalists in the area. So much so it got tabled. Last I heard the stoppage had nothing to do with lack of funds. It was also my understanding that at one point Tiger was going to be involved in the design work - but that was from a less reliable source. ECC is still redoing a number of holes. My guess is that course will be so sick when they’re done with it the ducks will claim ECC permanently and not build a new facility.
  4. This is going to be long…. My father is a d!ck. On and off the course. He’s just a d!ck. Smart man. More educated than I am. Wealth of knowledge on various subjects. Successful business owner. But, he’s an absolute d!ck. He also sucks at golf. I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen the old bloke break 80 under any circumstances for my entire life. Now, i usually wouldn’t say anything about a persons golfing ability because plenty of us suck and golf is hard. I have zero issues being paired with a high handicapper who keeps pace properly and is good company. I also avoid kicking another human while they’re down and dealing with golf being hard. However, if you talk to my father he sounds like he has learned and forgotten more about golf than Jack Nicklaus and Bobby Jones will ever understand or have understood. It’s just the worst. Along side that commentary, if you have seen him play golf, the knowledge of golf that is proclaimed to be genius level golf IQ is patently false. That, or he’s simply physically incapable of playing golf - but he’s a life-long, multi-sport athlete. So that’s not the case. He’s just not as good at golf as he wants to be. So… said father and I are out playing my home course when I was maybe a 14 y/o kid. We walk up to the 9th which happens to be an ~150 yard par 3. It’s a pretty straight forward and, in hindsight, a somewhat picturesque hole - horse stables to the right with a nice, solid wood fence all down the side, a shallow and wide - almost peanut shaped green with a bunker in the middle front, one long and on both sides. OB long and a big hump short right. The tee boxes were “elevated” or raised a little so you hit pretty much flat. No water or other issues before the apron - you could whiff it off any tee on the hole and easily find the ball. It’s just grass. So my dad gets up on the tee and gets out a 9 iron from about 144 - tees were up. He takes a mighty, choppy slash at his 9 iron and makes no divot and hits the ball maybe 100 yards - he’s way, way short of the green and slightly off to the right. Before he hit, in the back of my mind I was thinking “he should hit 6 or 7 from here” and though I was 14, almost 6ft tall and lanky AF - and my dad was stronger - a 9 would have worked for me - not him. So after hitting the 9 short he starts slashing divots out of the tee box and throws his 9 iron towards the green whilst cursing the day, the course, the pin placement he couldn’t reach, a bad shoulder and generally existence. Cool. So how was that the worst shot? Well… While my father is throwing a tantrum I’m thinking to myself “wtf is this dude’s problem… take more club, relax and just hit it - you’re not that good anyway”. At the time, I was on the precipice of what became a very strong junior career that ended with a D1 golf scholarship. But, regardless, I was 14 and all of that was just starting to come around so my dad thought I was just some kid who didn’t know anything… while my dad was cooling off from his most recent meltdown by muttering to himself under his breath about something - probably blaming some unrelated thing for his poor decision making and 9 iron execution - I say “look man - that’s not enough club. See? I’m going to pull out a 7. I’d normally hit 9 - like you tried to - I don’t need to hit 9 to hit a good shot. I can basically chip a 7 up there easily without swinging as hard as you did - and you’re bigger than me - so you should be able to easily flick a 7 up there. See how easy it is? Just press the hands forward and take like a 2/3’s swing and make contact.” I proceed to do just that - 2/3 swing, little baby fade, solid contact… Ball is in the air and I go “see - just like that.” Ball goes one hop, check and right into the center of the cup for a hole in one. I was beyond stoked and my Dad threw his golf bag down like “wtf you have to be kidding me!” And I was like “see I told you it’s easy!!” so while his shot that preceded mine wasn’t “the worst”, in context, it was probably the worst golfing moment of his life. He’s still a dick, btw - I refuse to play with him and he’s not allowed on property at my club by my choice - being an @sshole has consequences.
  5. great guidance here about the club membership. my whole fam enjoys our club - pool/golf/social/gym/etc. that makes the dues worth every penny.
  6. No, not normal. Nor will you get a refund. You are playing way off peak season - it’s already heavily discounted. This sounds like a giant D thing to say - and I guess it is but this is less about opinion than fact - they don’t care. If you’re driving 3 hours in the off season to play a “dream track” you’re not their clientele. Their clientele spends 5k for a weekend trip and maybe 2 rounds of golf max PER PERSON. That might be you, but it doesn’t sound like you. Go play it in the middle of summer/peak season and drop the real coin and you’ll leave saying “that’s literally one of the finest golf courses I’ve ever set foot on from a conditions standpoint”.
  7. I’ve played every course that’s been discussed in this thread at least once and have been or am a member at two of them. My 2 cents speaking to the courses I know better: Waverly: It’s sick and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It’s also very expensive and highly inconvenient for me to get to so I passed. If it was closer I’d consider it but you need to go into that decision with eyes and wallet wide open. Note that this is the snootiest of snooty clubs - if you want to hit your vape pen with your favorite herbal filling and crush 15 claws a round this isn’t the place for you (see Riverside below) - just know going into it you’re going to spend a lot of money to go somewhere that you’re going to need to conduct yourself accordingly. PGC: Another old, elite PDX club but personally I don’t love the course. It’s not terrible obviously but I don’t think it’s worth the money. Still, there’s pedigree here and you pay for that. Fair amount of Figjam attitudes here these days - if you want to fit in here your Range Rover better be detailed and your white FootJoy’s better have the gator saddle or you might as well be a cart barn boy (or girl). CECC: it’s a very nice facility. I’d argue it’s slightly overrated when I hear “OMG CE is SICK!!!” and speaking against it becomes blasphemy. The vibe of that crew seemed a little too elitist/Figjam for my taste relative to the barrier to entry and course. Course and facility are definitely top notch so not hating here - I could have joined CECC twice for what I paid for my club - it just wasn’t my scene. A way of putting it IMO is CECC is what Riverside wishes it was and CECC members wish they were Waverly/PGC/ROCC members. Again, solid facility. Riverside: If Rose City Golf Course we’re a CC it would be Riverside. It’s an old club. Greens are usually pretty darned good but overall conditions are hit or miss. It’s cheap for the down but they’ll nickel and dime you on some things because they’ve had years of mismanagement (both board and staff). Good players out there though. If you’re young or youngish (say <45) and like to drink or party you’ll definitely find some friends out at Riverside - probably the most “laid back” vibe of all clubs in PDX. Pumpkin: Great tracks in the summer - questionable in the winter. Actually, ghost creek is downright unplayable in the winter. It’s bad. The clubhouses have kind of an oddly corporate feel to them - until you realize they are owned by corporate golf and that “feeling” is exactly what is going on. The down isn’t bad but it’s a long way out there if you’re not on the west side and according to my buddy who’s a member they have gotten even more ludicrously expensive for everything b/c Corp golf (“I’ll have another round of $10 white claws, please!”). Should have mentioned solid practice facilities too**. OGC: if you can swing it, do it. Pretty cool facility. Drainage isn’t necessarily the best in the winter and it can be kind of a beast to walk but it’ll whip you into shape for sure. Again, the overall facility here is high quality so you’re paying for more than just golf. Persimmon: Just don’t. Not personal, and I’m sorry, but just don’t. Orchard Hills: Dirt cheap and the ultimate blue collar club. Range is super short, clubhouse could have been used to film caddyshack and the front and back 9 look completely different and virtually every hole looks like it was designed by a different architect. Did I mention it’s cheap? Real cheap. That said, the greens are actually quite good, the funkiness can be fun and there are some good players out there. Family friendly, too, and a truly nice membership base. Royal Oaks: Very good overall facility and family friendly. Also very expensive. Course has a Eugene Country Club feel to it and is in phenomenal shape when dialed up and pretty good every day. They’ve got some pretty sweet facilities for golf and for the fam. Know that it’s expensive and there is also a bit of an expectation/snooty vibe from some members but overall people are fairly chill - you get some of that at any CC but with how expensive Oaks is you get some egos. They are also really serious about rules/pace of play/etc. No comment on good/bad aspect of that - it just is. I’d say the “exclusivity” rankings for these clubs goes: - Waverly - PGC/Royal Oaks - OGC/CECC - Pumpkin/Reserve - Riverside - Persimmon/Orchard Everything from “Pumpkin/Reserve” on the list above and up will be in very good shape in the season and generally in good shape in the winter (Ex-Ghost). Everything below is hit/miss. Lastly, I noted the “exclusivity” above because truly does make a difference - which I didn’t realize given I grew up on public tracks. That “exclusivity” directly translates through to course conditions and member experience - once you hit the 30k+ down territory you’re entering a different league and it’s noticeable in many ways. I never belonged to a private club as a junior and didn’t play for years when I was “starting out” in life - Couldn’t afford it and also build a life foundation (home/investments/cars/savings/fam/etc.). Granted, I’m young and “starting out” was <15 years ago but once I got to where I could responsibly join a club I did and I learned a lot from that. I will say if you have never belonged to a club before that you join one that’s lower down the spectrum for a year or two. Learn CC politics, how boards function, what seems to fly and what doesn’t. Every club is different but a lot of those “differences” are in the details - the themes are the same and every single club has “that guy” for every “that guy” scenario. Knowing who “that guy” is comes in handy. When I transitioned to a club that’s further up the exclusivity ladder I had a whole lot more and better questions for the membership director than I otherwise would have, knew who I needed to connect with quickly from a staff/member perspective and how to “wade into” membership. Maybe that sounds overthought, but if you’ve belonged to a higher-end club you know exactly what I’m talking about. Anyway - just go play golf. It’s fun even when I’m chipping into a laundry basket in my kids playroom
  8. Excellent post and thank you for your dedication to two worthy causes - in my eyes - vets and golf. Golf is a truly healing endeavor for many people - myself included. I wasn’t going to weigh in on the cart thing but your post makes me do it I 100% supported Casey Martin riding in a cart. 100%. Anyone who has spent time around him knows how many issues he dealt with on a daily basis. The fact he could even play golf to the level he did with that condition is remarkable. Taking this one step further… I could care less if someone rides. Personally, I hate riding. Always play worse it seems when I can’t walk the course. No rhythm. Maybe I get more “tired” but that “tired” is something you learn to deal with and the trade off for having more connection to the course is well worth it for me. Lastly, and I say this with virtual certainty, if Casey could have walked the course (or anywhere else for that matter) he 100% would have. His riding was NEVER an attempt to game the system or gain an advantage on his part and a now amputated leg is proof of that.
  9. I had a similar experience. The narcs seemed to stay off the course but plenty of issues were had on the course. It got to the point where if I wanted to play in any of these groups I needed to get at minimum very drunk. The gambling got way out of hand, too. It really was no longer about getting better at golf and these guys had really, really bad attitudes. It was bad for my game, my health and my life. So I went to a different club with a higher barrier to entry. Some of those issues still exist but not on the course and the general vibe is way better because most everyone is “ok” and has something to lose. I appreciate you wanting to help them/give them more chances but frankly they aren’t going to listen to you - as harsh as it sounds you need to sack up and do what’s right for you regardless of how they react. I mean, at the end of the day what are you worried about? A bunch of degenerate drug addicts don’t like you? Not the end of the world dude…
  10. The question I have is who is the most surprising name to see on that list? Or, what names makes you go “Dang, I wouldn’t have they made that much over their career”? For me, the Na/Bruce stat is interesting but I’d be shocked if Na won that career long battle (unless Bruce keeps getting hurt or quits).
  11. That’s a heck of a point… That said, I have spent some time with Casey. My hope is he does feel better and ultimately have a better quality of life than before. He had to be extremely careful with the bad leg - I mean really careful (looking out for hills, holes, uneven ground, slippery surfaces, getting bumped into - all kinds of stuff) to make sure he didn’t break it. Which sadly, ultimately happened and this is the result. Im not going to pretend to imagine what’s really in his mind about this - and he probably wouldn’t share those internal thoughts candidly or openly - but I do hope his recovery goes well and his future is better/less painful/less stressful than before the procedure. With advancements in prosthetics being as they are I sincerely hope he gets to hitting balls and playing again.
  12. I’m now firmly in the camp the caddy screwed up. if he did ANYTHING that would jeopardize BDC he’s gone. Remember that the real money is made off the course - not on it - and BDC is raking it in. If BDC is my client, and a caddy puts anything to do with his brand in a not-good place, my first comment is drop the caddy. Immediately. Entirely replaceable but millions in sponsor and appearance money isn’t. Also - this caddy is now blacklisted. Who wants a guy who will drop the bag night before a tourney you can win? Not me. BDC haters are in their echo chamber or don’t get the business side of golf. It’s probably not on BDC.
  13. So… what if the caddy did something that could harm BDC’s brand/rep, BDC fired him and to make it a lesser deal it became a mutual decision? Entirely possible… BDC has a brand worth protecting and the caddy might be less employable if it all got out.. plus BDC is the brand. Caddy is expendable. I mean, nothing on the tour has ever ever been covered up - ever! - **cough** Tiger.. **double cough** DJ’s “injuries” That kind of thing goes wayyyy back… Since it’s all speculation anyway - just sayin’
  14. As a dude who is in his 30s, with 3 kids under 10 and one being a month old, I can attest to the accuracy of this statement.
  15. About 5 years. Prior to that, I put my 10,000 hours (+) in. I regret not playing during those 5 years significantly. I get to play the game I love consistently now, share it with my family and aside from my wife and children’s health, happiness and success there’s nothing else I enjoy more than golf and all that comes with it.
  16. I think that’s right. The tour is pretty deep with talent - winning week in and week out is a good goal but not something I think we’ll see a lot of going forward - too many guys rip it and can get hit with the putter and contend. Or it could be a function of fitness, drive and motivation to keep playing even though they’re financially set. I hit it harder now than in college, for instance, which is almost two decades in the rear view - and it’s improving. I’m a hack compared to these guys and have probably 1/100th the amount of time to practice - with more time I could probably be as good or better than I was in college decades on - and a huge part of that is golf/life experience. 30 years ago a 50 looked a lot more like 50 than it does today. Now players are putting time in on their fitness, general health and wellness and they have a ton of experience - it doesn’t mean the young guys suck - it just means some of the game’s greatest players continue to play well longer than in the past. Phil is a great example - he’s 50 but his attitude/fitness/style/swag/perspective is probably better than it was when he was 35. Age does have some benefits over youth - not a lot, but definitely some, so I can’t say the above list makes me say the tour is weak.
  17. 72/74 this week. played the back 9 on my home course two under for the week and the front 9 4 over. Need to actually warm up properly and not take 6 holes to remember how to play and fix my wedge game which I give a 1 out of 5 stars right now.
  18. Consultant that helps facilities be more profitable/turn around agent - particularly for helping private clubs where so many members chime in about things they personally think the club should want or need but are completely useless beyond that member (and costs money). Other angle would be a mental coach for say 10 handicaps or better. I’m not good with beginners necessarily but can help help a better player think better and save themselves shots (if they’re willing to listen, of course). That’d be a lot of fun and pretty quickly rewarding both for the coach and the player - thinking better and making better decisions = immediate results.
  19. I don’t know that’s it’s “unusual”, no. Making eagles comes from having a lot of legitimate looks at Eagle. Law of large(r) numbers - it’s about giving yourself chances. You might jug one periodically from the fairway but is that really a legitimate Eagle attempt? Not really. I’ve probably made a handful of Eagles this year - only one that’s memorable was a perfectly judged wedge from the fairway. The others were putts or straightforward chip-ins. Under “normal” conditions with bounce and roll i can usually reach par 5s up to 560 yards at least assuming I have two clear shots/not a funky hole/etc. That means for most par 5s the horsepower is there to get them. This means I should get a lot of putts/chips at Eagle and if I’m competent around the greens I’ll make some - which is exactly what happened. Focus on giving yourself legitimate looks and you’ll make one - probably more than one!
  20. If you’re trying to get better, a better short game will help a bunch - and being a good putter takes a lot of pressure off the rest of the game. If you’re already a decent ball striker, you’re close to playing very well. Excellent putting is the key to that next step. 100%.
  21. Kind of… What I’m saying is the focus, for me, is getting your swing into the correct positions at key points in the sweet to hit strike the ball consistently - which are positions most all good players get into (more-less) with all of their swings. What the swing “looks like” at speed, once you reach a certain level of proficiency, matters less. For instance, Rory’s swing is probably my favorite of the modern era outside Tiger and then classically Hogan. However, Jack, Arnie, DJ, Rahm, Berger, and more - from a swing aesthetics standpoint - don’t really look “great” to me and they get in some positions that seem a little funky - but they all his the right spots throughout the swing. I’ve also seen some guys with some really nice looking swings that actually don’t strike it that well - looks pure but lacks in execution. So there is no right answer to me in terms of the “right” way to swing - work on small changes at a time a go golf your ball how you golf it and dont over complicate things.
  22. Haters - haters everywhere…
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