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  1. Answer to the title- YES Reason for the answer - quality of strike goes up Wish I would have listened and learned this lesson in my 20’s
  2. Ordered 3/3 delivered 4/10
  3. Glides and i210 PW came in yesterday (all the wedges were ordered +3/4” length). Hopefully, the rest of the irons aren’t too far behind. 3/34/10
  4. Wedges came in today including the PW. Hopefully irons aren’t too far behind. 3/34/10
  5. Tighter dispersion not just LR but equally important N S Slight mishits aren’t punished much and no super hot rockets when pured.
  6. Lol. Which one? {first one is a bit clicky(not as much as PingPonchos), next two are thuddier(new word of the year)} or just the cup rattling part?
  7. I couldn’t take it. Had to record. First ball is a TaylorMade Lethal, second ball is a TaylorMade TPX. Last ball is a TaylorMade a-project. About a 6 & a half footer on turf, outdoors. Listen to the cup rattle with each make LAB DF 2.1.m4a
  8. 34” Odyssey Versa Jailbird with Stability shaft and Super Stroke Flatso 2.0 grip. Putter is in great shape! Head cover shows some wear. $old shipped CONUS.
  9. EZ LAB Directed Force 2.1 (yep, that thing!) Technically purchased in 2020, but this will be my first season gamed. I never been more excited for an upcoming season than this one. April 6th can’t come soon enough.
  10. A well ingrained EE is a tough one to unlearn. You’ve learned to compensate by flipping so your dynamic loft is more than likely way too high at impact no matter what loft & shaft combo you’re using. Sounds like you are acutely aware of what the root problem is and unfortunately a new driver won’t fix it.
  11. Thanks for the reply. After talking to my local club fitter, we both agreed to start this journey seriously it would probably be best to find a used putter that’s designed for this style rather than a DIY experiment. I've had my eye on the ‘Bay since with plenty of good options but even the used golf market is hot/hotter than new stuff this year. In the meantime, I’m selling off some old putters from my stable to increase my PayPal golf slush fund unbeknownst to the Mrs.
  12. Lmao. Me too. 8 yrs of lovin’ ready for an upgrade. Old faithfuls still work I tried to clean the grooves the other day but I left my spoon at home.
  13. A) the media blows everything out of proportion! B) the media blows.... period! C) I’m adopting the “if you putt anything hard enough, everything is straight” philosophy this year. Didn’t have a single round in the 60s or a round with less than 30 putts in 2020 D) I wish Aaron the best of luck! Found it super annoying how hard they ragged on him for being rookie of the year 2018 and only 1 win
  14. Aaron Wise called...... he’s looking for a DF tonight
  15. If you love the sight line, I’d pull the trigger on the 35/69 without hesitation.
  16. All replies have been sent. Ready to ship tomorrow fellas
  17. FYI - I’d be more than happy to blow the grip off, cut the putter to a preferred length and reinstall the grip for anybody interested.
  18. ️TaylorMade Spider Mini Red 35.5” TaylorMade black steel shaft and Pistol GTR1.0 grip. Putter 9/10. Velcro Headcover 7/10 SOLD!
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