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  1. Answer to the title- YES Reason for the answer - quality of strike goes up Wish I would have listened and learned this lesson in my 20’s
  2. Ordered 3/3 delivered 4/10
  3. Glides and i210 PW came in yesterday (all the wedges were ordered +3/4” length). Hopefully, the rest of the irons aren’t too far behind. 3/34/10
  4. Wedges came in today including the PW. Hopefully irons aren’t too far behind. 3/34/10
  5. Tighter dispersion not just LR but equally important N S Slight mishits aren’t punished much and no super hot rockets when pured.
  6. Lol. Which one? {first one is a bit clicky(not as much as PingPonchos), next two are thuddier(new word of the year)} or just the cup rattling part?
  7. I couldn’t take it. Had to record. First ball is a TaylorMade Lethal, second ball is a TaylorMade TPX. Last ball is a TaylorMade a-project. About a 6 & a half footer on turf, outdoors. Listen to the cup rattle with each make LAB DF 2.1.m4a
  8. 34” Odyssey Versa Jailbird with Stability shaft and Super Stroke Flatso 2.0 grip. Putter is in great shape! Head cover shows some wear. $old shipped CONUS.
  9. EZ LAB Directed Force 2.1 (yep, that thing!) Technically purchased in 2020, but this will be my first season gamed. I never been more excited for an upcoming season than this one. April 6th can’t come soon enough.
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