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  1. I should really stop responding to you because im starting to think you just like arguing but I'll give it one more go. 1. Your theory on small club heads being more forgiving because they are easier for YOU to hit is a completely different topic that has nothing to do with forgiveness. Literally nothing. 2. I think there are very very very few players who would agree with you that forgiveness has nothing to do with flight and ball speed retention. There is a reason that's how the golf industry defines it, because it makes sense. 3. Saying that "A fitting done in a studio will likely not be helpful or useful to the player" is a wildly inaccurate thing to say. Obviously on course testing is the best thing you can do, no one disagrees, but that doesn't invalidate an indoor fitting. Although previously you said that trackman is harmful to 50% of golfers on a different post so maybe this whole thing is just about you not liking modern technology.
  2. That argument just doesn't really make sense in the application of forgiveness. Saying a GI iron makes a player mishit 15/20 shots but with a small iron they would only mishit 5/20 is a completely different argument, and one that I think would be relatively hard to prove. That is not a measure of the performance of the iron, that is a measure of the player being more comfortable with certain equipment. Clearly a well fit golf club is better for a player than a non-fit club, but that doesn't equate to a small headed iron being "a more forgiving design" as you said. I think the overall standard for forgiveness is how much your intended flight and ball speed can be retained by an off center strike.
  3. Hit both (t100 not t100s) but only during a fitting. P770 game me the best numbers, it has a slightly thicker top line than the t100 and I personally found it a little more forgiving on off center and shots low in the face, and I got similar spin numbers with both overall. Looks for the t100 are similar to the P-7mc (I got a combo set with 7mc in the 8-pw). I didn’t get the chance to compare them on the course so can’t say much there.
  4. You can get the 2020 ball on Amazon now, I think it’s worth a shot. I think it’s the best I’ve seen a ball hold up after a round of golf, especially in some pretty wet/muddy conditions.
  5. Have to agree 100%. Managed to play all 18 today with the same ball (Pro not pro plus) and it is in remarkably good shape. This included 4-5 bunker shots and a some hard landings. I would say out of every ball I’ve played this year it held up probably the best for a full round, really impressed.
  6. You do know “fitness” and “nutrition” are real things right? You’ve gone down the road of just doubling down on nonsense until there is nothing left you can say.
  7. Aw yes next time I will consider Jack Grout who was born in 1910 in a discussion about launch monitors. Grip technique is not what anyone is talking about here, obviously important but not related to the topic. Also 95% might be another wild percentage to throw out there.
  8. I don’t think anyone here thinks sitting at a launch monitor is better than playing real golf. All I’m saying is that using one to practice is not harmful. I agree people care wayyyyy too much about spin.
  9. Man no one is saying that playing actual golf isn’t better than sitting at a launch monitor and hitting 7 irons but that doesn’t mean a launch monitor is harmful to 50% of golfers. That just doesn’t make any sense. All it gives you is data, if you choose to make huge changes that hurt you because you are chasing some magic ball flight numbers, that is your own issue. Again there’s a reason every PGA event has a range lined with trackmans.
  10. Where does the 50/50 stat come from? Unless it’s inaccurate I’m not sure how data is going to harm somebody.
  11. You were fine up until saying this. Haha That is just an absurd thing to claim, 1/10th of a second come on man. I don’t have a a Trackman but theres a reason when you watch pros warmup there’s a trackman behind almost every single one of them, they are understanding how far the ball is traveling on that day. They wouldn’t use it if it wasn’t giving them something they couldn’t already see or feel.
  12. I would say that the differences in forgiveness are not that drastic. P770 is definitely a small profile but I think they perform somewhat similarly. Coming from playing 900F I really don't think mishits were "significantly" different at all. I think the JPX forged line sits in-between the P790 and P770 from my experience. If you hit the 919F consistently I think the P770 would be just fine. Although I do agree that bending them 2 degrees strong could introduce some issues, 1 degree strong would give you almost the same lofts as the 919F. But you don't need to hit a 200yrd 7 iron like everyone on here seem to so I wouldn't be too worried about the distances are long as the gapping is fine.
  13. Went with CLR and 1000 grit yesterday, worked great. Definitely could have soaked them for longer but I like the little bit of the black finish still there.
  14. I ordered the P770s after getting fit a month or so ago and am coming from JPX 900 forged. The P770 head is a little smaller but I personally found them as easy to hit as the mizuno if not easier, I just prefer the look of them. To be fair though I haven’t gotten the P770 order yet so my experience is just from demoing them a couple times and the indoor fitting.
  15. As long as the distance gapping and ball flights are pretty good I don’t see a reason why not. Although I will say I would probably switch the p770 and Jpx forged spots that you proposed but I guess that’s not really the point. I probably wouldn’t do it just because it would get in my head when I actually played but it’s an interesting idea.
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