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  1. If Koepka even gets to unlucky 13 majors I’ll get B R O 👁 K S Y tattooed right across my brown eye!! It will be my first and only tat with pictures for all the internet to see. Write that down tonight. 9/15/2021
  2. Similarly with the caveat “full” does not mean 100% it’s more like ~85% PW - full 135 / flighted 120 51 - full 120 / flighted 100 55 - full 100 / flighted 75 60- full 75 and any partials on down
  3. Brand New - just unwrapped it to take the pictures All the details are on the spec sheet Comes in original box with paperwork I don’t have the nerve to even test roll it at the risk of upsetting my current gamer So she’s gotta go... $270 Shipped CONUS (on sale at TM for $299 + tax & shipping)
  4. As a formerly tentative “avoid the 3-putt” player, I focused on ball striking and chipping to avoid addressing my lack of putting skill. I can tell you nothing is more frustrating than hitting 13-15 GIRS and shooting 75. So I of course tried to get my proximity better to have shorter putts which put extra pressure on my iron game. I started missing more greens. That put pressure on my chipping. I felt I needed to have more wedges into greens then, that put extra pressure on my driving. The pressure started to snowball. To the point of practicing making putts vs practicing missing putts and the mental confidence it brings rings true. I use the PefectPutter to set up 8’, 10’, 12’ ers and roll in 5 balls in a row time and time again, machine like, it’s laughable. Seeing the ball go in one after another from that range is a huge confidence booster. That confidence translates to the course as well. That takes the pressure off my chipping, which takes the pressure off my irons, which takes the pressure of my tee ball. Makes the game more fun. I look forward to putting now. I have a “just get me on the green” mentality now vs I have to stuff this shot. I get more out of a 30min putting session making putts, than a two hour session practicing missing putts.
  5. I guess to answer Mtl’s original mid range question. Mastering the 4-5’ reads & speeds with the help of the PerfectPutter has parlayed into more midrange makes. Biggest reason is putting aggressively and with confidence. Of course the lack of fear running it by 3’ helps. I just see the lines and break better now at make-putt speed for that last 4-5’. I find myself rolling the ball through the hole vs putting it to the hole if that makes sense. I too found myself in the “3-putt avoidance” camp the last few years which put me square in the 2-putt everything camp.
  6. I pulled the trigger on a Perfect Putter training aid ( it’s basically a really expensive ramp to set up stations around a hole). Very VERY accurate stations mind you. I’ve been through putter fittings and lessons. This machine is the best money I’ve spent on putting hands down. You’d be amazed at how much can be learned by simple rolling balls down a ramp and sharpie’ing the ground accordingly. It takes me ~10 mins to set up 5-6 “stations” around a hole of varying length and break (all within 15’). Here’s what I learn: 1) what a good end-over-end roll looks like 2) what the right line looks like at the right speed 3) green reading 4) eye training &face alignment/control 5) speed control You learn by simply setting it up and you get instant feedback of course while putting from the stations. Biggest takeaway has been rolling putts with break at drip speed (makes the hole the biggest) is nearly impossible to make 5 in a row rolling it down a ramp! Drip speed introduces every imperfection to the roll - grain, wind, old pitch marks, afternoon volcano effect,etc. I’m more conscious now of holing speed more than ever especially inside 4-5’ They’re all now inside/outside edge putts FIRM. And of course setting up stations to practice those is crucial - the eye training/alignment training with respect to this is outstanding. Confidence is through the roof!
  7. When I played 4-5 days a week and never practiced I shot between 69-75. Now I practice 4-5 days a week, play a couple times a month and shoot 73-79. Im more in tune with my swing now than ever. Never logged so many practice hours on the short game & putting but I’m a solid 4 shots worse on average. I find myself playing golf swing vs playing golf in recent years. My practice to playing ratio has actually been detrimental.
  8. I’m interested in the direct to consumer market and specifically how the Snell ball compares to Titleist.
  9. Love the flat settings on the G410’s. Consider adding lead tape on the toe as a cheap easy option as well
  10. College recruiter said I need to be out banging golf balls instead of chasing girls. I replied without hesitation, “ What about chasing golf balls and banging girls though?” My college career ended before it even started.
  11. “If you’re not practicing with feedback, you’re just exercising” Also a huge fan of once your warmed up with chips & pitches you eventually have to get to one ball at every pin on the practice green. Hitting from the same spot/area should give you a variety of shots to all the different pins (oh yeah - drop the ball and play it as it lies.) Go for 7/9 up and downs. Make it hard. Same deal once you get to full swings on the range. Towards the end, hit 1 drive, imagine the approach on the second shot etc and so forth as mentioned earlier.
  12. Switched from KBS Tour x-stiff +1” length to DG 120 x100’s +1/2”. Swing fatigue was becoming an issue with the heavier clubs if I practiced and/or played too much. 46y/o 115 driver, 90 mph 7i fwiw edit: during my fitting, I tried many combos down to 105g and S,S+ and x flexes (under the mantra of “swing the lightest shaft you can control” and get the trajectory you want/need). My flights didn’t change much at all on stock swings with most combos, but the x performed the best when I stepped on it and I was able to flight them down at higher speeds with less effort than the others.
  13. Gently used for about 7 months (mostly indoors). This rig without a doubt made me a better putter. It will serve you well. 71* Lie Angle 35.5” Length KBS Black Putter Shaft Press No. II 3* Grip $old Shipped CONUS
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