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  1. 1. Savannah Quarters Country Club 2. Pooler, GA 5. 1.4 4. Taylormade Sim 9 degree, Accra Shaft 5. Yes 6. Tsi3 7. Yes
  2. Heard directly from FJ customer service that there won't be a release until February. Major buzzkill?
  3. @TomBomb51 100% agree. I’d be all for trying these out if it wasn’t for that ugly tsi alignment aid. What’s wrong with the old arrow?! As someone said earlier, do whatever you need to do to the rest of the head, but for lord’s sake Titleist, leave the crown alone!
  4. Not sure when they were released, but I personally think they look good. Had a pair of the originals that were insanely comfy with solid traction, but the boost foam split on me and they had to be returned. Any thoughts?
  5. Apologies if pictures are duplicated, edited four times now and not sure if they're in order or even showing up. Thanks for looking!
  6. Newly married club closet cleanout. Boss lady says they gotta go. All sales via PayPal and shipped UPS, don't trust USPS at the moment. ***Edit - All pictures got corrupted and had to re-upload, still relatively new to the forum and can't figure out how to re-order or move them up. They should all be at the bottom of the post. Thanks. Bettinardi Queen B 10 - 33.5 inches, Club Champion fit that I never got along with. Maybe 6 rounds on it. Asking $old Bettinardi HLX 3.0 58 Degree - Standard length, 2 degrees flat. About 10 rounds on it. Asking $old Mizuno HM
  7. First day of club championship several weeks back...in the championship flight. Make two bad bogeys on the front and turn at +2. Then the proverbial "bottom fell out". Standing on the 10th tee, ready to get into contention: Tee shot right into the drink. Never crosses any land...re-tee Penalty stroke Tee shot left, OB. Re-tee Penalty stroke Piped down the middle, 290ish. 150 yards to middle left pin right next to the water. SOOOO much bail out area right. Seriously, 50 yards of safety. Yanked 9 iron left into green-side drink. Penalty shot
  8. That's the silhouette they need to go with for the next Tiger golf shoe!
  9. I know the US release date is still way up in the air and pretty much unknown. Any ideas on state-side embargoes for reviews/videos though? Came down in fitting to SIM and G410LST for me this year, but I can say with 100% certainty that if the sound is closer to SIM, this will go straight in the bag no questions asked. Digging the look of these more than any PING driver in recent history.
  10. This may be a question that's already been asked but I'm really not keen on reading through 10 full pages at this point. Anybody gaming a 4 iron and a 4 hybrid in the SIM? I've got an old trusty Titleist 3H in the bag right now that's seems to be on its last legs. Was going to just order the 19 degree and run with it but I don't want to create a huge gapping issue at the top of my bag. Any experiences or feedback on the 3 versus the 4?
  11. Wow TM, way to kill the TW grind mojo. Watch turnaround time for the corrects shafts and grips take two months
  12. Love my SIM after coming from the g400 lst, however, G425 LST has my ears perked up for that little bit of extra forgiveness if ball speeds are similar. Potentially expensive dilemma ahead.
  13. Rocco is looking fit and healthy these days, made some major changes obviously. Phil will destroy the competition on the Champions Tour for years as long as he stays in the shape he currently is. Would make the Champions Tour appointment viewing since you'd have Phil playing courses and set-ups that wouldn't be too different from your local 7,000 yard country club.
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