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  1. Love the flat settings on the G410’s. Consider adding lead tape on the toe as a cheap easy option as well
  2. College recruiter said I need to be out banging golf balls instead of chasing girls. I replied without hesitation, “ What about chasing golf balls and banging girls though?” My college career ended before it even started.
  3. “If you’re not practicing with feedback, you’re just exercising” Also a huge fan of once your warmed up with chips & pitches you eventually have to get to one ball at every pin on the practice green. Hitting from the same spot/area should give you a variety of shots to all the different pins (oh yeah - drop the ball and play it as it lies.) Go for 7/9 up and downs. Make it hard. Same deal once you get to full swings on the range. Towards the end, hit 1 drive, imagine the approach on the second shot etc and so forth as mentioned earlier.
  4. Switched from KBS Tour x-stiff +1” length to DG 120 x100’s +1/2”. Swing fatigue was becoming an issue with the heavier clubs if I practiced and/or played too much. 46y/o 115 driver, 90 mph 7i fwiw edit: during my fitting, I tried many combos down to 105g and S,S+ and x flexes (under the mantra of “swing the lightest shaft you can control” and get the trajectory you want/need). My flights didn’t change much at all on stock swings with most combos, but the x performed the best when I stepped on it and I was able to flight them down at higher speeds with less
  5. Gently used for about 7 months (mostly indoors). This rig without a doubt made me a better putter. It will serve you well. 71* Lie Angle 35.5” Length KBS Black Putter Shaft Press No. II 3* Grip $old Shipped CONUS
  6. Back in the day I had the yips so bad as the high school golf coach, it was embarrassing and I lost some credibility amongst the players because of it. There weren’t putter fittings or SAM putt labs back then, it was good ‘ol trial~n~error. I went to my local Walmart/Kmart (back when they had a golf section) and I bought every different style putter they had on the rack. They were all $15-$30 and I ended up with 10-12 models. Left all the stickers and shrink wrap on, kept the receipt and off to the golf course for testing (with the intention of returning those that didn’t make t
  7. I too became hyper-aware of competitors back in the day, but after coaching & playing with high school freshman, JV and even varsity squads I can literally block out anything while playing just short of the Korda sisters in bikinis I guess.
  8. Will Zalatoris, Kevin Na and Russell Henley just texted.. they said “no” to the OPs question
  9. Yep. For a scratch golfer if I hit 6 greens, I’m dropping one for birdie, two putting the remaining 5 for 11 putts. The remaining twelve holes I’m striving to get ten up&downs for an additional 14 putts = 25 This would be the benchmark (or ideal) number for a scratch golfer. If you’re contemplating using less than 6 GIRS to calculate putts for a scratch golfer you’re getting into unrealistic scenarios and should just refer to the chart I copied and pasted for quick reference.
  10. HANDICAP AVG. PUTTS PER ROUND AVG. SCORE Best pro 27.7 69.1 Scratch 31.5 75.7 1-5 32.6 79.8 6-10 33.7 84.8 11-15 34.8 90 16-20 35.8 95.1 21-25 36.8 100.5 25+ 38.6 108.8 All 35 90.8
  11. (GIRS/2) + 22 (round up) = Putting Benchmark for that round. (Scratch golfer) I’d increase the +22 incrementally as handicap of player increases as well.
  12. My bad. I meant 11
  13. I cannot find a #7 center shaft for the life of me!
  14. Original putter head came loose. Returned but unrepairable. Agreed on a second putter with similar fitting numbers. You graciously cut down and rebalanced a longer putter with different sight line. Customer service & communication was great. I don’t see an order number but have the email chain with Matt if it helps at all. GREAT putter but I simply can’t get it to the hole with this particular weapon. (Shot -2 for nine holes with her replacement). Local muni greens are 8-10 this time of year, get quicker mid summer with local championship courses running 12. I’d be happy
  15. I never liked center shafted putters until my LAB 2.1 - The shape and size was easy to get over but the length of stroke required to get the ball to the hole on typical muni greens has proven difficult to overcome. Add wind to the mix and it’s found a spot on the bench. In practice, I roll putt after putt in. In reality, my 30+ year golf brain won’t allow me to swing the putter that long on the course. Sometimes on really long lag putts (50’+) I seriously feel like it’s a 93 stroke For me, it’s a one way miss - SHORT - which is putting death. The 30’+ are consistently (overly)s
  16. +1 on the Cleveland Huntington Beach 10.5C Premier As mentioned the deep milled face feels very soft and produces a very dull thud on contact. Face is shallow and head is pretty compact. Love the finish with black shaft. Regripped with a bargain basket black Winn putting grip and it quickly knocked my LAB 2.1 out of the bag. Played nine holes with it on Wednesday (-2)
  17. Played a tournament down in Mexico in 2016. Roped a driver through the fairway on a dogleg right par five. How the ball came to rest here we will never know.
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