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  1. If you’re within a degree and like the sight line graphics and grip, pull the trigger! The cost savings and immediate shipping are worth it. One more thing to consider is if you’re married to your current stroke and set-up. This putter moved my ball position more forward in my stance and now I’ve moved a tad closer to the ball at address (vs my previous putter). I get better results with higher hands as well due to the larger grip and balancing of this putter. Add in taller golf shoes and I’d error on the side of more upright if I had to do it again.
  2. As hawkeye77 mentioned, 9-hole rates are readily available across Iowa. Pretty commonplace when I lived in Arizona too. Courses in my area reported record play last year during the panni so weekday rounds had to be booked days in advance sometimes while weekend rounds were simply BRUTAL. My group would try to take advantage of “work from home” conditions and book Friday rounds to beat the crowds but many courses started to include Friday rounds as weekend rates (supply & demand baby). We just had to suck it up! Poor us I know... I really liked hitt
  3. I just ordered a set of i210’s & 3.0 glides on 02/19. Rep stated best case scenario for delivery would be end of March. So I figure mid April (Right after I get home from my first golf trip of 2021). I test drove some P770s and reactively said “wow” out loud during the fitting.... the felt great, but dispersion was tighter with i210 in both directions (made the decision easier )
  4. Was there a description of the head other than “used”?
  5. Somebody, somewhere needs that putter cover in their life
  6. Beats me. I asked for a picture and got “moderated”. Doesnt mean much to me though to worry about it. Get well Tiger
  7. Who has the pic of Tiger & Spade? My search skills are mediocre at best. Asking for a friend of course
  8. ️Odyssey EXO Rossie 35” StrokeLab shaft and grip. Putter 9/10. Velcro headcover 7/10. $125 Shipped CONUS ️PING Darby Sigma G 35” Ping putter shaft and PP62 grip. Putter has a nice bronze finish. The single black sight dot is an easily removed sticker (its blank underneath). Magnet headcover 7/10. $100 Shipped CONUS ️TaylorMade Spider Mini Red 35.5” TaylorMade black steel shaft and Pistol GTR1.0 grip. Putter 9/10. Velcro Headcover 7/10 $125 Shipped CONUS ️Odyssey Jailbird Mini black 35”. SuperStroke Ultraslim 1
  9. Awesome. Thanks for the tip.
  10. Put my order in this last Friday (2/19). According to my fitter, best case scenario clubs will arrive end of March. Which would be great considering my first golf trip is April 6th
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